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Josh Widdicombe on playing Josh

I’d like to think he’s more of a loser... but maybe he’s more like me than I’d like to admit

– Josh Widdicombe

Josh Widdicombe is one of comedy's most in-demand comedians. He's recently returned from a Last Leg special in Australia and he's currently on tour with his stand up show.

Now he's got his own sitcom Josh and he's here to tell us how he compares to the character he plays. Plus, he reveals how he tried to persuade Fiona's neighbour Jack Dee to take his clothes off for the show and why only Jennifer Saunders is allowed to bring her dog on set.

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Happy birthday to Lorraine Kelly!

To celebrate her day we're joined by The Vamps, Dan Wootton and Nadia Sawalha's in the kitchen making her a special Scottish breakfast of salmon kedgeree.

We're also joined by plus size models Hayley Hasselhoff and Rosie Nelson about their crusade to change perceptions of body image.

All that and much more from 8.30am!

Nanette Newman on The Raging Moon and staying young

It's like it's been botoxed... it's given it a new lease of life!

– Nanette Newman on the remastering of The Raging Moon

Actress and star of the iconic Fairy Liquid adverts Nanette Newman joins Lorraine to talk about the DVD release of newly-restored 1971 British classic film The Raging Moon.

Directed by her late husband Bryan Forbes, Nanette stars as a wheelchair-bound paraplegic who falls in love with a man who is similarly disabled, played by Malcolm McDowell.

Sarra Hoy opens up about premature birth

At 29 weeks it was absolutely terrifying

– Sarra Hoy

In her first ever television interview, Sarra Hoy, wife of Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy joins Lorraine to talk about how their lives changed after their son Callum was born prematurely at only 29 weeks.

With a healthy pregnancy there was no indication that there was anything unusual until the point the couple were told the baby was on its way, 11 weeks early.

Sarra and baby Callum joins Lorraine to talk about her experience and her work in raising awareness of the issue of premature babies.