'I've been doing this for a long time'

I've been doing this for a long time and I'm usually ready for anything.

– Jennifer Lopez on getting her kit off on screen

We saw Jennifer Lopez taking selfies with Meryl Streep and looking sensational at the Oscars and shortly before the Academy Awards Ross King caught up with her to talk about obsessive fans, dating and stripping off for her latest movie role.

In the film the man she is involved with becomes slightly obsessed with her character, she said in real life, she would have no advice for men who wanted to approach her and ask her out for a date "I don't know how to approach me!" she joked.

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The men who empathise with pregnancy

From exhaustion to bladder discomfort to lack of sleep, very few men will ever endure the array of aches and pains of pregnancy.

However, Steve Hanson, Jonny Biggins and Jason Bramley, in an effort to pay tribute to the challenges of pregnancy, have decided to wear 33-pound 'empathy bellies' for one month straight in the run up to Mother's Day. They join us today in week two of their bizarre challenge.

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The men in their pregnancy bellies!

What's your most embarrassing moment?

It's the moment everyone is talking about - when Madonna fell off stage at the Brits.

We'd like to hear what you. Let us know your most embarrassing moments? When did you last wish the ground would swallow you up?

Let us know by getting in touch before 9am on Thursday 26 February on Twitter or Facebook or by emailing us at lorraine@itv.com, and we may use your comments on the show. For terms and conditions see itv.com/terms.

WATCH: Madonna takes a fall at the Brits

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