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Nato deploys warships to Baltic Sea

Minesweepers from Nato Mine Countermeasures Group 1 in Campbeltown Loch, Scotland. Credit: Steve Crowther

Nato is sending part of its naval rapid reaction force to the Baltic Sea as part of measures to reassure eastern European allies in response to the continuing situation in Ukraine, Reuters has reported.

The ships from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia make up one of four NATO naval groups that the alliance has available as an immediate reaction force. It is hoped the deployment will reassure member states nervous after Russia's annexation of crimea.

Nato has so far made clear that it does not plan to get involved militarily in Ukraine, which is not member.

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Hundreds more jobs set to go at Barclays

Barclays looks set to axe hundreds more jobs, mainly at its investment banking arm due to a strategic review that would be published on May 8.

The review is likely to mean hundreds of job cuts in addition to plans announced earlier this year by the bank to slash 12,000 posts.

The bank aims to cut hundreds of more jobs, mainly in its investment arm. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA

Chief executive Antony Jenkins wrote to all group staff this morning, saying the company would answer questions including how best to "simplify" its operations and which of its businesses it should "focus on and invest in".

Mr Jenkins warned staff that regulation and the wider economy were having a "significant effect on some parts of our business which we need to address proactively".

He added: "The future for Barclays will be as a strong, focused, international bank. And the investment bank will continue to be part of that mix".

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Ukraine talks: 'Finishing touches' put to joint deal

Finishing touches have been put to a joint deal between the US, Ukraine, Russia and European Union.

ITV News Diplomatic Correspondent John Ray.


Ukraine talks. Finishing touches been put to joint deal. Told it is substantial though a starting place not a final solution


Some satisfaction here of surprise progress on Ukraine talks. Agreement will include measures to calm tensions.


But must caution: we've still to see this statement and therefore no idea how wide are the cracks being papered over

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Lucas 'haunted' by UK's reliance on fossil fuels

Green MP Caroline Lucas told the court she felt it was important to protest about fracking to prevent the UK from being locked into using more fossil fuels.

Green MP Caroline Lucas (centre) arrives with co-defendants and supporters at Brighton Magistrates Court in East Sussex
Green MP Caroline Lucas (centre) arrives with co-defendants and supporters at Brighton Magistrates Court in East Sussex Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Ms Lucas said: "I'm haunted by the idea that my children and my children's children will turn round to me and say, 'What did you do about this overwhelming threat?'"

Her co-defendants were also cleared of both charges against them. They were Josef Dobraszczyk, 22, from Bristol; Ruth Jarman, 50, from Hook, Hampshire; Sheila Menon, 42, from north east London; and Ruth Potts, 39, from Totnes, Devon.

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South Korean ferry company president in public apology

The president of Chonghaejin Marine Company, which operated the sunken South Korean ferry, has made a public apology.

Speaking in Korean he said the company made "a grave sin" over the deadly accident, leaving at least nine dead and 287 still missing.

He finished by apologising to the victims, families and the country - before he was carried away.

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Lucas vows to continue fight against fracking

Green MP Caroline Lucas has promised to continue her fight to end fracking after being found not guilty of obstructing a public highway and a public order offence.

"We will continue to campaign to end fracking and only celebrate when our world is on the path to a clean energy future," Ms Lucas said outside court.

She was arrested outside energy company Cuadrilla's exploratory oil drilling site in Balcombe, West Sussex, in August last year.

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Lucas cleared of Balcombe anti-fracking charges

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas was arrested outside energy company Cuadrilla's exploratory oil drilling site in Balcombe, West Sussex, last August 19.

She was among a group of protesters who had linked arms outside the site, which had become a national focal point for anti-fracking protests.

During the trial at alongside four co-defendants, Lucas, 53, said she "wanted to express solidarity" by protesting peacefully. She was found not guilty of the two charges she faced - wilful obstruction of a public highway and breaching an order under Section 14 of the Public Order Act.

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