Amanda Redman joins forces with Ray Winstone

Former New Tricks star Amanda Redman joins us today to chat about her on-screen reunion with Ray Winstone ahead of the launch of three-part drama The Trials OfJimmy Rose.

In the programme Amanda plays Jackie, who's not sure whether she loves her husband anymore after he comes home following a 12-year stint in prison. Things go from bad to worse for Jimmy and meanwhile Jackie is harbouring a secret...

The actress tells us more about the role and why she was attracted to the project.

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Emma Willis spills about the new CBB

Some are spot on, some are not so spot on

– But Emma won't give anything else away about those CBB rumours!

Celebrity Big Brother fans, get ready - the new series is returning tonight and it sounds like we're in for a big showdown...

Presenter Emma Willis joins us to tell more about what to expect and for a start, this year there will be a UK vs USA theme with the housemates going head-to-head right from the beginning.

So, will Emma give any hints as to who's going to be in the house this year? We've heard one or two ITV faces might be appearing!

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Matt Cardle's a Memphis beau

They need a chance to chill out for a bit...

– Matt Cardle on One Direction

Matt Cardle beat One Direction to be crowned winner of The X Factor in 2010 - since then he's had a No 1 hit, sold millions of albums and has recently made his West End debut in Memphis alongside Beverley Knight.

Matt's here to tell us more about treading the boards in the smash-hit musical.

He says: "To work with Beverley Knight every night is a total honour."

Natalie Imbruglia returns to music after break

Everyone has been so supportive, it's brilliant.

– Natalie Imbruglia on her comeback

She's sold more than 10 million albums, had five Top. 10 hits, won a Brit Award and scored several Grammy nominations, and today Natalie Imbruglia joins us to talk about her new album Male.

Featuring covers of songs that were all originally performed by men, the LP marks Natalie's return to the music world after a six year absence.

She talks about her break from the game and reveals why she took this unusual route to make her comeback.

Tracy-Ann Oberman reveals secrets of McQueen

It's about genius and creativity but also mental health issues, it's about depression and how you live with that.

– Tracy-Ann Oberman

Former soap star Tracy-Ann Oberman has revealed some of the secrets of Alexander McQueen's dark imagination to Gaby. The actress stars alongside Stephen White in the play McQueen at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, a show about the late fashion designer's life.

Alexander tragically took his own life in 2010 but left behind a legacy of dark and romantic gowns. He had a knack for turning simple themes, like Under The Sea, into groundbreaking, fashion forward collections.

Some of Alexander McQueen's twisted creations

Now the play explores the late designer's visionary imagination and dark dream world. It first premiered on the West End stage in May this year at the St James Theatre in London. However, it has reopened on the August 22 at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, and runs until 7 November.

Sherrie reflects on second facelift

I wanted to do it for me. Not for any other reason in the world, for me

– Sherrie Hewson

As part of a two-day special, we've followed Loose Women and Benidorm star Sherrie Hewson as she undergoes a second facelift at the age of 64. Sherrie wanted to undergo the procedure to prolong her career whilst giving herself back her self-esteem.

Yesterday we showed Sherrie's first interview in which she told us why she was having the work done, and a consultation with Dr Khan who carried out the procedures and today we see her undergo the facelift surgery.

After the whole experience (and as more and more women turn to the surgeon's knife for a confidence boost) Sherrie joins Gaby on the sofa with Lesley Reynolds, anti-ageing expert and founder of Harley Street Skin Clinic.

Although Sherrie found watching the procedure back emotional, she's happy with the results - 'I got up this morning, and I went for breakfast with no make-up on. That is a first.'

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Emmanuel Jal talks about working with Reese

When you see everything that you have gone, and you've been told you can be trained to face these people who have destroyed your home, you don't have an option to say no

– Emmanuel Jal tells us about becoming a child soldier in Sudan

Emmanuel Jal, star of Hollywood film The Good Lie, popped in for a chat about working with Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon. Emmanuel and Reese co-star in a film based on a heartbreaking real life story from the Second Sudanese Civil War.

In the film, four refugees are orphaned when their village is massacred during the conflict. They are forced to make an arduous and dangerous trek to the safety of a refugee camp in the neighbouring country of Ethiopia.

Years later, the four children are among 3600 selected for resettlement in America. The one girl among them sent to Boston, while the three boys sent to Kansas City. Together, these young men must adjust to an alien culture.

Emmanuel is a former child soldier who survived the Second Sudanese Civil War in real life, so he could easily connect with the tragedy at the heart of The Good Lie. Tune in from 8:45am to hear Emmanuel's incredible story from child soldier to Hollywood.

FILM: The Good Lie is out on DVD on Monday 31 August

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