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Shock twist: A double-dumping from the Island

There's a Flack attack at the villa, and when she strikes our gang know they're in for some BIG drama.

But nothing could have prepared them for this...it's time for a double dumping!

The results of the public vote are in, and three couples are in danger. From the couples at risk, our safe Islanders must choose one boy and one girl to dump from Love Island. Tissues at the ready everyone...

Lads date for our beach babes

It's time for some quality 'lads, lads, lads' bonding time for our boys, well some of them, as Kem, Dom, Marcel and Chris to the beach. And it's fair to say they are more than a little bit excited.

Chris is beyond buzzing to be going somewhere, anywhere, seemingly he doesn't care the-hell-where!

Whilst on the golden sands our beach beaus open up about their relationships back in the villa...