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Privacy watchdog: Council CCTV 'often outdated and ineffective'

Privacy watchdog Big Brother Watch has waded into the debate over councils plans to scale back on the use of CCTV cameras, saying the systems currently in place are "often outdated and ineffective".

Director Emma Carr said: "Evidence repeatedly shows that rather than CCTV, measures like better street lighting and effective policing are what keep the public safe."

Gerry Adams: 'This is a huge day for equality'

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said he thinks that Ireland's referendum vote on gay marriage marks "a huge day for equality."

Gerry Adams has thanked everyone that voted yesterday Credit: Brian Lawless/PA

Speaking on Sky News he said: "I think this is a huge day for equality.

"I also think that given that the government parties were pressing quite rightly for equality in this issue then we need equality in other issues - we need equality in social issues, economic issues we need everything to be equality. So this is a hugely important day for the LGBT community and everybody else."


US and allies in 22 air strikes on Islamic State targets

The US military said America and its allies have staged 22 air strikes on Islamic State targets since Friday, including four near Ramadi, the city taken by the militants last week.

Coalition forces also attacked five Islamic State sites in Syria between Friday and Saturday, a statement from the Combined Joint Task Force said. The strikes near Ramadi hit tactical units, armored vehicles and a fighting position in militant-controlled territory.

Greece enters 'final stretch' of reform talks, says PM

Greece has entered the "final stretch" of negotiations with international lenders over a potential reform agreement, according to the country's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Credit: Aswestopoulos Wassilis/ABACA

According to Reuters, Tsipras told his party's central committee: "We are on the final stretch of a painful period shaped by the government's negotiations with the institutions.

"We have made concessions but we also have red lines."

Tsipras' comments came as he returned from Riga where he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande to ask for a political push to break the deadlock between European Union and International Monetary Fund creditors over Greece's bailout deal.


Supporters await results at same-sex marriage vote counts

Supporters have gathered at vote counts across Ireland to await the results of the country's same-sex marriage vote.

Both sides have already said early indications show a Yes result is likely but the official results will not be announced until later today.

ITV Correspondent James Webster reports:

Campaigners hail gay marriage vote as a 'unifying day'

Campaigners have hailed Ireland's gay marriage vote as a "unifying day" which "sends a strong message to young people across Ireland that they are valued equally."

Senator David Norris was welcomed by Andrew Hyland of YES Equality when he turned up at a count Credit: PA

Alex White, director of elections in the Yes campaign for the Labour Party said: "This has been a real unifying day for all the country and the result shows that.

"Today does not change Ireland. Today confirms a change that has taken place in Ireland over the last 30-35 years."

Commenting on early speculation that the yes campaign had won the vote Mary Cunningham, director of the National Youth Council of Ireland, said the results "sent a strong message".

She said: "This result sends a strong message to young people across Ireland that they are valued equally; and that we want to promote respect and eliminate homophobia."

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