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The Dos and Don'ts of how to pull on holiday

Heading for sunnier climes over the next few months? Well, if you're jetting off with the intention to pull, then you're in luck - Match.com's resident love expert Kate Taylor has a few tips for you...

Don’t fall into sun, sea and shyness
Otherwise known as “the Chris Effect”. When you’re away on holiday, DO use the change of scene as an excuse to up your game and be cheekier, louder and larger than life than you are at home. Why? Because it works.
Away from home, most people are more relaxed and receptive (yes, I mean drunk) than they are in their normal life. This means, to be noticed, you’re going to have to push yourself forward more than usual. If you’ve ever gone on holiday and watched in bemusement as your clueless-but-cocky mate snared all the totty while you stood holding their pint, you’ve seen this in action.
A modicum of reserve works well to attract people at work or in your usual social circle. But when you’re by the beach, don’t be afraid to make waves. Get up, get out, and talk to people. EVERYONE.

DO apply some factor flirty
...But not dirty. What you say will influence other peoples’ opinion of you just as much as what you do. Be careful in your conversation – those around you will make snap-judgements about you because your time together is limited. If you’d like to be seen as classy and elegant, don’t accidentally “Do a Jess” and talk about sex morning, noon and night.
At the time of writing, Jess hadn’t actually leapt into bed with any boys, but was still being judged as promiscuous. She felt it was unfair to be judged on “harmless banta”, but could we really blame the lads for taking her non-stop innuendo as Gospel? (Not the Gospel Zoe is used to, obv.)

DON’T make hasty choices
Talking of Zoe, were you cringing along at Hulk’s attempts to crawl back into favour? It ultimately worked for him, but it could’ve all been so easily avoided if he’d just delayed his Daisy vs Zoe decision process for a couple more days.
On holiday, you don’t have to rush to couple up the minute your espadrilles hit the runway. Keep your options open. Be like Luis – cool, calm, and collected until you’re sure who you like. This way, you might collect fewer notches on your villa’s bedpost, but your ultimate coupling has more chance of lasting when you return home. AND a squeaky-clean reputation has less likelihood of ruining your chances of success when you do spot The One across a crowded dancefloor. Or the Pod, in Luis’ case.

But DO realise when you’re onto a good thing
When you do find someone worthy of your company, don’t keep your cool forever. Nope. Instead, loudly declare you feel like a unicorn and a rainbow.
Yep, say what you like about Jon and Hannah (and I know you do, I’ve read the tweets), that couple knew as soon as they saw each other that this was It. Remember Jon in the initial decision process? He stuck to Hannah like a limpet, unlike Josh who constantly looked to upgrade. Hannah hasn’t wavered either. Even her emotional storms were simply her working past her terror of getting hurt again. When you find the right one, let them know!

Kate Taylor, Match.com's dating guru

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