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'I can't ask everyone to behave ethically just like that'

Sepp Blatter addressing the Fifa Congress in Zurich. Credit: Reuters

Fifa president Sepp Blatter has said he "can't ask everybody to behave ethically just like that".

The football chief said it was "action that needs to be carried out at all levels by everybody" in reference to the recent corruption scandal

He added he was not going to use the word "coincidence" the scandal had emerged two days before the Fifa presidential elections.

"But I do have a small question mark," he said.

Cameron meets with Polish PM Ewa Kopacz

David Cameron has met with Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz in Warsaw as he continues his tour of Europe to lay out his plans for renegotiating the terms of the UK's membership of the European Union.

David Cameron has met with Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz in Warsaw Credit: RTV

They agreed on issues including making Europe more competitive by strengthening the single market, cutting back red tape, ensuring fairness between euro-ins and euro-outs and more subsidiarity, respecting the sovereignty of Member States, a Downing Street spokesperson said.

On immigration and welfare, Kopacz also welcomed Cameron's "commitment to respect the principle of free movement."

"They agreed that there were issues concerning the interaction between free movement and national welfare systems that should be discussed further, the spokesperson said.

The pair also discussed the situation in Eastern Ukraine and agreed that the EU's existing sanctions must remain in force until the Minsk agreements are fully implemented.


Female protester ejected from Fifa congress

A female protester waving a Palestine flag and shouting at Fifa President Sepp Blatter was ejected has been ejected from the Fifa Congress.

The pro-Palestine protester waves a flag and shouts at Sepp Blatter. Credit: Reuters

Blatter, sitting on the podium, called for security and the protester was led away by security officials.

The Fifa chief asked for all access points to be made secure as the protester carried out shouting.

An item on the agenda at the Congress has been tabled by the Palestine FA for the suspension of Israel.

The woman is ejected by security staff. Credit: Reuters

In his opening address to Congress, Blatter said that he hoped to find a solution to the long-standing problems between the two associations during the Congress.

A demonstration of around 50 anti-Israel, pro-Palestine supporters assembled in the road opposite the entrance to the Congress.

  1. Anglia

Police arrest teenager over two Colchester murders

James Attfield was stabbed 100 times Credit: Family of James Attfield

Essex police have arrested a 16-year old boy from Colchester in connection with the murders of James Attfield and Nahid Almanea.

The teenager was arrested on the Salary Brook Trail in Colchester on May 26 on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

Following enquiries he has now been arrested on suspicion of both murders and is in custody at Colchester Police station.

James Attfield, who was murdered in March 2014, was found with more than 100 stab wounds on the Riverside Path in Colchester.

Nahid Almanea was also stabbed in June 2014 on the Salary Brook Trail as she walked to her student accommodation nearby.

Blatter appeals for 'unity' ahead of Fifa election

Sepp Blatter appealed for "unity, team spirit and fair play" as he opened the Fifa Congress in Zurich this morning.

He told delegates "together we can do it" ahead of the Fifa presidential election which is due to take place later.

Blatter is expected to win against his rival Prince Ali Bin al Hussein and could gain as much as 155 out of the 209 votes.


D-Day for Sepp Blatter as he arrives for Fifa election

Credit: Reuters

It's D-Day for Sepp Blatter today as the election for Fifa president gets underway in Zurich.

Blatter refused to answer questions from reporters as he was ushered into the the Fifa Congress, where the vote is expected to take place later this afternoon.

He is putting himself forward for a fifth term as Fifa president but faces stiff competition from Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein. The result is expected around 5pm.

China destroys half a ton of smuggled ivory

Chinese authorities have publicly destroyed more than half a ton of smuggled ivory as part of a crackdown on the illegal trade.

A official with some of the ivory stockpile in Beijing Credit: PA

Wildlife officials in Beijing placed 660kg raw tusks and ornate carvings into a machine that crushed the pieces into tiny pebbles.

China bans smuggling of ivory but has an exemption which allows it to import legal stockpiles for traditional carvings that can be sold domestically.

Conservationists want China to impose a complete ban on the ivory trade Credit: PA

Conservationists argue that this legal trade has prompted a resurgent demand for ivory while providing a convenient cover for a thriving black market and have demanded China impose a complete ban on the trade.

FA chairman backs European boycott of World Cup

FA chairman Grey Dyke. Credit: PA

FA chairman Greg Dyke has backed the idea of a co-ordinated European boycott of the World Cup.

He told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: "There is no point in one or two countries saying 'We're not going to take part' because they will carry on with the tournament without them and that is pretty unfair on the fans,

"But if Uefa as a group said 'Look, unless you get this sorted we are not going to be in the World Cup' then I think that we would join them."

Dyke added he hoped Sepp Blatter would not win today's Fifa election but said if he did he "can't see him lasting more than a year or two."

Police seize 200,000 shark fins in Ecuador

Police have seized around 200,000 shark fins in the Ecuadorean port city of Manta.

Credit: Reuters

Officers believe the fins were destined to be illegally exported to Asia.

Colonel Rommel Tapia, head of the judicial police in Mantam, said six people were arrested, including one of Chinese nationality. They now face charges of damaging wildlife.

Credit: Reuters

Interior minister Jose Serrano told the Democracia radio station that the authorities in Ecuador had "dealt a major blow to an international network that trafficked shark fins".

The fins are often used to make shark fin soup, a traditional Chinese dish, and those seized in Manta could have fetched up to £1 million.

Credit: Reuters
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