Ladies - check your chaps!

Brian Mcfadden and wife Vogue Williams look ahead to the launch of our campaign to check for testicular and prostate cancer, which launches next week.

It's an initiative aimed at raising awareness of testicular and prostate cancer - two of the most common cancers in men. We're encouraging viewers up and down the country to check their "chaps" regularly for the early signs of these cancers, throwing away the notion of embarrassment in hope of saving lives.

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Colin Firth: The bruises were my trophies

If you can animate me as an action hero, there is hope for everybody!

– Colin Firth on playing a spy

Oscar winner Colin Firth admits he was 'proud' of the bruises he picked up while filming fight scenes in new spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn, the film tells the story of a super-secret spy organisation headed by up Harry Hart (Firth) that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid.

Colin reveals he endured six months of fight training to prepare for the scenes as he didn't want a stunt double.

He said: "I had loads of injuries but I was so proud of them. They are trophies. If I got a bruise it wasn't get the nurse, it was get the camera. We were all delighted if we had something to show for it."

Colin also bigged up youngster Taron Egerton who makes his movie debut as the new recruit Eggsy.

He said: "I don't think he knows what he's in for. He's got so much up his sleeve. He came straight from drama school."

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Undateable Brent gets married in Vegas!

I didn't think i'd find love but I went on the show to at least give it a try.

– Brent Zillwood

In 2013, undateable filmmaker - and Tourette's sufferer - Brent Zillwood, went looking for love on the Channel 4 show The Undateables.

He met Challis on a blind date in 2013 and the couple immediately hit it off - despite Brent's bizarre and often offensive outbursts.

They've since become the first couple from the show to get married - tying the knot in Las Vegas.

They joined Lorraine to talk all about the bash, reveal how Brent is channelling his Tourette's as a married man and Mozart!

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Shelina Permalloo's coconut, lime and fish skewers

Shelina Permaloo visits beautiful Mauritius and cooks a fresh fish dish of snapper and mango.

An alternative fish for the UK would be cod but if it’s a special occasion halibut or monkfish would work brilliantly.

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Cathy's return to the stage after studying

I have insatiable excitement about it, I wake up at 4.30am as ideas are popping up. I have to put myself back into bed!

– Cathy Tyson

Actress Cathy Tyson reveals she didn't let a low wage stand in her way of playing scientist Marie Curie in the play Radiance.

Cathy, who shot to fame thanks to career-defining roles in the 1986 film Mona Lisa and Kay Mellor's 90s TV hit Band Of Gold, returned to acting last year after taking a four-year break to go to university and study literature and drama.

She said: "It's an incredibly rewarding role but it's Fringe Theatre, we're not getting paid very much for it but it doesn't feel like that as I'm getting rewards back."

Radiance opens on 4 February at The Tabard Theatre in London.

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