Sam Bailey: I knew it was coming

It's nothing to be sad about. I’m not silly, I’ve been around the block a bit, I kind of knew it was coming.

– Sam Bailey on split from Syco

The X Factor 2013 winner Sam Bailey joins us for her first interview since parting ways with Simon Cowell's Syco label.

14-months after winning the competition, Sam's record contract hasn't been renewed.

But with her nationwide tour coming to an this evening in Hammersmith, Sam says things are still very positive.

"I am honestly grateful for being with Syco for the time that I was with them. And you know if you won a competition to win £10,000 then eventually that £10,000 is not going to be there anymore and it’s the same with this.”

Sam, gave birth to her third child Miley five months ago and asked former mentor Sharon Osbourne to be godmother.

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Julian Ovenden's stage strip

At the Domar Warehouse it was quite scary as the audience were as near as you are!

– Julian Ovenden on getting naked on stage

British actor and opera singer Julian Ovenden (Foyle's War), was most recently on our TV screens in Downton Abbey and joins Lorraine to talk about starring in the West End production of My Night With Reg - which sees him reveal all on stage.

As well as appearing in numerous US TV shows, Julian has been busy on Broadway and juggles a young family.

He talks about whether he will be back in Downton and getting naked.

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Getting red carpet ready for the Oscars

From sweating out the calories, infrared décolletage treatments and detox drinks, Celia Walden takes a sneak peak at what the A-listers get up to get red carpet ready for the biggest night of the year... the Oscars!

With thanks to nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos, Lacey Stone fitness and The Luxe Hotel on Sunset.

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Claire on dating disasters and being a new mum

I’m breastfeeding and I’m just loving it, really, really loving it. You hear all those cliches about how much you love them and they become the centre of your universe and I think until it happens, you don’t understand it.

– Claire Sweeney on motherhood

From Brookside stalwart to musical theatre darling, Claire Sweeney has carved out a career as one of the nations most versatile stars.

She's joining us today to talk about her new venture as co-writer and star of new comedy stage play Sex In Suburbia about disastrous dating stories that she and her friends have shared.

She'll also be talking about becoming a mum to four-month-old son Jaxson and how she combines midnight feeds with life on the road!

On wanting to lose her baby weight, Claire said: “I’ve got two stone to lose Gaby!"

For more information on Claire's new play, please visit

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Claire Sweeney poses outside the Lorraine studio