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These women have the symptoms, but are they really menopausal?

On today’s show, Dr Hilary joined us along with his wife Dee, who was one of five women given a blood test by us to see if they really are menopausal.

All of the woman, who range from 46-52 years old, are experiencing menopausal symptoms.

“Unless you do the blood test, somebody might assume they’re in the menopause and ask for HRT where it isn’t appropriate.” Dr Hilary explained, “Whereas other ladies who do have symptoms that are suggestive, actually are in the menopause and would be very eligible for appropriate HRT therapy.”

Watch the results above

Brendan Cole on Strictly ‘feud’ with Shirley Ballas: ‘It’s frustrating because I’m not a horrible person’

Strictly’s Brendan Cole joined us this morning to talk about his new show All Night Long, becoming a dad for the second time, and his ‘feud’ with head Strictly judge Shirley Ballas.

Watch Brendon's full interview above

Meet our Markle Sparkle winner ✨

On this morning’s show Mark surprised the winner of our Markle Sparkle competition, live at her house in Cardiff.