Love Island: The official voting stats

So we all know Jess and Max are the winners of Love Island, but how d'ya fancy now delving a little deeper into the voting stats to see just how close the final really was?!

We've got our calculators out and geeky glasses on, to bring you the official voting stats for our final four couples:

Jess & Max - 42%
Hannah & Jon - 36%
Lauren & Josh - 12%
Cally & Luis - 10%

Quite close at the top - but at least Hannah and Jon can be safe in the knowledge they are still winners in their own way, because (let's face it) they've won each other on the show! Aaw. Soppy. But true.

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The Bumper Love Island Quiz!

Now you've had time to catch your breath after that spectacular win for Jess and Max, it's time to test just how big a Love Island fan you are.

A whopping twenty questions, ranging from the romantic to the ridiculous, all about the pie-filled series that's kept us so entertained for the past six weeks.

Reckon you're up to the challenge? Take it away...

Your finalists speak out...

Shortly after Caroline Flack had crowned Max and Jess the winners of Love Island 2015, we stormed straight into the villa to catch up with the islanders.

Here's how they will look back on their time on Love Island... MISS YOU ALREADY, GUYS!

Max and Jess: your Love Island winners!

Caroline Flack was right - it was a long, hot summer! Six weeks of pouts, pecs, passion, poison, and plenty of pies. And at the end of it, just two remained - your winning Love Island couple, Max and Jess!

They beat Hannah and Jonathan to be crowned winners of Love Island - but that wasn't the end of it! They had to prove their dedication to one another when each were asked to choose between Money and Love.

Thankfully, they both selected Love - as if there was ever any doubt! So not only do they return to Blighty with a potential future spouse, but a hefty cheque for £50,000! And to think, most of us return from holiday with sunburn and a straw donkey.

Congratulations Max and Jess!

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A quickie with... Max and Jess

Jess was the curvy glamour girl who had nearly every fella stepping forward on Day 1; Max was the bowling/batting beaut who made the villa a whole lot more handsome on Day 11.

After several servings of pie, these two finally paired up, made it Properly Officially Official becoming boyfriend and girlfriend and eventually WON THE WHOLE BLOOMIN SHOW!

Anyway, before being crowned winners, we had our final chat with them in the Beach Hut. Here's what they had to say about their fellow islanders...

You've just touched down in the Balearics - which islander are you hitting the strip with later?

Yep, these guys sure know where the party's at.

The hotel animation team is after a new entertainer - who should apply?

Your boy Omar. Who else?

Predictions: The islanders give their verdict

Before they boarded the plane back to Blighty, we asked our dumped islanders to give us their predictions for tonight's Love Island winners. Who are you backing?

Love Island: The story of the series

WHAT. A. SUMMER! We've soaked up four blissful weeks of romance, heartache, pieing, mugging, spiders, ex-girlfriends, and an ENGAGEMENT?! And now, as our winning couple head off towards the sunset to begin their new adventure together, we say goodbye to you!

Hit that play button above and let's relive the memories over and over again. Love Island, over and out.