Luke Evans is sad to say goodbye to the Hobbit

I think it's the best one, it's got a lot of pace to it and it's only two hours long! It is sad to see the end.

– Luke Evans

Actor Luke Evans admits the released of the final part of the Hobbit trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is tinged with sadness that it's all over.

He says: "It was very special to be a part of it. People around you become your family. You're so far away from home filming in New Zealand. There is only about an hour when you're awake at the same time."

With another starring role in the Hobbit and his first title role in Dracula Untold, Luke highlights 2014 as the 'biggest year' of his career.

He said: "I've had a great time. I've had a really good run and i've enjoyed every minute of it. I was a late starter so this is only my seventh year as a film actor."

But he adds: "I've always had it in the back of my mind that it could end at any time. I always think you can't rest on your laurels, you've got to work hard. I'm lucky to do what I do."

Luke revealed his next role is that of an 'SAS soldier' but added: "It's not been announced yet so I can't say anything really."

The third and final instalment of the Hobbit is out on December 12.

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James Norton on new sex-crazed commune role

Bonobo monkeys resolve all conflict through sex, as does our hippie commune!

– James Norton gives an insight into his new movie

James Norton joins Lorraine to talk about his new film Bonobo, set in a commune based on the sexual behaviour of APES.

James, who shot to fame in ITV series Grantchester, says: "Our hippie values are based on those of the Bonobo monkey. They are our closest living relative. They resolve all conflict through sex, as does our hippie commune. It's quite naughty."

James' character is very different to what viewers saw in Grantchester.

"He's a sex-crazed, bullish, slightly out of control person", he adds.

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James chills out backstage before his chat