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You Know Breast: Juggling motherhood and chemotherapy

Seven months ago, Lorraine producer Helen Addis was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she’s started her own blog The Titty Gritty to document her journey, and to raise awareness of her condition.

As part of her treatment plan, Helen needs 16 chemotherapy sessions in total, and will complete all of them before Christmas this year.

She opened the door to the Lorraine team for one chemotherapy session, and gave us an insight into the physical, emotional and mental toll it can take. She also reveals how she juggles being a mother to three kids while dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy.

She points out: "The word 'mother' is in the word 'chemotherapy', and I can't wait until the letters either side of that fall away and I can go back to being a fit and healthy mother again."

Do #YouKnowBreast? Watch Dr Hilary's step-by-step guide to the two minute breast examination that could save your life.

Go behind the scenes at Downton Abbey

Actor Jim Carter, who plays Mr Carson, takes Dan Wootton behind-the-scenes at Downton Abbey to share secrets from the set of the upcoming movie and exclusively reveals that he'll be hosting a live music event from Highclere Castle, where Downton is filmed, next year.

'Watching Lorraine saved my life' - Deborah James inspired viewer to visit GP with anal cancer symptoms

After watching cancer campaigner - and self-proclaimed 'bowel babe' - Deborah James on Lorraine back in April, mother-of-four Tracey O’Keefe realised she had been suffering from similar symptoms for weeks. She went to her GP and was eventually diagnosed with anal cancer.

They joined Dr Hilary on the sofa to discuss the difference that getting an early bowel or anal cancer diagnosis can make, as well as breaking taboos and refusing to feel embarrassed about our bodies.

Tess Daly shares fond memories of Bruce Forsyth

Tess Daly has revealed how much she still misses her old friend and ex-colleague Bruce Forsyth. Speaking to Lorraine, she reflected on her 10-year friendship with Bruce and the experience of filming Strictly Come Dance with him.

Tess admitted she teared up as she walked past Bruce’s old dressing room - a room in the same studios where Lorraine is filmed.

“”Bruce was a very special part of my life and an incredible person and so generous,” she said.

“To have shared that time with him was a privilege.”

Bruce Forsyth passed away aged 89 in August last year, after suffering from a series of health complications.