Macca makes music with Kanye

Dan's been hanging out with the legend that is Paul McCartney and they'e been chatting touring and his recent collaboration with Kanye and Rihanna!

And happy birthday Becks - David Beckham's turning 40 with a big party with friends abroad - Dan's got all the details!

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What a weekend with Aled Jones!

It's been thirty years since we first heard his angelic choir boy voice on the song Walking In The Air - Aled jones joins us to talk about the return of his Weekend show on ITV.

The second series started two weeks ago - featuring guests from music, film and TV for Saturday and Sunday mornings - with regular features including TV and Film reviews and a look at some of the week's most talked about viral videos!

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Kyle Eastwood's love of jazz music

Jazz bassist Kyle Eastwood, son of iconic Hollywood star, Clint Eastwood, has inherited his father's well-known love of jazz music and created his own success in the music industry.

Not only has the jazz composer-performer provided soundtrack music for some of his fathers films, but he has also released six albums, including his latest Time Pieces, which pays tribute to the jazz from the late 50s and 60s. He joins us today to tell us more.

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Ups and downs for Corrie's latest lovebirds

Over the last few weeks we've watched Sarah Platt and Callum Logan become the latest lovebirds of Coronation Street. Rest assured though, their relationship will be far from plain sailing with many twists and turns over the coming weeks and months.

Actors Tina O'Brien and Sean Ward join us live from the set of Corrie to reveal what fans can expect...

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