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Italy, France and Germany call for 'fair' migrant distribution

Italy, France and Germany have called for the 'fair' distribution of migrants across the EU today, after signing a joint document on immigration.

Migrants in Budapest have set up a makeshift camp near the train station after authorities stopped them boarding trains to Germany Credit: REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

The calls for unity between European countries when dealing with the crisis came as hundreds of migrants protested for a second day outside Budapest's main railway station after being stopped from travelling across Europe.

Whole of Europe 'must contribute' to solving migrant crisis

The whole of Europe must contribute towards finding a solution to the current migrant crisis, the German Ambassador has said today.

Speaking to ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship, Peter Ammon said: "We all in Europe will have to do what we can and make a contribution to solve this problem."

The Ambassador, who described the current migrant crisis as "a huge problem of our times", also urged all European countries to address the issue "constructively together" and not to "point fingers at each other".

Police line-up as new protest erupts at Budapest station

Riot police have lined up in front of Budapest railway station this evening as a fresh migrant protest broke out.

The protest came as thousands of refugees and economic migrants remain stranded at Budapest's main international railway station for a second day as Hungarian authorities enforce EU rules preventing them from leaving for Germany.

Riot police have been deployed to stop migrant protesters who are trying to board trains to Germany and other parts of Europe Credit: REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh


Czechs set to let Syrian migrants travel to Germany

The Czech Republic is reportedly planning on letting Syrian migrants who have already claimed asylum travel across its borders in their bid to reach Germany.

The Czech police detained some 200 refugees on the trains from Hungary and Austria, who were heading to Germany, at the railway station in Breclav yesterday Credit: Igor Zehl/Czech News Agency/PA

According to news agency CTK Czech police have decided they will stop detaining migrants who have claimed asylum in Hungary as of Wednesday and will allow them to travel on to the Western European country.

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