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Nottingham Police force offer menopause policy at work

Detective Constable Keeley Mansell from the Nottingham Police Force joined us to talk about the new measures introduced at her work to help their female officers cope with the menopause.

After suffering debilitating symptoms at the age of 38, Keeley contacted the force's women's network association to see what changes could be made.

The force has now introduced rooms for menopausal staff to use if they are in need of a break or are experiencing particularly bad symptoms.

They will also ensure menopausal women sit near doors and have better access to showers to help them cope with hot flushes. It's hoped the scheme will be rolled out at other forces across the country.

Menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson also joined us to give her thoughts on the scheme and her advice for women going through the menopause.

Coronation Street's Julia Goulding reveals crush on co-star

Julia Goulding admitted to a childhood crush on her Coronation Street co-star
Simon Gregson who plays Steve McDonald.

The actress joined the soap in December 2016 and recalled their first meeting during a chat with Lorraine.

She said: "I remember meeting David Neilson, who plays Roy Cropper and Simon. They were the first two people who shook my hand. I remember it being odd. I didn't know what to do with myself."

Julia, who plays Shona Ramsey, joined us to talk about the show's upcoming male rape storyline involving her on-screen boyfriend David Platt - one of the soap’s most controversial storylines ever.

Julia said: "We have a great research team and Corrie are going to be handling this really, really sensitively."

She continued: "It's important to do this storyline, just to highlight it and get it out there, make it less taboo and give people the opportunity to speak out if they need to."

Please see our rape and sexual abuse helplines for advice and information.

Watch Julia's full interview above

Dan Wootton dishes the gossip on Brendan Cole's Strictly axe

It's thought Brendan was too cocky and he thought he was invincible.

– Dan Wootton

Brendan Cole's shock Strictly Come Dancing announcement left fans stunned this week, so showbiz guru Dan Wootton joined us to tell us what really happened behind the scenes.

After speaking to his insiders, Dan said: "People are not that sad to see the back of Brendan. This is the BBC. They don't like divas behind the scenes.

"The main thing is he probably pushed it a bit too far - and this is definitely the consensus behind the scenes - with Shirley Ballas because she was the new head judge. But she's genuinely a lovely woman and it wasn't her fault Brendan didn't get the judging job."

Piers Morgan has launched a petition to get Brendan reinstated, but Dan feels that's unlikely.

Looks like this story might Rumb-a on for a while longer...

Kym Marsh: ‘I can’t have any more children now’

On this morning’s show we were joined by Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh who opened up to Lorraine about why she made the decision to not have any more children following the birth of daughter Polly.

It’s been nine years since Kym tragically lost her son Archie, who passed away after being born 18 weeks premature. Kym went on to have daughter Polly (now 6) who was also born early, but who is thankfully happy and healthy.

“To be honest, I took the decision to not have any more children,” Kym explained, “I can’t have anymore children now. I made that decision after I had Polly.

“I don’t know if anybody knows this but I almost lost Polly as well, several times throughout the pregnancy, and it was very traumatic. I was on bed rest for months and she was still born very early, she was born seven weeks premature.

“Thankfully, she’s okay and really healthy. But it was traumatic, so I took the decision that I wasn’t going to do that, because I was lucky enough to have the three children that I’ve got, and I didn’t want to run that risk because it’s too painful.”

Watch Kym's full interview above

In memory of son Archie, Kym is hosting Archie’s Footprint Ball on Saturday 10th February.

EXCLUSIVE: Brendan Cole confirms he's leaving Strictly Come Dancing after 14 years

Brendan Cole has confirmed he won't be returning to Strictly Come Dancing. The dancer has been a stalwart on the show since its first series back in 2004, and was most recently partnered with GMB's Charlotte Hawkins, with the pair being eliminated in week 4 of the competition.

Speaking to Lorraine, an emotional Brendan explained, "It’s quite hard to talk about, the BBC haven’t renewed my contract. They’ve made an editorial decision not to have me back on the show.

"I’m a little bit in shock at the moment. I’m quite emotional and a bit raw about it.

"I have had 15 incredible series on the show, I’m very proud of the whole show, they’re a great team."

When asked by Lorraine if he'll continue to watch, Brendan said: "I'll still watch the show, I'll still want to support my friends that are in it."

Watch Brendan's full interview above