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UN school used as shelter in Gaza hit for second time

A United Nations school sheltering people who have fled Israeli airstrikes in Gaza has been hit by Israeli shelling, the UN said.

A girl seen inside the UN Deir Al Balah school in Gaza in April this year.
A girl seen inside the UN Deir Al Balah school in Gaza in April this year. Credit: Reuters

This is the second time in the past three days that a UN run school has been hit, the UN said.

Families displaced by the ongoing violence have been fleeing into the UN buildings, believing them to be safe havens. Five people were injured in the shelling.


#Gaza: 141,338 Palestinian civilians now displaced in 83 UNRWA shelters. Numbers rising constantly.


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De Menezes family 'distressed' by spying claims

Accusations that Scotland Yard officers spied on the family of Jean Charles de Menezes has "exacerbated" the distress felt by the Brazilian's relatives - who were mourning the anniversary of his shooting yesterday.

It is shameful that the Metropolitan Police spied on the legitimate campaign activities of a grieving family who were simply trying to get the answers they deserved after their loved one was killed by police officers.

It begs the question - what exactly were the police spying for? We can only assume they were gathering information in an attempt to discredit the family's campaign for justice in order to deflect accountability for their own failings.

Hearing the news just one day after the anniversary of the shooting exacerbates the family's distress at a time when they are remembering Jean Charles and what he meant to them - a loving, caring 27-year-old, shot down in the prime of his life.

– A spokeswoman for the Jean Charles De Menezes Family Campaign

State official: Executed inmate 'was in no pain'

Prison officials in Arizona have denied inmate Joseph Rudolph Wood was in pain during execution yesterday afternoon.

Wood gasped for around 90 minutes during his execution and eventually died almost two hours after the lethal drugs where administrated. His lawyers filed an emergency appeal while the execution was ongoing.

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State Departments of Corrections Director Charles Ryan said he was assured "unequivocally" that Mr Wood was aware of what was happening, or in any pain.

Throughout this execution, I conferred and collaborated with our IV team members and was assured unequivocally that the inmate was comatose and never in pain or distress.

– Charles Ryan, Department of Corrections Director


More than 50 priests defrocked over abuse claims

A Catholic priest holds communion.
A Catholic priest holds communion. Credit: Reuters

The Catholic Church has defrocked 52 priests in England and Wales since new rules were put in place to combat clerical sex abuse over a decade ago.

The National Catholic Safeguarding Commission (NCSC) statistics were revealed as the commission said there were 81 child protection allegations made last year - a leap from 59 in 2012.

The number of parishes without a safeguarding representative grew between 2012 and 2013 from 88 to 126, the commission said, possibly due to concern over increased paperwork associated with the role.

New procedures to protect children and vulnerable adults in the Catholic Church in England and Wales were implemented in 2001.

Claims Scotland Yard spied on de Menezes family

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes - who was shot dead by officers who mistook him for a suicide bomber in 2005 - are considering legal action against Scotland Yard after it was claimed the force spied on them.

Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead by police in July 2005.
Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead by police in July 2005. Credit: PA / Family Handout

Scotland Yard is embroiled in a fresh scandal after claims officers gathered information about several grieving families involved in justice groups, including relatives of Mr de Menezes.

It is also alleged the force collected data on relatives of Cherry Groce, whose death sparked the Brixton riots, and Ricky Reel who died in mysterious circumstances in 1997.

The latest report on the force's secretive Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) will be published today. The unit, Special Branch and senior management at the Metropolitan Police are set for criticism.

Derbyshire Chief Constable Mick Creedon, who is leading the inquiry, will say that rules were flouted over what information should have been kept on record.

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