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Haircare through the generations

Keep your hair healthy and beautiful throughout the generations with our top tips

As we grow older and our body changes, so too does our hair. So what can we do to keep our locks healthy and beautiful for years to come?

Lorraine's hairdresser and stylist to the stars Paul Haskall shares his secrets and advice for keeping your hair in tip top condition throughout your life!

Bum bags and thongs are back in fashion!

I thought I was the coolest kid in the world when I had my bum bag as a teenager

– Mark Heyes

They were the must-have accessories of the 90s (and a signature look for Mr Motivator), bum bags are back!!

Yes, that's right - but they're not the only fashion comeback.

Thongs are also making a chic return - but will you be rocking a pair this summer?