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Corbyn appeals to members to 'think again' on Syria vote

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has pleaded with members of his party to "think again" about whether they support plans for Britain to join airstrikes in Syria.

Jeremy Corbyn urged members to 'think again' Credit: PA

MPs will vote tomorrow on proposals to extend the UK's involvement from Iraq to Syria.

Speaking on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show, Mr Corbyn said there were a number of issues which concerned him.

I think that there will be a large majority of Labour MPs voting against the war. There are a small number who are very die-hard in supporting the war - they probably would have supported the war whether there was a whip or not.

[I appointed members of] the shadow cabinet attempting to reach out to the widest sections of the party. I'm hoping that even now, they will listen very carefully to all the evidence that's coming in about, for example, US arms now finding their way to ISIL and ISIL-affiliated organisations, the leaking of the whole arms bazaar into that area, all those issues - and think very seriously, and think again.

I appeal to them to think again, think of the complications and the implications of what we're doing, and please cast your vote against supporting this government's military endeavors in Syria.

– Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader


Fire crews attempt to tackle Newcastle blaze from above

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Fire crews are now attempting to control a fire in Newcastle city centre from above.

Pictures posted on Twitter by Metro Radio News showed officers on a crane above the building on Cross Street, which contains the shop Kard Bar and three stories above it.

Fire officials initially received reports that people were inside the building, which has been on fire for around three hours, and since said they have no guarantees that it is now empty.


Cabinet agrees question to go before MPs on Syria

The Cabinet has agreed the Commons motion asking MPs whether Britain should join airstrikes in Syria, David Cameron has said.

Urging MPs "across all parties" to support him, he said the motion set out the necessity of military action against the so-called Islamic State in Syria as part of a "broader strategy" involving diplomacy and humanitarian aid.

Tomorrow's debate is expected to last some 10-and-a-half hours, he revealed.

He said there was a "risk" to any armed personnel sent to combat Islamic State, adding: "That's why we should think so carefully before doing so.

"This has been a very deliberate and proper process, a cabinet meeting, legal advice, a proper motion in front of the House of Commons, 10-and-a-half hours' debate tomorrow in the House of Commons.

"Obviously we should think of our brave Armed Forces and their families for the risks that they take on on our behalf, and obviously that preys very heavily on my mind."

Newcastle fire: 'No guarantees' building is empty

Firefighters at the scene of a major fire in Newcastle city centre have said they cannot guarantee the building is empty, ITV Tyne Tees' Gregg Easteal reports.

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