Loose Women bare all for Lorraine

I was in a terrible state; I was really, really frightened about it

– Nadia Sawalha - on stripping off for the camera

Two of our favourite Loose Women were in the studio this morning to talk about how they bared all for their Body Stories campaign.

Nadia and Andrea shared with us the nerve-racking experience of stripping down to their underwear in front of rock legend, and Andrea's teenage pinup, Bryan Adams.

The pair feature alongside their co-presenters in a series of unairbrushed photos - all in the name of body confidence.

Nadia, who has previously discussed her body issues, admitted she was particularly nervous about stripping down.

She told Lorraine she took part because she wanted to set an example about body confidence for her daughters. Sharing a heart-warming moment, Nadia described how she was almost moved to tears upon finally showing her 14-year-old daughter the shots.

Nadia went on to confess that she, and a couple of other Loose Women, snuck off set for some 'Dutch courage' at a local pub - we don't blame them!

Girls, we salute you!

Cheryl and Liam's baby Bear ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ถ

Following lots of speculation, it's finally been revealed that Cheryl and Liam's little five-week-old bundle of joy is called Bear Payne. Aw, we bet he's very cuddly.

It's an unusual name but it's certainly not completely unique - Kate Winslet and Jamie Oliver have both got kids called Bear.

We asked what you thought of the name and got a very varied response! Bear with us...

Cheryl and Liam Payne's baby name leaked?!

They welcomed their baby boy over a month ago but we've still haven't heard anything about the little bundle of joy's name! Obviously it's a big decision which simply cannot be hurried, plus the lovely family are understandably private. However, that hasn't stopped people from speculating what the little fella's name could be - Alfie, Rickie and even Simon have all been thrown into the rumour pot.

But now it seems Cheryl and Liam might've chosen something entirely different from their son.

A listing on states their child's name as Taylor Payne, which eagle-eyed fans leapt on, assuming the site had insider info. It's not exactly confirmation but we've got to admit, it's a great name.

If they have chosen Taylor, we wonder who provided the inspiration...

  • Multi-Grammy award winning - and Harry Style's ex - Taylor Swift
  • Twilight's Taylor Lautner
  • The legend that is Elizabeth Taylor
  • Taylor Schilling from Orange Is The New Black
  • John Taylor from Duran Duran

This sneak peek of BGT will melt your heart

Thank you to Dan Wootton for getting us this little preview of this weekend's Britain's Got Talent - it's just the thing to finish off the working week! We love a bit of Friday cuteness.

Check out this choir of adorable - not to mention talented - children singing Keane's Somewhere Only We Know. The judges look impress but we can't wait to tune in and find out what they say...

Barry Manilow: 'Fans really celebrated my marriage'

I like to close the door when I get home and you can only come in if I invite you in.

– Barry is famously a very private man and shuns the spotlight

Legendary Grammy Award winner, Barry Manilow, has sold over 85 million albums world-wide and is back with his 30th studio album.

Barry joined Lorraine in an exclusive ITV Daytime interview and spoke about the longevity of his career and that he owes everything to his fans. He said: "I have amazing fans, I wouldn't be here without them."

Since his debut album release in the 1970's, Barry's songs have spanned generations with the likes of Take That and Westlife having hits with Barry covers. Barry joked: "When I started off in the 1800s... "

From the first moment I got on stage, they were with me. They didn't mind that I was terrible. I didn't know what to do with my legs!

– Barry's fans have been with him since day one

CAITLYN JENNER EXCLUSIVE: 'I've never been happier'

Itโ€™s not like you wake up and go, โ€˜Oh my God! Iโ€™m trans!โ€™

– Caitlyn Jenner says her transition was a long time coming

In April 2015 Bruce Jenner made a shocking revelation when he announced that he was transitioning from male to female. Struggling with gender dysphoria since the age of 10, the former Olympic gold decathlete and reality star unveiled her new self as Caitlyn Jenner.

Now, two years on Caitlyn tells all in a new book and spoke to Lorraine in a UK TV exclusive.

Caitlyn wrote of her confusion growing up with poignancy and humour and said that you have to see the funny side, saying: โ€˜The idea of Bruce Jenner, the athlete, having to deal with that, it's funny."

Beverley Turner: how to have a happy birth

I'd had two brilliant births but I seem to be the exception to the rule

– Beverley has written a new book

Writer and mum-of-three, Beverley Turner has co-written a book with midwife to the stars, Pam Wild, called The Happy Birth Book.

Shocked by the fact that so many women were conditioned to 'rock up to the hospital and keep your fingers crossed that everything will be alright,' Beverley joined forces with Pam to offer some practical advice for pregnancy and the following weeks after birth.

Beverley shares three children with her husband, Olympic runner James Cracknell.