Dales star Dominic throws the bait

Dominic Brunt is best known for playing vet Paddy Kirk in Emmerdale - but he is also a self-confessed horror addict and is about to release his second film Bait in cinemas on September 4.

The actor and his wife Joanne came up with the concept, which is also directed by Dominic.

Describing the film, which is out on DVD on September 7, Dominic says: "The main themes of the film to me are - 'What do we mean by evil?' We throw the word around to explain away terrible behaviour. If you don't believe in evil (and I don't), what then?

"Also the fact that wherever there is ambition, there is someone there ready to exploit that ambition. The whole film is allegorical and relates to the banking system and the fact that there is no empathy, just profit above ALL."

The talented actor also chats about life in the Dales.

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Kate Oakley's baby mission continues

Back in January we met Kate Oakley and heard how she wanted to Change One Thing about her life - to become a mother.

Unfortunately Kate's weight was potentially reducing her chances of conceiving a baby so we enlisted mentor Victoria Milligan to help Kate lose weight.

So far Kate has been working hard to diet and exercise and has so far lost over two stone. But despite trying, Kate still isn't pregnant.

Now she's concerned there might be other issues other than weight which is holding her back so Victoria has arranged for her to have an in-depth fertility MOT - and decided to give Kate the surprise news whilst she was at work!

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Do know someone who needs a style overhaul?

Do you know someone who is not dressing right for their age? Possibly they're young but dress like a frump or maybe they're a bit "mutton dressed as lamb" and require a style overhaul?

If you have a friend or family member in urgent need of a restyle then don't despair, Mark Heyes is looking for his next fashion challenge! Please don't nominate yourself, we're looking for you to suggest loved ones in your life who you think are stuck in a rut and need a special makeover. If you're over 18, then email lorraine@itv.com with all the details and a photo of the person you're talking about by midday on Wednesday 9 September.

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