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FIRST LOOK: Is Jack getting ahead of himself?

Video guidance This video contains strong language

Our lovestruck Islanders are catching feels all over the villa, but some are more comfortable with it than others.

As the Mighty Bird begins to take flight, Georgia worries about pushing Josh away. Jack wants to take things to the next level with Dani - but is she ready to go there with him, or is it all too much too soon?

Six things we learnt on day 19

The Do Bits Society scored itself a new president thanks to Eyal's late night passion session with Megan, but it was new arrival Sam who was the real king of the villa, having his pick of the ladies ahead of the recoupling. Three speed dates later and our single ladies Samira and Rosie were left to sweat, knowing that there was only room for one of them on the Island. The birth of the Mighty Bird left no room for romantic Rosie, and she graced us with one final super strut - out of the villa. Here's what we learnt.

Rosie is dumped from the Island

Video guidance This video contains strong language

It's time for another recoupling, and this time, the boys have all the power! The final decision lands in new boy Sam's hands, and when it comes down to picking between Samira and Rosie, Sam makes a Mighty choice. Cue the sassiest suitcase strut you've ever seen.