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Lorraine is back on Tuesday with a busy show full of fashion, food and celebrity guests.

Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt discusses his new movie and Katie Piper talks about her new TV show about extraordinary births.

Plus Levi Roots will be making jerk chicken on Camden Beach and Mark Heyes tells us the 'Must Have' accessories for the autumn/winter season.

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Sandra Bullock loves playing the villain

Finally I did a role that mirrored who I was in real life, which is crabby, evil and I feel the need to overtake everything

– Sandra Bullock jokes about her new role as ambitious villain, Scarlet Overkill in Minions

We know Oscar winner Sandra Bullock from Gravity, The Blind Side, Speed, The Proposal and lots more but in her new role, she's embracing the dark side as ambitious villain Scarlet Overkill in the Minions movie.

Sandra said of five-year-old adoptive son, Louis, "He doesn't know what I do. Work just means I leave and he doesn't like it when I leave. That's the way I'd like to keep it for a little while . I don't want him to like what I do. I want him to be embarrassed by me. That's what you do, you don't think your parents are cool! I want him to be like every other kid and think, 'ugh, she's so irritating.'"

Saved by a heart transplant

We got through it and now have a much steadier look at life. It's nice.

– Andrew Britton

Today, we look at the incredible story of triathlete Andrew Britton who lived to tell the tale after he 'died' SIX times on honeymoon.

Fitness fanatic Andrew suffered multiple cardiac arrests triggered by a virus while on holiday in the Maldives.

Miraculously he survived but subsequently spent the next year in hospital and was told a heart transplant was his only chance of survival.