Ethan Hawke: 12-year film could have gone 'south'

I can't really imagine the President watching a movie.

– Ethan Hawke on Barack Obama saying Boyhood is his favourite film of 2014

Hollywood star Ethan Hawke talks about his role in groundbreaking new film Boyhood, which took a whopping 12 years to make and has earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Ethan, who plays the father of a young boy growing up, said: ''Each year, for 12 years, we got together to film. We changed the time of year. My job was to do a portrait of fatherhood. A person changes a lot, my dad did.

'I wanted to paint a portrait of that transition. I knew that when the director offered me the job it was a job that hadn't been offered before.'

John's Christmas canapés

Whether you need ideas for a night in with friends, or christmas day nibbles these are three of John Whaite’s favourite canapés. They don't need to be complicated to impress people - it’s better to use simple, good quality ingredients.

John's tips for perfect canapes

  • Serve two of each different canapé per person
  • Serve at room temperature, so remove from the fridge a good 30 minutes before serving
  • Don’t do complicated. Simple, good quality ingredients are best

Jenkins: Clooney helped me get married

When we saw George Clooney was getting married on the same day we thought we had a chance of keeping it quiet as everyone would be looking at him!

– Katherine Jenkins

Opera beauty Katherine Jenkins says she was very grateful George Clooney's September nuptials co-incided with her own.

Katherine married US filmmaker Andrew Levitas on the same day the Hollywood star tied the knot with lawyer Amal Alamuddin in Venice.

And Katherine admits she was able to sneak under the radar while all the attention was focused on events in Italy.

She said: "We wanted it to be all the family together and just be the normal bride and groom, we were a bit concerned that we could get away with that.