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Bernstein: Uefa could boycott the World Cups

A former FA chairman has told ITV News that if Uefa wants to take serious action against Fifa they could boycott the upcoming World Cups, as the competition would be a "non-event" without European sides,

"The question is will Uefa be prepared to really bite the bullet and take some serious action, such as boycotting the next World Cups, unless they get genuine reform and unless [Sepp] Blatter goes subsequently?" David Bernstein asked.

"A World Cup is the basis of Fifa's power. The money and the power that Fifa has comes from that. A World Cup without European sides is nothing, it's really a non-event," he added.


Blatter says Fifa has lost trust and must earn it back

Fifa has lost trust and must earn it back, current president Sepp Blatter has said.

Blatter told delegates, "More needs to be done to make sure everyone in football behaves responsibly and ethically and everywhere, also outside of the field of play, where there is no referee, no boundaries and no time limit."

Fifa has lost trust and must earn it back, Sepp Blatter told delegates. Credit: Reuters

"I will not allow the actions of a few to destroy the hard work and the integrity of the vast majority of those who work so hard for football."

"There can be no place for corruption of any kind", Blatter said, insisting that anyone who has committed a crime must be "discovered and punished."


Blatter: I cannot monitor everyone all of the time

Sepp Blatter has told delegates at the Fifa Congress, "I cannot monitor everyone all of the time."

"We cannot allow the reputation of football and Fifa to be dragged through the mud any longer," the Fifa president said. "It has to stop here and now."

Credit: Fifa TV

"I know many people hold me ultimately responsible for the actions and reputation of the global football community, whether it's a decision for the hosting of a World Cup or a corruption scandal," he continued.

"We, or I, cannot monitor everyone all of the time. If people want to do wrong, they will also try to hide it."

"But it must fall to me to bear responsibility for the reputation and well-being of our organisation and to find a way forward to fix things."

Blatter: Events have 'cast a long shadow over football'

Sepp Blatter has told the 65th Fifa Congress the arrests of officials that took place yesterday "have cast a long shadow over football."

Fifa President Sepp Blatter addresses the Congress. Credit: APTN

"You will agree with me these are unprecedented and difficult times for Fifa," he told the audience in Zurich.

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