Whispering Hope: The women who suffered

After watching the 2002 film The Magdalene Sisters, a young Irish film maker called Steven O'Riordan wanted to meet some of the women who were forced to work in the Irish laundries, which ran like workhouses.

Kathleen Legg was one of the women who shared her story with Steven - he made a documentary about the laundries in Ireland and has now written a book about five of the women who suffered.

Kathleen and Steven join Fiona to talk about the book Whispering Hope which is out on Thursday.

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Take a plunge into the celeb fashion world

When you do see her at fashion events, your mouth is wide open

– Mark Heyes on Naomi Campbell

We've been fed quite a fashion feast this Bank Holiday weekend, from Eurovision's plunging necklines to Mrs Clooney wearing Maison Margiela, to Naomi Campbell's stunning birthday outfit.

At the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, Cara Delevigne was pictured in a custom-made racing suit and hostess outfit with trendy sunglasses - could round frames be setting a style statement for summer?

And not forgetting Britain's Got Talent's Alesha and Amanda - in Mark Heyes' words, the glam Judges 'certainly didn't disappoint'!

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