Nathan and Cara: Your Love Island 2016 winners!

After six hot weeks of pouts, pecs, passion and peacocking, Caroline Flack announced Nathan and Cara as your winning Love Island 2016 couple!

They beat Alex and Olivia to be crowned this year's winners, but not all was as it seemed, for in an extra special twist, they had to prove their dedication to each other and choose between money or love.

And of course, they went for love, making them £50,000 richer and walking off into the sunset hand in hand with their soulmate. And to think, we usually just get sunburnt after a few weeks away!

The story of Alex and Olivia

Luscious Liv entered the villa and immediately had a plethora of men fighting over her. Javi was against Daniel, Daniel was against Terry, but soon Olivia was left all on her lonesome. That was, until a scaffolder/model from Wolverhampton walked through those villa doors.

But it hasn't been plain sailing on the romantic highs-seas for Olivia and Alex. Need we remind you of his night in the Hideaway with a certain ex-Islander?! Watch above for a quick recap of their Love Island journey...

The story of Nathan and Cara

From the moment Cara laid eyes upon Nathan's pink flamingo shorts, she was smitten! (Until he called her frigid the next day, but we can glance over that for now). They've been crowned the best parents in the villa, have some pretty solid plans to go to Disneyland, said the L word, and even learnt to love each other's flaws - Cara's flatulence being a key one for Nath. So sit back, and hit play above to see their Love Island love story from the very start...