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Dr Hilary explains how to keep colds at bay this winter

The cold season is upon us, and as is the way, when we take time off to celebrate Christmas with the family, we end up stuck indoors with a nasty cold. Typical isn’t it?

Fortunately, Dr Hilary is here with some tremendous tips on how to fend off colds. And what if you catch a cold? The TV doc also has some expert advice on how to cut a cold short.

Nick Knowles returns from the jungle with those red 'budgie smugglers'

Fresh from the jungle, Nick Knowles, joined us for a first interview, complete with those infamous red 'budgie smugglers'.

Nick let us in all the jungle gossip, and revealed the reason he plunged himself into that "freezing cold pool" was to soothe a shoulder injury. Plus, how stepping into the camp actually stirred up a fondness for creepy crawlies and snakes that he didn’t know existed.

Matt Johnson shares his experience of mental illness in the hope of encouraging others to seek help

Matt Johnson is campaigning for people to 'Ask Twice' this Christmastime in the hope of encouraging more people to speak openly about their mental wellbeing. He shares his own experience of mental illness and how depression led him to contemplate suicide around this time of year in 2009. He says although life is never perfect, 'things are wonderful' for him now.

Please click here to access help and support for mental health issues.