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Thousands gather in Athens for 'no' vote rally

Thousands of people have gathered in central Athens this evening for a rally calling for a 'no' vote in Sunday's referendum.

The rally is calling for a 'no' vote on Sunday Credit: Reuters

It comes as opinion polls put the 'yes' vote - those who support proposed austerity measures required as part of the latest EU bailout offer for Greece - marginally ahead, at 44.1 per cent to 43.7 per cent 'no'.

The GPO poll by Mega TV found 5.9 per cent of people were still undecided.

Thousands gathered in front of the Greek Parliament for the rally Credit: Reuters

Dozens of protesters clashed with police at the start of the rally, with officers throwing stun grenades and bringing out riot gear in a bid to contain the trouble.

Many of those involved in the scuffle wore black and sported helmets, but witnesses said the situation calmed relatively quickly.


Opinion poll neck and neck ahead of Greek referendum

Opinion poll close ahead of Greek referendum Credit: Socrates Baltagiannis/DPA/Press Association Images

An opinion poll ahead of the Greek referendum has put the race neck and neck with 41.7% saying they intend to vote Yes for EU reforms and 41.1% saying they will vote No.

However 10.7% are still undecided according to the Proto Thema website.


Eight of 30 British Tunisia dead return to UK

Britons killed in the Souse attack a week ago have returned to British soil this afternoon.

It is the third day that bodies have been returned to the UK by the RAF.

The body of Christopher Bell arrives back in Briton.

Christopher and Sharon Bell, Scott Chalkley, Sue Davey, Angie and Ray Fisher, Eileen Swannack, and John Welch were all returned to RAF Brize Norton today.

Bank chief: Greece has €1bn 'liquidity cushion' until Mon

Greece's banks have enough money to last them until Monday morning, the head of the country's banking association has said - but warned that after that, it will depend on the European Central Bank.

There is a 'liquidity cushion' of one billion euros (£711m) to see the country through the weekend, Louka Katseli announced.

Women sit outside the closed National Bank, which bears a poster reading 'No' in Greek Credit: Reuters

Mr Katseli's statement comes ahead of a referendum on Sunday where the public will vote on the latest bailout package offer from Europe, which would involve strictly enforced spending cuts.

Banks in the struggling Mediterranean nation were closed at the start of the week with restrictions placed on withdrawals, after negotiations over the deal collapsed.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has urged people to vote no against the measures he has labelled "blackmail".

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