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Achieve a glowing complexion for any skin type

Want to achieve the Meghan Markle glow but worried your troublesome skin is holding you back? Beauty expert, Sarah Chapman, has you covered! Whether you have dry, oily or spot-prone skin (or a combination of all three), Sarah has the perfect skincare regime for you.

Help Madison find the heroes who saved her in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Manchester Arena bomb attack, which claimed 22 lives and left countless people injured.

12 year-old Madison Coull was amongst the concert goers with her older sister. After the bomb went off, Madison - who was in a wheelchair at the time due to a broken leg - was trapped inside. Five strangers came to Madison’s rescue and carried her down the stairs to an exit. On today’s show, Madison and her mum Donna joined us on the sofa to appeal to find the heroes who helped her.

Do you know who the strangers were who helped Madison? Email us at lorraine@itv.com.

This clip is dividing the internet... do you hear Yanny or Laurel?

Listen to the clip via the tweet below. Can you hear “Laurel” or “Yanny”? The internet is divided.

YouTuber Cloe Feldman shared the clip of sound, which originated on Reddit, on Tuesday and it immediately began to pick up traction.

The clip spread like wildfire, with celebrities and mere mortals alike letting their followers know what they heard.

But what do you hear? Listen to the clip and vote in our online poll.

Paul Burrell: 'I think Diana would have wholeheartedly approved of Meghan'

Together with Meghan by his side, Harry and she will go out into the world and fulfil Diana's dreams

– Former royal butler Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell, former servant of the British royal household, has spoken out on Prince Harry’s union with Meghan Markle ahead of the couple’s marriage.

He claimed the late Princess Diana would have given her blessing to the happy couple and will be at the wedding 'in spirit'.

The former butler also spoke about the first time he met the young royal saying watching the young princes grow up was ‘the happiest time in my life’.

He described Harry as a 'mischievous, naughty and noisy' child.

With thanks to The Harte and Garter Hotel in Windsor.