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Foley's mother says she 'forgives' Jihadi John

James Foley Credit: Nicole Tung

The mother of murdered journalist James Foley says she has forgiven 'Jihadi John', named yesterday in reports as Mohammed Emwazi, for killing her son.

Diane Foley told The Times: "It saddens me, his (Emwazi's) continued hatred. He felt wronged, now we hate him - now that just prolongs the hatred. We need to end it.

"As a mum I forgive him. You know, the whole thing is tragic - an ongoing tragedy."


New Queen portrait for coins to be revealed

A new portrait of the Queen to appear on coins will be unveiled next week ahead of it appearing in people's pockets.

The new portrait and its designer will be announced on Monday at a ceremony in London and it will begin to appear on UK coins from then onwards, the Royal Mint has said.

However the new coins may take a short time to filter through into people's change as they tend to be delivered to cash centres and banks in the first instance.

Self-harm websites 'tempt teenagers to hurt themselves'

'Worrying' numbers of teenagers tempted to self-harm after viewing images online Credit: PA Wire

A "worrying" number of teenagers have thought about hurting themselves after viewing images of self-harm online, charities have warned.

A survey of 2,000 11-21 year olds found more than half aged 11-14 had felt like self-harming after viewing the images.

Number of children aged 11-14 who have shared pictures of people self-harming

Some 60% admitted to sharing pictures of people self-harming on social media while 80% of those aged 18-21 said they had self-harmed or knew someone who had.

The survey was carried out by ChildLine, YouthNet, selfharmUK and YoungMinds.

These findings are extremely worrying and beg concerning questions about the relationship between self-harm, children, young people and parts of the online world.

Our research shows that exposure to images of people self-harming online is far too common among children and young people and that this exposure is having a significant effect on their well-being.

– Young Minds


Workers lose £6k a year in unpaid overtime

Workers put in nearly £32bn-worth of free hours last year. Credit: PA Wire

One in five workers are losing £6,000 a year by doing unpaid overtime, new figures show.

The TUC said workers put in nearly £32bn-worth of free hours last year.

People in their 40s are most likely to do unpaid overtime, with 26% putting in unpaid hours, compared to 20% of all UK workers, the figures showed.

Education was found to benefit from the most free work, with more than one million people doing unpaid overtime.

The TUC called for employers to ensure their staff were not working excessively long hours.

Jihadi John 'just wanted to return to Kuwait'

Close friends of 'Jihadi John' say he left London for Syria because he felt increasingly frustrated at being unable to return to his home country of Kuwait.

Souad Mekhennet, one of the two Washington Post journalists who identified the Islamic State executioner as Mohammed Emwazi, said his friends had told her he felt he was not treated fairly by the security services.

MI5 has not commented on allegations that they prevented Emwazi from travelling abroad after attempting to recruit him.

If they had just had allowed him to go to Kuwait and live his life, have a job, have a wife - according to one of his friends he said there would have been no Jihadi John

– Souad Mekhennet
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