A 1D baby for Louis? Ross has all the showbiz gossip

Ross King is in LA with the latest showbiz gossip including all of the latest on the news that Louis from One Direction is reportedly expecting a baby with his LA makeup artist girlfriend, the chance to be in the new Star Trek film and stories of rubbing shoulders with J Lo!

Andy Grammer is doing good, honey

My manager came and found me on the street

– Andy Grammer on his rise to success

From busking in LA to the bright lights of American Idol, via a performance with James Corden on The Late Late Show. Andy Grammer is taking the States by storm and joins us to talk about the success of his new single, Honey I'm Good.

Andy new single is doing extremely well for him in the states but he's keeping his feet firmly on the ground. He said, "As a street performer, I came from very humble beginnings... You're not entitled to anything, people walk past and you have to do something worth their time."

On getting real people to feature in his video for Honey, I'm Good, Andy said, "

Andy's success has gone from strength to strength since being spotted by a record company scout and releasing his first single in 2011. He's worked with 'amazing' Taylor Swift and thinks that James Corden is 'so awesome' after doing an impromptu duet with him on James' US talk show.

Honey, I'm Good is out now.

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Three Days in the Country with John and Amanda

The rest of it is a challenge, the acting is a joy!

– John Simm doesn't plan to go to Dr Who conventions any time soon!

Doctor Who and Broadchurch stars John Simm and Amanda Drew join Lorraine to talk about their new play Three Days In The Country. The play is an adaptation of a comedy about love set in Russia in the nineteenth century.

Three Days In The Country runs at The National Theatre from 21 July to 21 October.

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Richard is going solo with Two Tribes

I like being a sidekick... I've got to do the links now... It's like throwing a dinner party by yourself

– Richard Osman on going solo for his quiz show, Two Tribes

After working in television for two decades Richard Osman rose to fame very unexpectedly, as the co-host of BBC quiz show Pointless, after pitching the programme to TV chiefs. As well as co-hosting the quiz, alongside his university buddy Alexander Armstrong, Richard is also going solo and presenting the second series of the TV quiz show, Two Tribes.

Is Richard the tallest man in telly?

Two Tribes starts tonight on BBC Two.

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Leee John has an endless love for performing

The melodies, the hair… those were great days

– Leee John

Leee John found fame as a member of British soul music trio Imagination, whose hit singles Just an Illusion, Music and Lights and Body Talk helped them achieve platinum status worldwide and sell in excess of 30 million albums. Over the last few months he's be on a worldwide tour with legends Kool and the Gang and Earth Wind and Fire.

He joins Lorraine on the sofa to discuss his enduring love of performing, catching up with his Eighties popstar pals and the story behind the extra 'E' in Leee.

Leee said he's not toned down the outfits now that he's '30 plus'. He said, "When I go to see a show, I want to see entertainment. So I go out of my way [to do that too]"

On still looking great, Leee said that thanks to his mum's advice he stopped drinking tea and coffee in the 80s and only drinks herbal teas "... and champagne!"

Charlotte's all Me Me Me... and wee!

Since rising to fame in the reality TV series Geordie Shore, Charlotte Crosby has become one of the most outrageous and outspoken reality TV stars. After winning Celebrity Big Brother, in 2013, Charlotte has amassed over two million Twitter followers and her weight loss saw her release the fastest selling fitness DVD of all time.

Charlotte has written her autobiography, ME ME ME, at the age of 25. She said, "My book is really lighthearted, I just wanted to make people laugh."

Talking of making people laugh, Charlotte spoke about her outrageous antics on Geordie Shore. She said that she's not embarrassed at all, "I still do all of those things! I live life to the fullest."