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Four men sentenced to death over Afghan mob killing

Defendants in the dock of the Kabul court Credit: Reuters

Four men have been sentenced to death by an Afghanistan court for the mob killing of a woman accused of burning a Koran in Kabul.

The four were among 49 defendants, 19 of them police officers, on trial in the case that sparked outrage and street protests in the capital.


Newspapers take up stances on last campaign day

The Prime Minister David Cameron has won the support of several newspapers, including the Times and the Daily Mail as the country prepares to elect a new parliament tomorrow.

The Daily Mail accused Labour's Ed Miliband of a "politics of envy" and urged readers to vote tactically in marginals.

Whilst the Times, Mr Cameron wrote that a Tory loss would be a "tragedy" and and likened Mr Miliband to an "arsonist".

He said: "When I hear him attack this government and what we're doing to fix the mess Labour left, it brings to mind an image of a firefighter putting out a blaze, with the arsonist who started it standing next to him and criticising the job he's doing."

Ed Miliband: Vote Labour to put your family first

As he mounts his final push for Election victory, Ed Miliband has urged to people to vote Labour tomorrow so that his party can put "hard working families first" ahead of the "privileged few."

Mr Miliband said:

"I’m asking people to vote Labour tomorrow to put their family first so that we can be a country that rewards hard work again, gives opportunity to our young people and rescues our NHS.

"If I’m Prime Minister I will put working families first, not the privileged few – and that’s the choice at this Election."


David Cameron continues Election all-night blitz

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks with employees during the night at an Asda warehouse in Bristol Credit: Reuters

David Cameron has blasted on through the night in his efforts to break the opinion poll deadlock, hitting target seats across the country.

The Prime Minister, on a 36-hour campaigning blitz, insisted he always expected the General Election to go down to the wire as a series of polls suggested both the Conservatives and Labour were still within just several points of each other as the campaign entered its final full day.

On a visit to an Asda depot in Bristol overnight, Mr Cameron spoke about how wife Samantha and their children had got involved with the campaign.

"Of course they want Dad to win for the blue team," he told Sky News.

"Because, you know, Samantha, like me, feels we have achieved a lot in the last five years but that has been laying the foundation - a strong economy - and now we want to turn that into something special for our country which is a better life for more people."

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