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Dozens feared dead in new migrant tragedy in the Med

Dozens are feared dead amid reports of a new migrant tragedy in the Mediterranean, with survivors saying many of their fellow passengers fell out of a rubber boat and likely drowned as a rescue vessel neared.

Boats of migrants are rescued almost daily in the Med. Credit: Reuters

Giovanna di Benedetto from Save the Children, who is in Catania, Sicily, said that several survivors in interviews with aid groups reported that "dozens" of people fell into the sea and couldn't swim, but the exact death toll is not known.

She said the incident was believed to have occurred on Sunday in the sea between Libya and Sicily when a commercial vessel approached to rescue the migrant boat. The vessel arrived in Catania on Tuesday.

Counter-terror police arrest four British men at Gatwick

Scotland Yard has confirmed counter-terrorism police have arrested four British men at Gatwick Airport.

Officers detained the men, in their 30s, after they were refused entry to Turkey last week, Scotland Yard said. They were arrested under the Civil Aviation Act 1982 after being flown back to the UK on Saturday, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said.

He said: "On Saturday May 2, officers from the Met's counter-terrorism command arrested four men aged 36, 38, 37 and 32. "They were arrested for an offence under the Civil Aviation Act 1982. "The men were taken to south London police stations and bailed to return to a date in mid-June."

The men were stopped at Antalya airport in Turkey on April 29, police said. It is not known why the Turkish authorities refused them entry.

PM tells Brits in Lib Dem-held seats: 'Vote Conservative'

David Cameron has said anyone in a Liberal Democrat-held seat should vote Conservative to avoid the prospect of a Labour-SNP government.

Asked whether he will need Nick Clegg to form a government after May 7, the prime minister told ITV News' James Mates: "I have a clear message for anyone in a Liberal Democrat held seat and that is vote Conservative.

"If you vote Liberal Democrat you don't know what you are going to get. Nick Clegg was very clear at the weekend he's just as likely to support an Ed Miliband-SNP government - that would bring the country to a juddering halt - than he is to support the Conservatives."


Nicola Sturgeon: Voters have 48 hours to get Tories out

Nicola Sturgeon has told voters they have "48 hours to get the Tories out" as she accused David Cameron of descending "into desperation".

The SNP leader behind the children's playhouse in Livingston today. Credit: PA Wire

After the prime minister warned of "five long years" of a minority Labour government reliant on "bribes" to the SNP, Ms Sturgeon said David Cameron's campaign "had descended into desperation".

Speaking at an event in Livingston, the SNP leader said: "(There are) 48 hours to get the Tories out, to get an alternative to austerity and to make Scotland's voice heard."

She went on: "The fact of the matter is, if there's an anti-Tory majority on Friday morning, I want to see that anti-Tory majority come together to get the Tories out, but then make sure that it's replaced with something better."

Boris Johnson: I've never been so worried by Labour

Boris Johnson says he has never "been so worried" about the prospect of Labour returning to power.

Boris Johnson speaking at an event in Hendon. Credit: ITV News

"Never in my life - this is the sixth election I have fought - never have I been so worried about what could happen under Labour," Mr Johnson, speaking alongside David Cameron, said in Hendon.

The Mayor of London said Mr Miliband had "junked sensible centrism under Tony Blair" in favour of an anti-business message which would drive investment and jobs away from the UK.

He also warned of what he called the "chaos" of a Labour government working with the SNP, claiming Alex Salmond would have "his feet up on Miliband's desk in Downing Street holding out his glass for more pink champagne paid for by the English taxpayer".

Miliband: Less than 48 hours to get rid of Tories

Ed Miliband has told voters there are "less than 48 hours to get rid of this Tory government and David Cameron" as he placed the NHS at the centre of his campaign again.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader. Credit: ITV News

Mr Miliband told an audience in Bedford that the health service was facing a "financial timebomb" with the Tories planning "savage cuts".

He said he wanted to put the "right values" including "care, compassion and corporation" back at the centre of the NHS.

The Labour leader said he would keep going "right till the last minutes" to rescue the National Health Service and prevent another five years of Conservative government.

ITV News' Carl Dinnen, who is following Labour's campaign, said Mr Miliband had admitted "this race could be one of the closest in our history" as he outlined the choice facing voters on Thursday.

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