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Turkey: Four arrested over Syrian refugee deaths

This photo is believed to show Aylan (left) and Galip Kurdi (right), who drowned yesterday.

Four people suspected of smuggling Syrian refugees into Turkey have been detained, Turkish media has reported.

The Dogan news agency says the arrests have been made in connection with the tragic death of three-year-old Aylan and eleven other people after a boat capsized off the Turkish coast yesterday.


Austria to allow 'refugees passage to Germany'

Austria has said it will allow refugees to cross from Hungary into Germany, potentially unblocking the "logjam" of people stranded around Budapest.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates has tweeted:

Boris: London must help people fleeing persecution

Credit: Reuters

London should face up to its moral responsibilities and help people "fleeing persecution and those plainly in fear for their lives", Boris Johnson has said, but the Mayor of London warned against the capital becoming a "magnet" for economic migrants.

In a statement, Mr Johnson said:

We should take people fleeing persecution and those plainly in fear for their lives. London will of course face up to its moral responsibilities.

But we must not become a magnet or pole of attraction for economic migrants.

It is also time to look harder at what can be done in Syria to solve the problem at source.

Of course intervention has not worked in Iraq or Libya. But no one could say that non intervention was working in Syria.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Police hand bottled water to refugees on Hungarian train

Hungarian police have handed out bottled water to refugees and migrants on board a train stopped outside Budapest, after previous attempts to remove them failed.

ITV News' James Mates, who is at the scene, says that some onboard the train were shouting "we don't need water, we need to leave."


Hungary: 'Chaos' before migrants allowed back on train

ITV News video shows the chaos at a small Hungarian railway station when police officers tried to remove a group of refugees and migrants from a train bound for Austria.

ITV News James Mates Europe Editor reported earlier that Hungarian police were forced back down and place everybody back on board the train at a station in Bickse, a short distance from Budapest, after initially forcing everyone to disembark.

Refugee family lay on tracks in protest after being forced off train by police

Video has emerged of a man and woman with a small baby who threw themselves onto the track at a Hungarian train station, apparently begging authorities not to take them to a nearby migrant camp.

The ITV News clip shows the young family protesting at a station in Bickse, a short distance from Budapest, where more than 100 refugees had been taken off a train and surrounded by police, before being allowed back on board after officers appeared to stand down.

In the video, the clearly upset man is hauled away from his wife and baby by several officers before being handcuffed and taken away.

Vice news reporters released in Turkey

Philip Pendlebury (left) and Jake Hanrahan have been released Credit: Credit: Vice News

The two Vice news reporters arrested in Turkey have been released, a government source told Reuters news agency.

British journalists Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury were detained last Thursday in Turkey.

The pair were charged by a Turkish court with “aiding a terrorist organisation”.

It was reported yesterday that they had been moved to a high security prison.

The journalists' fixer, an Iraqi national, remained in custody pending investigation, the source said.

Sturgeon: Cameron's refugee stance 'utterly shameful'

Nicola Sturgeon has attacked the government's "utterly shameful" record on accepting refugees from Syria.

In a statement to MSPs in Holyrood, the First Minister and SNP leader said she was determined Scotland would take a "full part" in helping those forced to flee during the country's civil war.

"People fleeing Syria are not economic migrants, they are seeking refuge and asylum and above all else they are human beings," Sturgeon said to applause from fellow MSPs.

"The UK government's refusal to take part in the EU's collective efforts on relocation and resettlement is in my view utterly shameful," she added.

"For us to take refugees as I want us to do, the UK government first has to accept to take its fair share and I call on David Cameron to do so."

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