The real Amy Winehouse

I think the film is brilliant, it does show how undeniably talented she was, I think people will remember her for that.

– Sylvia Young on how Amy will be remembered

With the film of her life premiering in London tonight, we hear from Amy Winehouse's former teacher Sylvia Young, and Dan Wootton talks about his image of Amy, after interviewing her many times over the years.

Dan revealed that watching the film was the saddest two hours he had ever spent in the cinema. He also reminded us that Amy's father, Mitch Winehouse, wasn't happy with how his relationship with Amy was portrayed in the film.

But Sylvia told us, "She adored her father, he adored her. I don't think you can set the blame of anything that happened to Amy on her family's doorstep."

Amy went to Sylvia Young's theatre school and Sylvia said of Amy's talents, "I think she was almost a genius. It was the writing that set her apart."

Amy is in cinemas from 3 July.

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Up close and personal with Michelle and Hugh

Hugh's been my rock... I hope people can see that we're a strong unit when they watch us

– Michelle Heaton

Michelle Heaton and husband Hugh Hanley join Lorraine to discuss their episode of Seven Days With...

The show is a fly on the wall documentary and sees a whole host of famous couples letting viewers into their lives for a week.

In her own words, Michelle has been through 'a rough ride in the past few years' but Hugh has been there since the beginning.

Kellie Maloney: Frankly Kellie

It was better than any counselling or therapy. It was the final piece I had to do, to lay everything out and be truthful

– Kellie Maloney on putting pen to paper and writing her autobiography

Last year flamboyant fight promoter Frank Maloney revealed to the world that after a lifetime of living a lie he was now living as a woman.

Today known as Kellie Maloney she has now undergone complete gender reassignment surgery and is nearing the end of a dramatic year. It's involved seemingly endless tabloid headlines, a near death post-op experience, a trip to the Celebrity Big Brother house and her own reality series.

Take a tour of Downtown LA's film sets

Today Ross is our tour guide for Downtown LA. It's the business hub of the area, but it's also home to some of Hollywood's most famous film sets.

Ross shows us around the setting for the Pretty Woman restaurant scene, the car race in Grease and the the spot we meet Batman for the first time in the Dark Knight Rises.

Clean Bandit are going to Glastonbury

There's no rest.

– Clean Bandit on their festival-packed summer

They've picked up a Grammy, and two Ivor Novello Awards. Rather Be was one of the fastest-selling singles of 2014 and outsold the likes of Taylor Swift and One Direction - now Clean Bandit are taking a breather to talk to Lorraine ahead of Glastonbury this weekend!

We speak to them about starting out as a classical quartet, how they were received in America and how they're feeling about playing one of the world's most popular festivals.