Lulu returns to her musical roots

I'm 66, I'm okay with that, I don't have to be perfect!

– Lulu

Singer Lulu joins Lorraine to talk about her new album, entitled Making Life Rhyme, in which she returns to her musical roots, and her upcoming UK tour.

And the Boom Bang-a-Bang Eurovision winner looks back over her 50 years in the music business, revealing that she uses songwriting as a chance to express the things she might not otherwise talk about, and why she's happy with where she is, at the age of 66!

Lulu poses with Lorraine and fellow Friday guest Gaby Roslin

Check Your Chaps

Soon Lorraine will be launching Check Your Chaps, an initiative aimed at raising awareness of testicular and prostate cancer - two of the most common cancers in men. We're encouraging viewers up and down the country to check their "chaps" regularly for the early signs of these cancers, throwing away the notion of embarrassment in hope of saving lives.