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Huge crowds gather to remember Nemtsov

People march to commemorate Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov. Credit: Reuters

Thousands gathered for a march in Moscow to honour opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead on Friday.

Nemtsov, who was 55, was one of the leading lights of an opposition struggling to revive its fortunes, three years after mass rallies against Putin that failed to prevent him returning to the presidency after four years as prime minister.

The opposition has little support outside big cities and Putin has now been Russia`s dominant leader since 2000, when ailing President Boris Yeltsin chose the former KGB spy as his successor, a role Nemtsov had once been destined to play.

Nemtsov, a fighter against corruption, had hoped to start the oppositions revival with a march in Marino on the outskirts of Moscow today to protest against Putins economic policies and what they see as Russia`s involvement in the separatist war in east Ukraine. The Kremlin denies any role in the fighting.

People march to commemorate Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov. Credit: Reuters


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East Coast trains back in private hands

Trains between London, the North East and Scotland return to private hands Credit: Martin Keene/PA

Trains on the East Coast Main Line are back in private control today, as services are taken over by a consortium involving Virgin Trains and Stagecoach.

The line, which links the North East with London and Edinburgh, was brought into public hands in November 2009. It has since been run by a company under the control of the Government.

From this morning, trains will operate under the name Virgin Trains East Coast. Services carrying the new livery will be unveiled tomorrow, Monday 2nd March.

The decision to re-privatise East Coast has been criticised by the rail union, the RMT, and some North East Labour MPs, who said the arrangement had been working well for passengers and taxpayers.

The eight year deal includes a promise of new trains, more services and extra seats.


Police line keeps Nemtsov march away from Kremlin

A police line which is keeping Boris Nemtsov marchers away from the Kremlin has been formed under the bridge where veteran liberal politician was shot on Friday.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates is in Moscow:

Thousands join Boris Nemtsov march through Moscow

Police are lining the route where thousands of opposition supporters will march through Moscow.

The march was due to be led by Boris Nemtsov, who was killed near the Kremlin on Friday, but is now being treated by many as a memorial to the popular opposition leader.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates is in Moscow:

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Vineyard raiders steal 5,000 bottles of wine worth £80,000

It's the first time Bolney has been targeted by thieves since it opened in 1976 Credit: Tripadvisor

Nearly 5,000 bottles of wine worth £80,000 have been stolen from Bolney Winery in West Sussex.

Staff at the winery discovered the theft on Thursday, with the goods being stolen from their warehouse overnight on 26 February.

The retail value of the wines stolen amounts to over £80,000, which were destined for a range of supermarkets including Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and other local independent merchants.

Bolney's selection of still and sparkling wines is growing in reputation Credit: Bolney

We are understandably upset and frustrated by the loss of such a large amount of wine, as we work incredibly hard here at Bolney Wine Estate to produce top quality English wines. If anyone has information, could you please get in touch on 01444 881575 or phone the Police on 101.

– Samantha Linter, MD and head winemaker

The Vineyard has been making wines since 1976 but has never been targeted by thieves before. They now plan to install CCTV cameras.

They're urging anyone to contact police if they see any Bolney Estate wine being offered for sale, particularly if it is going cheaper than the recommended sale price in an unusual sales location.

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Man beaten in front of elderly mum tries to find attacker

Peter Edmonds was attacked in his home in Perry Bar in front of his 95-year-old mother Credit: West Midlands Police

A man who was attacked when a thief broke into his home in Perry Barr is asking the public to "do the right thing" and come forward with any information.

Peter Edmonds was at home with his mother when the attacker broke in and tried to steal his car keys.

He described his attacker as black, 6ft tall and in his 30s. West Midlands Police are still looking for him.

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