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Cable ready 'to stomach' another coalition with Tories

Vince Cable is interested in working at the Treasury Credit: PA

Vince Cable is prepared to work alongside the Tories in another coalition after but has set his sights on a new job.

Regarded as one of the most left-wing of Lib Dem Cabinet ministers, the Business Secretary is often touted as a possible partner for Ed Miliband if the party went into coalition with Labour.

However, speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Cable criticised the Labour leader's "poor judgment" and said he was ready to "stomach" another five years of co-operation with the Conservatives and would like George Osborne's job as Chancellor.

"I'm up for having a substantial role. My prime interest is the economy. There are two economic departments in Whitehall and I've done one of them for five years. I'll leave you to do the maths."

Mr Cable did not rule out a coalition with Labour, but was critical of two "really big mistakes" made by Miliband.

"He should have said up-front on the financial crisis that `We screwed up seriously' and done a mea culpa.

"And I feel let down by his foolish plan to cut university tuition fees to £6,000. It is a low-grade response. He couldn't resist a cheap soundbite at our expense. Very poor judgment. And his fiscal policy is so vague."

Nepal earthquake: Red Cross launches emergency appeal

People are sleeping in the open in case of aftershocks Credit: Reuters

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal following the devastating earthquake in Nepal that has so far left nearly 1,400 people dead.

Alexander Matheou, director of programmes at the charity, said: "This was a very powerful earthquake and its impact has been devastating. People are sleeping out in the open, too scared to return home while the aftershocks go on. Some have no home to return to.

"Search and rescue efforts are continuing, but some roads, especially in areas near the epicentre, have been damaged or blocked by landslides or rubble. We are extremely worried about these communities, especially those in Kathmandu Valley".

Donations can be made at


Number of people killed in Nepal quake nears 1,400

At least 1,390 people have been killed in the deadly earthquake in Nepal. Credit: Reuters/Stringer

At least 1,390 people have been killed in the deadly earthquake in Nepal according to a police official, AP reports.

Inspector Yuvraj Khadka of Nepal's national police force confirmed the increasing death toll and told AP that the rescue effort was continuing through the night.

Meanwhile United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon sent his condolences to the country.

In a statement he said: "The reports of the devastation are still coming in and the numbers of people killed, injured and affected by this earthquake continue to rise.

"It is clear that very many lives have been lost. There has also been significant damage to Nepal's irreplaceable cultural heritage."

Nepal earthquake: Many killed at Everest basecamp

Some of those who died today in Nepal's devastating earthquake were killed at Everest base camp in the Himalayas.

The shock-waves so powerful, they created avalanches - sending thousands of tons of snow and rock cascading onto the tents and campers below.

ITV News Reporter David Wood reports:


Union accuses Ukip of being 'downright dangerous'

Beryl Shepherd will say in a speech on Sunday that Ukip are 'downright dangerous'. Credit: Philip Toscano / PA Archive/PA Images

President of the Communication Workers' Union (CWU), Beryl Shepherd, will accuse Ukip of being "downright dangerous" in a speech on the opening day of the organisation's annual conference in Bournemouth on Sunday.

She will say: "They are no friends of the trades union movement.

"It is a sobering moment when we hear Ukip supporters trying to endear themselves to the working class and that some people are persuaded by their rhetoric."

"They are not the party of the working class," she will say, branding the party as "downright dangerous".

Ms Shepherd is expected to add that much of the union's work could be "wasted" and its policies harder to deliver if any party other than Labour wins the general election.

Nepal earthquake: Briton feared missing on Everest named

Sebastian Lovera seen with his climbing partner Emil on a flight before their journey up Everest Credit: Greg Smye-Rumsby

One of the British nationals feared missing after an avalanche swept through Mount Everest during the Nepal earthquake has been named as Sebastian Lovera, 22, from Tonbridge in Kent.

His last known location was Khumjung on Tuesday, where he was heading towards Everest Base Camp on a light aircraft.

His parents told ITV News:

Sebastian is an extremely lively and self-motivating person and that is why he went to Nepal.

We haven't heard from him. He would not have switched his phone off. We have tried ringing it. Sometimes it rings and sometimes we get an answer but it's an automated answer. It says the phone is switched off.

He's certainly not a person to take risks. He's the absolute opposite.

– The parents of Sebastian Lovera.

Mr Lovera is described as being around 5ft 8in (172cm) tall, with dark blond/light brown hair and is said to be in excellent health. He was last seen with his climbing partner heading towards Everest base camp.

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