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Former bishop jailed for 32 months for sex crimes

Peter Ball, 83, has been jailed for 32 months. Credit: PA

Former Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball has been jailed for 32 months for a string of sex crimes against young aspiring priests.

The 83-year-old was jailed at the Old Bailey for abusing his power to exploit his victims over 15 years for his own "selfish sexual motive", it was ruled.

At a previous hearing, he admitted misusing his position in authority to "manipulate" 16 men for his own sexual gratification and indecently assaulting two men in their late teens.


Step-brother bought power saw day after 'murder'

Matthews is said to have bought a power saw to cut Becky Watts' body into pieces, the court was told.

Nathan Williams bought a circular power saw and drain cleaner from B&Q the day after killing his step-sister, jurors were told.

CCTV footage shows Williams shopping in the B&Q for the saw, a face mask and goggles from the store in Horfield, Bristol, prosecutors said.

At the till, he argued about the price of the power saw, Bristol Crown Court heard.

On the day of the murder, Matthews and his girlfriend Sharon Hoare, also accused of murder, are said to have stayed at the family home for hours before returning home and ordering a takeaway.

Murder accused had 'unnatural interest' in teenage girls

Court sketch of Nathan Matthews (back row left) and Shauna Hoare (back right). Credit: Elizabeth Cook

Teenager Becky Watts was murdered by her step-brother and his girlfriend because of their "shared unnatural interest in attractive teenage females", a court has heard.

Nathan Matthews and Sharon Hoare planned to kidnap the 16-year-old for a sexual motive, jurors at Bristol Crown Court were told.

Prosecutor William Mousley QC told jurors that two stun guns were found at the home of Matthews and Hoare that "may have been intended for use in the planned kidnap".

Watts' blood was found on doorframes outside her bedroom, some of which contained Matthews' fingerprints, the court was told.

Four people helped move and store Becky's body parts in a shed, after her body was cut up with a knife and a power saw, the court heard.

Two have admitted assisting an offender but claim they moved boxes and didn't know what was in them, thinking it was drugs or clothes.

Two others, Donovan Demetrius, 29, and James Ireland, 23, deny assisting an offender.

Cameron: No more passive tolerance in Britain

The PM has said that he will no longer allow "passive tolerance" in Britain.

He said the issue of segregation needs to be tackled.

There are parts of Britain today where you can get by without ever speaking English or meeting anyone from another culture.

Zoom in and you’ll see some institutions that actually help incubate these divisions.

– David Cameron

He said for too long we've been "so frightened of causing offence that we haven’t looked hard enough at what is going on in our communities".

This is passive tolerance. And I’ll tell you where it leads:

To children, British children, going to Pakistan in the summer holidays, before they’ve even started their GCSEs, and forced to marry a man they’ve never met…children, British children, having their genitals mutilated, not just in a clinic in Lagos but the backstreets in Britain.

This passive tolerance has turned us into a less integrated country; it’s put our children in danger. It is unforgiveable. Let me say it right here: no more passive tolerance in Britain.

– David Cameron

Putin: Russian warships launch rockets on Islamic State

Putin confirms use of Russian warships against IS Credit: Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA/PA

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that his military's warships, based in the Caspian Sea, have launched rockets on Islamic State.

According to local news agency RIA a total of 26 rockets were launched from four ships.


Step-brother admits killing Becky Watts, denies murder

Prosecutors say that Nathan Matthews admits killing his step-sister Becky Watts but denies her murder.

He said that he acted alone in the killing and has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, jurors at Bristol Crown Court were told.

Cameron: I have no romantic attachment to the European Union

David Cameron says getting out of “ever closer union” is a priority for his EU renegotiation.

When we joined the European Union we were told that it was about going into a common market, rather than the goal that some had for “ever closer union”.

Let me put this very clearly: Britain is not interested in “ever closer union” – and I will put that right.

– David Cameron

The PM listed Britain's achievements while being in the EU.

Believe me, I have no romantic attachment to the European Union and its institutions.

– David Cameron

Becky Watts' 'body was cut up with a power saw'

Court sketch of Nathan Matthews (back left) and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare (back right) who are both accused of Becky Watts' murder. Credit: Elizabeth Cook

Teenager Becky Watts was suffocated in her bedroom and her body was cut up with a knife and a power saw, Bristol Crown Court was told.

The 16-year-old died in her bedroom despite fighting for her life, jurors were told, in a murder thought to have had a sexual motive.

Prosecutors said there was "a deliberate, carefully planned and grotesquely executed plan to cover up her killing".

Prosecutors said her step-brother Nathan Matthews, 28, and his girlfriend, Shauna Hoare, 21, are responsible for her death and the cover up of the crime.

David Cameron jokes about Lord Ashcroft's book

David Cameron made a joke about Lord Ashcrofts book as he referred to his university days playing rugby as a "hooker".

I was a hooker... And that is not a chapter from Lord Ashcroft’s biography.

– David Cameron

Lord Ashcroft's recently published book Call Me Dave has contained many allegations about the Prime Minister.

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