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Putin calls for 'joint effort' and says Russia is 'contributing'

Vladimir Putin said it was important all nations joined the fight against climate change. Credit: APTN

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared the fight against climate change "one of the bravest challenges humanity is facing".

Speaking on the opening day of UN conference talks in Paris, Mr Putin said Russia was "contributing actively" to addressing global warming and urged other nations to do the same.

He said it was important that there was a "joint effort" to reduce global warming, saying: "Our ability to successfully address climate change will determine the quality of life for all people on the planet."


Labour says 75% of members oppose UK bombing in Syria

The Labour party has said 75% of its party members "oppose UK bombing in Syria".

A sample of 1900 responses from a weekend consultation of 107,875 members, showed 75% of those who responded are against UK bombing in Syria, 13% are for and 11% are undecided.

Downing Street offers all MPs Syria airstrike briefings

Downing Street has been offering MPs from all parties briefings to explain the Government's case for UK involvement in airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria.

MPs are being given chance to ask questions about Syria airstrikes ahead of possible vote Credit: John Stillwell/PA

A Number 10 spokesman confirmed MPs were being given the chance to ask questions about the proposed strategy and to find out more about the plans before a vote on Syria airstrikes is held.

He said: "The Prime Minister has always been very clear that this is about trying to give parliamentarians as much information as possible about our strategy and then allowing them to reflect on that information.

"It's about providing information and answering factual questions that parliamentarians may have."


Obama cites Martin Luther King in climate change plea

US President Barack Obama has cited a warning from Martin Luther King in his appeal to his fellow world leaders to "act now" on climate change.

"I believe in the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr that there is such a thing as being too late," he said. "And when it comes to climate change that hour is almost upon us."

Mr Obama said the scientific community have "broken the old arguments for inaction" on climate change, saying financial barriers no longer stood in the way of environmental progress.

President Obama said the US would pledge new funds to help vulnerable countries who contribute the least pollution but are affected most by climate change.

"That should give it hope," he said as he joined other world leaders in making an introductory address at the UN conference.

But Mr Obama warned: "One of the enemies we face is cynicism."

He said the US would pledge new funds to help vulnerable countries who contribute the least pollution but are affected most by climate change.

Turkey PM: No one can ask us to say sorry over jet

The jet was downed last week near the Syrian border. Credit: Reuters

Turkey's Prime Minister has dismissed calls for an apology over the shooting of a Russian jet near the Syrian border, saying: "No country should ask us to apologise."

Ahmet Davutoglu was speaking after a meeting with Nato's general secretary in Brussels, during which the alliance reiterated its strong support for Turkey's right to defend its airspace.

Turkey says the jet made repeated incursions into Turkish territory and was warned multiple times before it was shot down. Russia disputes the claims.

Mr Davutoglu added that such incidents continued to be a risk as long as Russia and the US-led coalition against so-called Islamic State continued to carry out separate bombing campaigns.

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