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Shops brace for Black Saturday deals after Friday fighting

Asda kicks another day of deals at 8am. Credit: Asda

High Street shops are bracing for another day of chaos with some continuing 'Black Friday' deals and discounts through Saturday and over the weekend.

Supermarket Asda launches a number of deals on products tomorrow morning at 8am, including a TV for £89, as well as discounts on tablets and games consoles.

Shoppers have reported delays in logging on to websites. Credit: Tesco

Meanwhile, shoppers reported delays logging on to websites to chase down deals as online servers buckled under demand.


WHO to miss targets for controlling Ebola

ITV News has learned that the United Nations will miss its targets - set for this coming Monday - for controlling the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

But the underlying trend in Sierre Leone, where British troops are helping attempts to stem the disease, is even more disturbing.

ITV News Reporter Lewis Vaughan-Jones reports:


Hunt for 'dangerous' escaped psychiatric patient

Police are hunting a "dangerous" man who committed a spate of offences after absconding from a psychiatric hospital this morning.

Paul Williams, 48, was last seen near Woolwich Arsenal station at 1.40pm this afternoon Credit: Metropolitan Police

The public has been warned not to approach Paul Williams, who assaulted two members of staff at a psychiatric hospital in Woolwich before leaving the facility, the Metropolitan Police said.

The 48-year-old, who speaks with an American accent, later assaulted the driver of a car before stealing the vehicle and burgling a home in Woolwich, police said.

Williams, who is around 6ft 3 ins tall and of large build, was last seen near Woolwich Arsenal station at 1:40pm. He was wearing a black top with black shorts and white trainers and carrying a maroon suitcase.

Neither the car driver nor the victim of the burglary needed hospital treatment. The car has since been abandoned.

Any sightings of Williams should be reported to the police on 999 quoting reference 14mis042920.

French farmers protest over wolf attacks

Credit: Reuters

French farmers drove a flock of around 250 sheep around Paris on Thursday to highlight the effect a growing wolf population is having on their flocks.

Previously hunted to extinction across most of Western Europe, wolves crossed the Alps from Italy into the French countryside in the 1990s as a European convention on the conservation of wildlife re-introduced packs back into the wild.

A file photo of wolves in the wild in south eastern France. Credit: Reuters

Now farmers are complaining that packs of the government-protected predators are attacking livestock.

There have been 4,800 attacks on sheep by wolves so far this year – 1,000 more than in 2013, according to official figures from the French Sheep Organization (FNO), AFP have reported.

Czech politician criticises Cameron's migrants policy

A leading Czech politician has criticised David Cameron's tough new plans to block EU migrants from claiming benefits for four years, by highlighting the contribution Czech citizens made to the British military during World War Two.

Tomas Prouza, the Czech State Secretary for European Affairs, tweeted a picture of a group Czech fighter pilots at rest in front of a Hurricane fighter during the Battle of Britain and asked if the men would get benefits, despite only working in the UK for less than four years.

The slightly-tongue-in-cheek comment serves as an example of the opposition Mr Cameron will face from other EU members should he continue with his plans to differentiate between British and member-state citizens.

During WW2, around 90 airmen from Czechoslovakia fought in the Royal Air Force from the height of the Battle of Britian, chiefly in No. 310 and No. 312 (Czechoslovak) Squadrons.

Parent stabbed outside primary school in 'parking row'

A parent has been repeatedly stabbed outside the gates of a primary school in view of its young pupils in an apparent row over parking.

He was seen arguing with a man and a woman outside North Walkden Primary School, near Bolton, before he was repeatedly stabbed, as parents waited to collect their children, Greater Manchester Police said.

A parent was stabbed outside the gates of North Walkden Primary School in Walkden, near Bolton Credit: Google

The man staggered inside the school to ask for help and was taken by ambulance to Manchester Royal Infirmary with serious stabs wounds shortly after 3:30pm today.

A search for the couple has been launched after they left the scene in a silver Vauxhall Corsa.

Detective Inspector Ben Hart said: "This happened outside a busy primary school as parents were gathered to pick up their children so it would have been a distressing and disturbing thing for people to see."

A man, who asked not to be named, told the Manchester Evening News the man had been attacked with a "lock knife with holes in the side".

"There was two men wrestling over a car and the dad said 'help me' ... I dragged the other guy off and he drove away in a silver Corsa.

"The guy had been stabbed once in the chest and once in each side. I don't think he realised he'd been stabbed as he started walking home and I said 'what are you doing?' ... The injuries were bad."

Police said the man is currently in a stable condition.

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