Gwen and Gavin announce divorce

Sad and unexpected news today - one of music's biggest couples Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have decided to divorce after 13 years together. The couple released a statement saying although they are parting ways as a married couple, they will continue to be partners as parents.

Meanwhile another A-list couple have had to take to their social media accounts to deny rumours that they're splitting... again!

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Hollyoaks addresses Motor Neurone Disease

He's been an incredible character to play - for me it's the most challenging thing I have ever done as an actor

– Jeremy Sheffield

Hollyoaks star Jeremy Sheffield joins Lorraine to discuss his character Patrick Blake's recent diagnosis with Motor Neurone Disease.

The soap is the first to create a storyline around the illness, of which awareness was raised last summer by the Ice Bucket Challenge craze.

It's been a stressful year for Patrick already when he and Maxine fought over custody of their daughter Minnie in court. Patrick planted a bottle of alcohol in Maxine's bag to try to paint her as irresponsible, which led to Maxine attempting to commit suicide.

Jeremy told us that he knew very little about Motor Neurone Disease before researching for his role, "It's been hard but extraordinary, watching some very brave people".

And although Jeremy is leaving the show, he doesn't know how his character will exit, but he did tell us, "He's been an incredible character to play - for me it's the most challenging thing I have ever done as an actor."

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Ever received an expensive wedding gift?

Have you ever been stuck for something to buy as a wedding gift? Well, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ensured his agent would have the perfect honeymoon by buying him a Greek Island! The location of the island is being kept secret - but sources say it could be worth 2.8 million...

So, we'd like to know... what's the strangest present you've ever received? Perhaps you once got a really expensive gift from someone? Or maybe you have been given something really bizarre? Let us know for today's show!

Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing us at by 9am on Tuesday 4 August. You must be 18 or over.

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Poll: Is it sexist to rate men online?

On Wednesday's show we'll be talking to Alexanfra Chong, who has created a controversial new dating app which allows women to secretly rate their male dates, meaning the straight and single men of the UK will be at the mercy of their old girlfriends!

Critics have slammed the app as sexist but we'd like to know what you think. Is rating a man on a dating site sexist? Let us know by taking part in the poll above by 7am on Wednesday 3 August.

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He'll huff and he'll puff...

We have a massive announcement coming up... but I can't say yet!

– Could Blue be coming back with a tour or new album, Simon?

He sold over 16 million records and had 40 number one singles worldwide as part of boyband Blue and now Simon Webbe's going solo.

The performer joins us to tell Jenni Falconer about starring in new West End musical The 3 Little Pigs... in which he plays the Big Bad Wolf!

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