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Light is shone on the unspeakable horrors of Auschwitz

In Auschwitz in southern Poland - where darkness has fallen but where on this special day a light has been shone on the unspeakable horrors that unfolded here. Some 70 years ago tonight this most notorious of Nazi death camps was liberated.

For more than a million, mainly Jews, it was too late. But some survived this killing factory, and some survive still. 300 returned here for a special service of commemoration. Some were coming back for the first time - but in the dusk here all managed a slow walk along the railway track that delivered them to their ghastly fate .

ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies reports on a day of remembrance:


NHS payrise 'will not cost the taxpayer more money'

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that an NHS payrise, offered as a way of averting strike action by health workers, would not cost the taxpayer any more money:

QC: 'Trail of polonium leads directly to Putin's door'

A 'trail of polonium traces' leads directly to the 'door of Vladimir Putin' the barrister representing Alexander Litvinenko's widow has said, referring to the death of the poisoned spy.

Marina Litvinenko outside the Royal Courts of Justice. Credit: PA

When all of the open and closed evidence is considered together, Mr Litvinenko's dying declaration will be borne as true, that the trail of polonium traces lead not just from London to Moscow but directly to the door of Vladimir Putin and Mr Putin should be unmasked by this inquiry as a common criminal dressed up as a head of state.

– Ben Emmerson QC

The QC told the inquiry, chaired by Sir Robert Owen, that Mr Livtinenko became a "marked man" in 1998 when he attempted to expose a plot by the Russian intelligence service - the FSB - to kill Russian billionnaire Boris Berezovsky.

Osborne remains tight-lipped on policies to tackle inequality

Chancellor George Osborne refused to say whether he would implement policies to tackle inequality, such as raising taxes on the wealthy, in the next Budget.

In an interview with Business Editor Joel Hills, he admitted that growth had not been entirely balanced, but insisted the gap between rich and poor was getting narrower:

Mr Osborne also said Britain needed a "clear economic plan" due to uncertainties on the international stage.

He mentioned the ongoing issues in the Eurozone and Greece, downgrading of Russian bonds and the dropping price of oil as examples.

Unions to consult members on health worker pay offer

Union leaders have cautiously welcomed a new offer from the Government in an ongoing row over pay.

Unison's head of health Christina McAnea said it "isn't a great offer" but that it would consult its members on the new terms.

The GMB amd Unite unions both said they too would consult members on the new offer.

Dr Peter Carter, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said the "breakthrough" was a "positive start, but there is more to be done".

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