Hollywood king Tom Hanks joins Lorraine

With a career spanning four decades, Hollywood actor, director and producer Tom Hanks joins Lorraine to talk about his latest film A Hologram For The King.

After recently chatting to his son Colin Hanks, we catch up with the Hollywood heavyweight about the dark comedy which follows a businessman and his journey as he goes halfway around the world to Saudi Arabia to close a business deal, amid a plethora of personal and professional struggles.

Peter Andre's on a charity mission

Singer, presenter and celebrity dad Peter Andre joined us live from North London this morning to talk about his involvement in the Cancer Awareness Roadshow - a cause close to his heart that he's raised money for since setting up his Peter Andre Fund in 2013.

After losing his brother to cancer, Peter decided to partner with Cancer Research UK in its mission to save more lives from the disease.

Susanna surprising Piers makes Lorraine's Moment Of The Week

What I like about Piers is you can absolutely take the mickey out of him and he really doesn't mind - in fact, I think he quite likes it!

– Lorraine Kelly

We like to keep tight-knit in the ITV Daytime family, so it seemed only natural to invite Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan on to tell us about his gripping documentary Killer Women With Piers Morgan.

However, things got particularly cosy when his long-suffering co-presenter Susanna Reid turned up - so the pair could dish the dirt on what it's really like to work with one another in such close proximity!

There's no denying the special on-screen relationship these two have, which is why Lorraine has chosen it as her Moment Of The Week.

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'Who is your celebrity crush?'

X Factor stars Reggie N Bollie became the latest celebs to feast on a big bowl of Kelly's Flakes this morning, answering those tricky questions that can only be found in our nosy cereal box!

From celebrity crushes to pulling an all nighter the duo (with an occasional touch of hesitation) end up giving us a spoonful or two of facts we never knew about them!

Watch Reggie N Bollie's chat with Lorraine and performance

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Beverley Knight takes us to Soulsville

I think there's something about the Mississippi river. It just seems to give life to so many musicians... being in the epicentre of where rock and roll evolved was like a pilgrimage

– Beverley Knight

With the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations this Sunday, Beverley Knight is set to give a spectacular performance. She'll be joining her majesty for high tea in Windsor castle and she's taking her mum along, too. Aww!

She's met the Queen once before when she was awarded her MBE but the songstress has never performed for the royal family, and in this historical concert she'll be joined by more than 1,500 participants and 900 horses.

Beverley also tells Lorraine about her new album which was recorded in Memphis and is aptly titled Soulsville. She even came with a special necklace to celebrate it with! Look closely!

X Factor's Reggie N Bollie are back!

It's nice that what we do makes people smile

– Reggie N Bollie

The most memorable X Factor act are back and they're performing their brand new track in the studio.

Reggie N Bollie became known as the most enthusiastic act with their songs getting everyone singing and Cheryl dancing with the boys on stage, to which Simon Cowell observed drily: "I didn't see you getting onstage with 4th Impact."

Now they return with their brand new single New Girl, released today. Returning with the boys' signature energy and enthusiasm, the new song's a catchy afro-beat infused feel-good song and Lorraine thinks it might be a new summer anthem!

Mel B on Spice Girls reunion rumours

We definitely want to do something; it's a celebration of us still doing our thing 20 years on, and still being supportive of one another.

– Mel B on those Spice Girls reunion rumours to mark the band's upcoming 20th anniversary

Mel B joins Lorraine to tell us all about hosting this year's British LGBT Awards, as well as those Spice Girls reunion rumours (please Say You'll Be There, Mel), America's Got Talent, The X Factor, family life and much more.