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Pretty in pleats

From Meghan Markle to Victoria Beckham, pleats are the latest must-have celebrity trend, but are you too scared to wear them? Kimberley Walsh shows us how to work the style without the dreaded frumpy look with pleated outfits from the high street that are figure flattering for any shape.

Could your dog be depressed or have anxiety?

Have you returned from your summer break to find your dog is giving you the cold-shoulder? Maybe you've had no choice but to put them in a kennel and have struggled to win them back round? Well, like one in five dogs in the UK, your four-legged friend could be exhibiting signs of separation anxiety and depression. Rory the Vet shares his life-saving tips for bonding with your dog after some time away, as well as the simple measures you can take to keep your dog's mind active and happy.