Jack Pack are leading the way

We’ve had an amazing year, we’ve been pinching ourselves

– Jack Pack

Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams and Prince Charles are all big fans of the former Britain's Got Talent finalists and they join Lorraine to talk about their new album and touring later this year.

The four-piece band have been dazzling audiences and are about to storm the charts with their debut album.

Uh oh! Connie is back in Casualty

It's actually more menacing being nice. If I met her I'd be scared of her!

– Amanda Mealing on her Casualty character, Connie

After a brief spell in prison Connie is back on our screens in Casualty - and she's determined to show a softer side.

In real life, motorbike enthusiast Amanda Mealing took a four year break to spend time with her husband and her two sons.

Most remember her for Casualty and Holby City but she was also in Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant back in 1994.

It's the King of musicals, Michael Ball

My dad, when I told him, he utterly burst with pride and said, 'it'll be the happiest day of my life.'

– Michael Ball will be receiving an OBE this year

West End star Michael Ball joined Lorraine to talk about his latest stage role in Mack and Mabel and his recent OBE nomination.

Michael Ball says he's rubbish at tap dancing but has found a cheeky way around it, "I worked out," he says. "As long as you do something with your face, they won't look at your feet."

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Giovanna's dreaming a little dream

Giovanna Fletcher, the other half of Tom from McBusted, will talk to Lorraine about life as mum to their one-year old son, Buzz, becoming a social media guru and writing her third novel Dream A Little Dream.

High school sweethearts, Giovanna met husband Tom on her first day at Silvia Young's Theatre School when she was just 13 years old. She laughs and says that Tom said he knew instantly that they'd be together but she wasn't so sure. "I said, 'my name's Giovanna but you can call me G.' He said, 'my name's Tom but you can call me T.' Rubbish chat up line but it worked, we got married 10 years later!"

Giovanna says of juggling life as a busy mum, vlogger and author, "Everyday is a balance. There are some days where it just flows and others where I'm constantly texting my mother in law!"

Book: Dream A Little Dream is out now.

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An exclusive look at Meryl Streep in Suffragette

Meryl Streep, Madonna and Jurassic Park were the order of the day as Ross joined us from LA with all the latest showbiz news.

She might be in her 50s but her Madge-esty still knows how to attract the big names - roping in Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Rita Ora, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj for her new single.

Plus he has an exclusive first look at icon Meryl and Carey Mulligan in their new film Suffragette.

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The One and Only Chesney is on Masterchef

I have two left feet but I'd be up for appearing on Strictly.

– Chesney Hawkes

Best known for his 1991 hit single, One and Only, Chesney Hawkes is back on our screens as a contestant in this year's Celebrity MasterChef.

But can he actually cook? He joins us today to talk all about it!

Chesney has previously appeared on The Games and Dancing on Ice and said of his past experience of reality shows: “I have had an operation on my hip after a waterski jumping accident in The Games. I very much broke my leg and ankle doing Dancing on Ice so yeah my wife was not happy about that and she said, 'well if you do Masterchef please don’t burn the place down or set yourself on fire or chop a finger off!'”

Chesney also reveals he's still working in music, recording from his home studio in LA. And says while he has 'two left feet' he would like to appear in Strictly Come Dancing.

He says: “If I accepted that one there would be a lot of laughs. A bit of dad dancing at weddings and things [but that’s it].”

Celebrity MasterChef is on Thursday's on BBC One at 9pm.

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Chesney Hawkes and his family join Lorraine