Sir Cliff addresses those Glastonbury rumours!

I don't think retiring is necessary

– Sir Cliff Richard shows no signs of slowing down - he's back with a new album and tour!

Sir Cliff Richard joined Lorraine to talk about returning to music with a brand new rock 'n' roll album and he spoke out over those Glastonbury rumours!

The music veteran said he would love to play Glastonbury, as long as it didn't embarrass himself or his fans...

''If they asked I would seriously think about it,'' Sir Cliff told Lorraine. ''If you're the owners of Glastonbury Festival, please feel free to ask but I may not be available and, what's more, I'm not cheap!''

Sir Cliff's new album, The Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll, features some of his favourite songs from music's golden era, including a duet with fellow idol Elvis Presley on Blue Suede Shoes.

To celebrate its release, Sir Cliff will be heading out on a UK summer tour next year.

Sir Cliff Richard has forgiven his accusers

I may never get over it, but I can get past it and move on

– Sir Cliff Richard is looking to the future after falsely being accused of historic sex crimes

Five months on from the end of a traumatic two years, music legend Sir Cliff Richard has revealed that faith and learning to forgive his accusers helped him cope with falsely being accused of historical sex abuse crimes.

Talking to Lorraine about his nightmare ordeal, Sir Cliff said: ''It's really difficult to explain to people what it's like, you have to go through it yourself to know what it's like; it's a horrifying, traumatically emotional situation that you find yourself in, and you somehow feel that you don't know how to get yourself out of it.''

The 76-year-old veteran singer, who is suing the BBC and South Yorkshire police, was investigated over historic sex abuse allegations, but the case was dropped by the CPS in June due to insufficient evidence.

Hollywood reacts to Trump's election victory...

He's not a particularly popular man in this town

– Ross King on Hollywood's reaction to Trump's election victory

Celebrities have flocked to social media to air their views on Donald Trump's election victory.

Many of Tinseltown's famous faces - who mainly spoke out in favour of Hillary during the campaign - took to social media overnight to express their concerns, anger and fears while others offered messages of support to America's new President-elect Donald Trump.

Check out some of the reaction below...

Lorraine's showstopping Mannequin Challenge!

It's the craze that's quite literally freezing the internet, so what happened when Lorraine attempted the Mannequin Challenge live in the studio ... well, it was nothing less than showstopping, if we do say so ourselves! 😉

The popular trend has seen the likes of Hillary Clinton, Beyonce and even our good friends over at This Morning imitate mannequins and freeze for the camera.

Watch the video in full above!