Faye's pregnancy secret is exposed

Coronation Street star Debbie Rush who plays Anna Windass joins Fiona on the sofa to talk about her adopted daughter Faye's pregnancy storyline which happens onscreen this week.

Faye's pregnancy secret is exposed when she goes in to labour, until that point only her schoolfriend Craig knew the truth. According to Debbie it's all panic stations when her character first sees Faye and she joins us to tell us more.

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Lesley's looking for her soulmate

I feel confident, and ready for anything really!

– Lesley Jenson is happy with her makeover

Lesley Jenson contacted us because she wanted to change a very important thing in her life - she is lonely and wants to find her soulmate.

So we've teamed her up with mentor Stephanie Hirst to help her gain confidence and get back on the dating scene. But first - a makeover from top make-up artist... and a whole new fashion look from Mark Heyes.

Will Lesley manage to Change One Thing?

Do you let your children drink at home?

According to the Daily Mail children offered a sip of their parents drinks are more likely to binge drink their mid teens.

What do you think about this, do you let your children drink at home? Do you think it gives them a more grown up attitude to alcohol? Or is it just encouraging them to drink more?

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Can Ellie help Elaine overcome her fear?

The older I've got the fear's just grown, really grown.

– Elaine O'Shea

At the age of 12 Elaine O'Shea contracted an ear infection that eventually became a fear of swimming, she's now desperate to overcome her fear and learn to swim and with the help of mentor and Paralympic star Ellie Simmonds.

It's the one thing she's going to try and change this year with the help of our campaign. Ellie and Elaine join us on the sofa along with swimming guru Steven Shaw who has helped thousands of people like Elaine to overcome their fear of swimming and develop a positive new relationship with the water with The Art of Swimming and the Shaw Method. He's been training Elaine and helping her along with Ellie.

Can Elaine conquer her fear of swimming?

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