Can Ellie help Elaine overcome her fear?

The older I've got the fear's just grown, really grown.

– Elaine O'Shea

At the age of 12 Elaine O'Shea contracted an ear infection that eventually became a fear of swimming, she's now desperate to overcome her fear and learn to swim and with the help of mentor and Paralympic star Ellie Simmonds.

It's the one thing she's going to try and change this year with the help of our campaign. Ellie and Elaine join us on the sofa along with swimming guru Steven Shaw who has helped thousands of people like Elaine to overcome their fear of swimming and develop a positive new relationship with the water with The Art of Swimming and the Shaw Method. He's been training Elaine and helping her along with Ellie.

Can Elaine conquer her fear of swimming?

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The prank phone call that shocked the world

It's always hard to watch that but now I'm through the depression.

– Mel Greig

It was the prank phone call which shocked the world, on 4 December 2012 two Australian radio DJ's made a prank call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge, during her first pregnancy. The hoax ended in tragedy when one of the nurses, who took the call, committed suicide.

Nearly three years on, former radio host Mel Greig, still feels scarred by the incident. Speaking for the first time, on Lorraine, Mel talks about how the incident left her feeling suicidal, getting her life back on track and how she hope to return to radio.

Speaking about trying to get back to work, she said, "people in the media aren't giving me a chance".

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Luke Friend's debut single

It's been an absolutely crazy weekend!

– Luke Friend

He was a finalist in 2013 and now X Factor star Luke Friend is back with a debut single Hole In My Heart.

The single, which was released yesterday, is based on real events around his ex girlfriend. He says it is a story of unrequited love. He said "because it's the first single I don't know what it's like."

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