Blake Harrison as 'you stupid boy Pike'

I'm pretty sure we're done now - we're too old... we should probably quit while we're ahead

– Blake doesn't foresee an Inbetweeners reunion - drat!

He's renown for playing Neil, the slowest and most gullible of The Inbetweeners, so it's perhaps no surprise that BAFTA award-winning actor Blake Harrison is back on the big screen to play Private Pike in the new Dad's Army film.

The original Dad's Army series ran from 1968 to 1977 and attracted 18 million viewers at its peak.

Pop stars Daniel and Heidi on their West End debut

I cried four times yesterday while she was singing

– Daniel Bedingfield on being a big fan of Heidi range's voice

Daniel Bedingfield and Heidi Range join Lorraine to chat about the new musical version of The War Of The Worlds.

Both Daniel and Heidi are making their West End debut for the musical, alongside actor, musician and writer Jimmy Nail. Joining them are West End stars Michael Praed (The Sound of Music, Palladium) and Madalena Alberto (Evita, Dominion), as well as the legendary David Essex.

Lily James and Douglas Booth on zombies

There's nothing sexier than a girl in a regency dress fighting zombies like a ninja warrior

– Lorraine

Lily James and Douglas Booth chat to Lorraine about their new comedy horror film, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The modern twist on Jane Austen's classic novel sees Elizabeth Bennett distracted by the arrival of Mr Darcy in her fight against zombie killers.

Ahead of the UK premiere at Leicester Square in London tonight, Lily and Douglas chat to Lorraine about what it was like to shoot the funny and sometimes surreal classic!

The Jump: Who will fall first?

The daring celebrity line-up for The Jump will no doubt experience a few highs and lows (and perhaps a broken bone or two!) during Channel 4's thrilling sports extravaganza series.

With the action set to kick off on Sunday night, Dan Wootton gives us a sneak peek of the first show where things go downhill fast for one daring competitor!

The Jump starts at 7:30pm on Sunday 31 January.

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