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Refugees 'taken off train' bound for border by Hungarian police

Refugees are being taken off a train that left Budapest bound for the Austrian border earlier today under the supervision of Hungarian police.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates, who is with the train, has tweeted these images:

Refugees on board the train initially believed they were heading for town of Sopron, near the border with Austria, but it now appears that they may be sent to camps within Hungary.


Refugee train bound for Austrian border stops short

A train full of refugees apparently headed towards the Austrian border from Budapest has stopped after around 30 miles, ITV News Europe Editor James Mates has reported.

Reuters are reporting that Hungarian police at the town of Bicske are telling migrants to disembark from the train.

Train leaves Budapest station 'heading for Austrian border'

It is thought the train is heading for Sopron, on the Austro-Hungarian border. Credit: ITV News

A train full of refugees and economic migrants has left Budapest international railway station, with many on board believing the locomotive is bound for Austria.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates is on the train and has tweeted:

The Reuters news agency has reported that a train leaving Budapest is heading towards the town of Sopron, near the border with Austria.


EU leaders urged to share 'at least 100,000' refugees

Migrants fight to get on board a train at Budapest's Keleti station. Credit: Reuters

At least 100,000 refugees should be fairly distributed around Europe, and EU leaders should be willing to spend much more money on the migrant issue, the president of the EU Council has said.

Donald Tusk called on member states to show greater solidarity in dealing with the crisis, which has seen 30,000 refugees taken in by Germany - more than the rest of Europe combined.

A petition calling on Britain to take in more refugees has now passed 100,000 signatures.

However, Prime Minister David Cameron has said simply taking more migrants is not the answer to the crisis.

'Accept more refugees' petition reaches 100,000 signatures

Credit: Reuters

A petition urging the government to accept more refugees into Britain has reached 100,000 signatures.

All petitions on the Parliament website that reach the 100,000 mark may be considered for debate in the House of Commons.

David Cameron and his cabinet are facing strong criticism over the UK's current stance towards refugees, with even Tory backbenchers joining the calls for change.

Syrian refugee: Tell us where Budapest trains are going

A Syrian refugee has told ITV's Good Morning Britain he and many others are worried about being sent to migrant camps, as many crowd into Budapest's international train station in the hope of travelling across Europe.

The man, named Waleed, told Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford that although many had boarded a train at the station, it was unclear where it was going.

"They allow my people to get into the train but where to? I don't know, sir.

"I want to know where to - to the camp or to Germany or Austria, that's the key question."

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