Gemma Arterton on getting made under and slapping Glenn Close

Gemma Arterton always looks gorgeous but can you imagine what she'd look like with a 'make under'? Well, actually as radiant as ever, we'll be honest.

The Brit actress joined Lorraine on the couch earlier to talk about getting bags painted under her eyes in her new film, The Girl With All The Gifts, slapping Glenn Close, and who she's tipping to be the next Bond.

'I was horrendously unpopular at school'

He's best pals with the likes of pop superstars Selena Gomez and Meghan Trainor, but US singing sensation Charlie Puth has revealed he was horrendously unpopular at school.

Appearing on Lorraine's sofa to promote his debut album, Nine Track Mind, Charlie, who has spoken publicly about being bullied at school, revealed his smash hit single Marvin Gaye, featuring Meghan Trainor, was filmed at a high school prom because he missed his own.

''I was horrendously unpopular in school, did I mention that yet?'' Charlie told Lorraine.

Not only is he pop music's man of the moment, it turns out that Charlie is also a genuinely magnanimous guy and holds no grudges!

''They can still be my best friend though,'' he said.

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