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Jo Brand on her big screen debut and her hopes for the future of the NHS

I think it’s important to deal with a subject like mental health with humour as long as it’s coming from the right direction

– Jo Brand on tackling the issue of mental health in her movie

Jo Brand is making her film debut in a movie based on her own critially acclaimed novel about mental illness.

The More You Ignore Me stars Sheridan Smith and is released today.

Kym Marsh on meeting the woman who saved her daughter's life

My whole pregnancy, with Polly was touch and go. I was in and out of hospital a lot. We knew she was going to be premature, we didn’t know how premature

– Kym speaks about daughter Polly's premature birth

When Coronation Street star Kym Marsh gave birth to daughter Polly seven weeks prematurely in 2011, she feared she may not survive - but thanks to the amazing staff of the NHS, Polly pulled through.

Today, she spoke about meeting one of the NHS staff who helped save her daughter’s life.

Kym confessed: “It was wonderful to see Kath with Polly. She hasn’t seen her since she left the unit, which was seven years ago now. Explaining to Polly who Kath was and to see her say thank you was lovely and we all got a little emotional.

“It’s what they are doing every day, that’s just my story. Think of all the people they are doing that every day for.”

Watch Kym in the one-off special NHS Singalong Live on ITV tonight at 9pm.