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Quiz: What kind of mum are you?

Are you a supercool mum who's a best friend to your child as well as their ultimate protector? Perhaps you're the uber-organised mumma who effortlessly breezes through this parenting malarkey with not a hair out of place...

Whether you're hip or perfectly practical, there's no right or wrong when it comes to parenting but we want to what kind of mum you are. Take our quiz below to find out!

Dr Christian: 'I suffer from body dysmorphia'

It's a disconnect between what you see and how you feel about yourself - it's a self-esteem issue

– Dr Christian Jessen opens up about his battle with body dysmorphia

He's been helping to solve the UK's medical problems for more than a decade, but away from the cameras Dr Christian Jessen has been waging his own personal battle.

The Embarrassing Bodies star, who is opening his surgery doors once again for new series Dr Christian Will See You Now, has opened up about his own personal struggles with body confidence and low self-esteem.

Explaining the effects of body dysmorphia, Dr Christian told Lorraine: "What I see is not what other people see.''

"I'm now more aware; I can see when I'm going through a rough patch and I know what to do now.''

Dr Christian also spoke about the prejudice around being a gay doctor, revealing that he was subjected to homophobic comments on social media because he worked in sexual health.

Post Natal Depression - The facts

Post Natal Depression is somewhat of a taboo subject with new mothers often feeling they are to blame in some way, but it is important to talk! After John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigan opened up about her battle with the illness, we sent Giovanna Fletcher to chat to a group of new mums to find out how PND has affected their lives.

Kimberly's lamb cutlets and cooling mint couscous

This meal is a definite for getting smiles from friends and family

– Kimberly Wyatt

Make a meal with real wow factor as Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt shares her gorgeous lamb cutlets with cooling mint couscous. It's quick, simple and something everyone will enjoy.

Proof that George Clooney is showbiz's nicest guy!

We thought we couldn't fall in love with George Clooney any further until he did this...

Over the weekend, the Hollywood megastar and philanthropist surprised 87-year-old Pat with a card, flowers and visit at her care home after workers got in touch with George to let him know what a big fan she is.

How amazing is that? His life is about to get a whole lot busier now that him and wife Amal have twins on the way, but somehow we imagine he'll still find the time to spread his loveliness. We love you, George.