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Myleene Klass talks about life as a single mother

We have the same insecurities, the same worries, the same hopes, the same dreams

– Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass talks motherhood ahead of her brand-new documentary, Myleene Klass: Single Mums on Benefits, tonight.

Myleene talks about her own journey to parenthood and remembers hearing the term 'single mum' and thinking about all the negative connotations that came with it. Now she is one, she wrestled with how she saw the title of single mum.

'(Mum) is the most powerful word in the world and we still don't use it in the way it deserves to be... we always say, 'Do I look a bit mum?'' But when you start talking to fellow single mums and dads, she says there's an immediate understanding of how hard it is.

Talking about her own journey she says: 'There is that understanding. You know what that person’s done to be there... You have a real sense of achievement.'

One in four parents are now single parents, and Myleene meets single mums and dads to talk about their journeys. We all know one, were raised by one, or have spoken to one.

In her new documentary she speaks to single parents and was shocked by what she found. She was shocked to find that the average single mum is 37 and reveals that not all 'teenagers on benefits' as teenagers are classed as children and so are unable to claim them. Everyone is in a different situation: 'I met a single dad and he was still coping with the death of his wife,' she says. Myleene says she thinks the documentary will surprise people.

Myleene loves the sense of achievement: 'You're all in this club together. But let me tell you, I'm proud to be in this club, to have membership of this club.'

Bear Grylls on his next big adventure

We all have the everest in our own lives. It doesn’t always have to be a physical mountain.

– Bear Grylls

After teaching Barack Obama and Kate Hudson how to survive in the wild, adventurer, writer and TV host Bear Grylls joins Lorraine to talk about his first ever live arena tour, 'Endeavour - Your Adventure Awaits', which starts in October.

Using groundbreaking technology, Bear will take audiences on an interactive expedition across the globe through the tour, including the frozen Antarctica and the dizzy heights of Everest.

"This, for me, really is exciting. I think there’s something very different about live performances - they’re up close and personal" he says.

Bear also hasn't quite finished showing celebs how to survive, as he's going to be running wild with Courteney Cox and Vanessa Hudgens next.

"Generally in life we get what we limit our ambitions to."

Bear Grylls Endeavour - Your Adventure Awaits tour kicks off in London on 7 October 2016 will visit 12 arenas across the UK & Ireland."

Singer Vincent Niclo on Romantique new album

Music is good for the soul

– Vincent Niclo

Celine Dion calls him the french James Bond and we can certainly see why... pop tenor and former model, Vincent Niclo, is here to talk about his debut UK album Romantique.

Having sold over 1 million albums in France, Vincent has a classical pop style and was invited by Celine Dion to support her on her on her French tour.

Vincent's debut British album is his fourth solo album and he will perform his own version of Elvis Costello's 'She', which is featured on the album, at the end of the show.

He's previously taken part in the French version of Strictly Come Dancing and is glowing! 'I learned so much about my body, how to move on the stage… an unbelievable experience,' he says.

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Sticky chicken wings with blue cheese

Sticky chicken wings

Serves 4


Bourbon Marinade
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 heaped tsp smoked paprika
2 tbsp honey
Juice and zest of 1 lime
30ml Bourbon whisky
2 tbsp hot sauce
2 tbsp olive oil

Chinese Marinade:
4 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp clear honey
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tsp Chinese 5 spice
Juice ½ lime
16 whole chicken wings

Blue cheese dip:

200ml buttermilk or sour cream
2 tbsp mayonnaise
Juice ½ Lemon
100g soft blue cheese of your choice
½ clove garlic, minced
Small bunch chives, chopped

To garnish:

1 tbsp sesame seeds
3 spring onions, sliced thinly
Griddled corn on the cob, to serve (optional)


  1. For the Bourbon marinade: Mix the garlic, smoked paprika, honey, juice and zest of the lime, Bourbon whisky, hot sauce and olive oil together.

  2. For the Chinese marinade: Combine the soy sauce, honey, garlic, Chinese 5 spice and lime juice

  3. Remove tips from chicken wings but make sure you reserve them, as they are great for making stock, then cut each wing at the joint to make 32 pieces

  4. Place half of the wings into each marinade, cover and refrigerate for 20 minutes

  5. Place the wings onto lined baking trays then bake in a pre-heated oven set at 180C/gas 4 for 30-35 minutes, until thoroughly cooked through and the juices run clear

  6. For added barbecue flavour finish the wings on a barbecue or griddle pan to caramelise

  7. To finish the Chinese wings sprinkle with sesame seeds and spring onion

  8. For the dip: In a bowl whisk the buttermilk, mayonnaise, lemon juice, blue cheese, garlic, chives and salt and pepper together. Serve the dip with the sticky wings and griddled corn.

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Lorraine Pascale on her foster care journey

The only way to happiness is giving back

– Lorraine Pascale

Celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale reveals why she's supporting a new fostering campaign, after being fostered as a child herself. She's the first UK ambassador for fostering and says that people shouldn't count themselves out and consider doing it - particularly older children. 'Lots of teenagers need loving homes.'

Lorraine was born in East London and was given up for adoption from birth. She spent the first 18 months of her life with foster parents. Due to her personal experience with fostering, Lorraine was made the Government's first fostering Ambassador in 2014.

A lot of foster children are quite withdrawn and it’s about drawing them out. I’m so grateful for foster carers I had in my life.

– Lorraine Pascale

This year, Fostering Fortnight is raising awareness about the need for carers for teenagers. There are 64,000 children living with almost 55,000 foster families in the UK, and around two-fifths are aged 11 to 15 years.

The Adolescent and Children's Trust, TACT, says there's a misguided perception that teenagers are in care through some fault of their own, such as criminal or anti social behaviour. In reality, there tends to be a variety of reasons - including parental violence and parental illness.