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PM heads to Scotland to make case for Union

David Cameron heads to Scotland today in a call to keep the Union together.

The Prime Minister will address CBI Scotland.
The Prime Minister will address CBI Scotland. Credit: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

With just three weeks to go until the independence referendum, the Prime Minister will address he business organisation CBI Scotland's annual dinner in Glasgow.

The Conservative leader will use his trip north to make the business case for Scotland remaining in the UK - describing Britain as one of the world's "oldest and most successful single markets".

It comes the day after 130 business leaders in Scotland signed an open letter which declared that the case for leaving the UK "has not been made".

Labour MP to refer Shaun Wright for police probe

Labour MP John Mann says he will refer Shaun Wright for a criminal investigation over claims of misconduct in public office.


So Wright refuses to resign as police and crime commissioner. Tomorrow he receives my referral of him for criminal investigation .


Letter going early morning asking Home Secretary to refer my complaint of misconduct in public office (re Rotherham) to another police force

Mann claims the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and other colleagues could be charged with misconduct in public office after a report outlined widespread sexual exploitation in Rotherham over a 16-year period.


The law is clear: Sean Wright and others can be charged with misconduct in public office. Referral to police/ home office tomorrow


Shaun Wright: I intend to see my duty through

South Yorkshire PCC Shaun Wright remains insistent that he will not resign from his post, despite stepping down from the Labour Party "with deep regret".

I entered into public service over twenty years ago to make a positive difference. Protecting vulnerable people has been my number one priority as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire. I have had to make the difficult decision to stand down from the Labour Party and it's with deep regret that I've come to that decision.

– Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire PCC

However, he said he would remain in his role as PCC after making "progress" during his tenure in the region's response to sexual exploitation.

I was elected to deliver the people’s policing and crime priorities in South Yorkshire and I intend to see that duty through by leading the force on that urgent, and fundamental, journey of improvement for the sake of past, present and potential victims, who are the most important people in all of this.”

– Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire PCC

Scottish referedum: Push begins for the 'missing million'

The "Yes" campaign claim tonight they are heading for victory in Glasgow, a key battleground in the Scottish independence referendum

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They say a snap ICM poll, based on a small sample and taken straight after Monday's TV debate, puts them at 51 per cent in the city - and the "No" campaign at 49.

Today there was a push to get hard to reach voters - the so called 'missing million' to take part. These voters, some experts predict, could decide the final outcome.

ITV News Correspondent Martin Geissler reports:

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South Yorkshire PCC defiant in face of pressure to quit

South Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner, Shaun Wright, faces being suspended from the Labour Party if he has not resigned by the morning.

He was the man responsible for childrens' services in Rotherham between 2005 and 2010, while hundreds of vulnerable children suffered sexual exploitation.

Mr Wright says he did not know about the abuse, and that he already paid for any failings by standing down from that post.

ITV News Correspondent Damon Green reports:

Where would Wright stand without Labour backing?

by Damond Green: ITV News Correspondent

When I spoke to Shaun Wright this morning he was adamant that he won't be resigning. Speaking to his office this evening, they are equally adamant they are not going to be making any statement tonight, or indeed tomorrow morning. Make of that what you will. They did, however, anticipate the fact that the Labour party HQ will be making a statement on their own account.

Of course, he can't be forced out of office - he is an elected official. If he hasn't committed any criminal offence he can't be forced out.

He can conceivably stay in post as an independent without the backing of the Labour party. But if Shaun Wright does not have the backing of the people of Rotherham, if he does not have the backing of the people of South Yorkshire, you have to wonder exactly what kind of job he could possible do.

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