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Search for man washed out to sea scattering ashes

A 51-year-old man is missing near Port William after being swept out to sea. Credit: Google Maps

Falmouth Coastguard said it is currently coordinating the search for a 51-year-old man who was washed out to sea at Port William on the north Cornish Coast while scattering ashes.

Two other members of the group that he was with went into the sea in an attempt to rescue him but were unsuccessful.

Falmouth Coastguard scrambled a search and rescue helicopter from RAF Chivenor, two coastguard rescue teams from Boscastle and Port Isaac began a shoreline search and the Padstow RNLI Lifeboat was launched.

Falmouth Coastguard Watch Manager, Neil Oliver, said: "We have now been searching for four hours and sadly the man has not been found yet.

The helicopter and lifeboats have now completed their searches but the two coastguard rescue teams continue their search.

Conditions this evening have been unfavourable with gale force winds and rough seas."

African Union authorises troops to fight Boko Haram

Ghanian President John Mahama said the African Union would work together to fight Boko Haram. Credit: Stephanie Pilick/DPA/PA

The African Union (AU) has authorised a force of 7,500 troops from Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin to fight Boko Haram militants, Ghanian President John Mahama told journalists on Saturday.

He added that the nations will meet in the Cameroon capital next week to decide on the joint operation's command structure.

Mr Mahama said: "When they meet in Yaounde the rules of engagement will be agreed by the nations constituting the force. It will allow them to move across borders because Boko Haram does not recognise borders."


US President condemns 'heinous murder' of hostage

US President Barack Obama has condemned the 'heinous murder' by Islamic State of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto, the White House said.

In a statement Mr Obama said: "The United States condemns the heinous murder of Japanese citizen and journalist Kenji Goto by the terrorist group ISIL.

"Standing together with a broad coalition of allies and partners, the United States will continue taking decisive action to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL."

Chadian forces kill 120 Boko Haram militants

Chadian forces have joined the fight against militant group Boko Haram. Credit: Reuters/Joe Penney

Chadian forces have killed 120 militants from Boko Haram in a battle in the north of neighbouring Cameroon that began when the insurgents attacked its troops, according to a statement from the army.

Three Chadian soldiers were also killed during the fighting.

Boko Haram has recently launched cross-border attacks from Nigeria into Cameroon and Chad as part of its drive for an Islamist state in the northeast of Nigeria.

Chad and Cameroon have stepped up troop deployments to fight the militants.

PM 'utterly condemns' apparent murder of IS hostage

Prime Minister David Cameron 'utterly condemned' the apparent murder of Kenji Goto. Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Wire/PA

The Prime Minister has issued a statement tonight following reports of the murder of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto.

I utterly condemn what appears to be the despicable and appalling murder of Kenji Goto. It is a further reminder that ISIL is the embodiment of evil, with no regard for human life.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of Mr Goto and Mr Yukawa and the Japanese people as they come to terms with the murder of two innocent citizens in such a brutal manner. Britain stands united with Japan at this tragic time and we will do all we can to hunt down these murderers and bring them to justice, however long it takes.

I welcome Prime Minister Abe's steadfast commitment to continue Japan’s active role, working with international partners, to secure peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East. The humanitarian aid they are providing in the region is a vital part of helping the local communities that are being persecuted by the same ISIL terrorists who murdered our innocent men.

The Japanese Government is right not to bow to terrorism. The way we will defeat ISIL is not by giving in to these terrorists but by confronting them and their poisonous ideology. With determination and patience, we will work together with Japan and our other allies to extinguish this terrorist threat and to stand up for the values of tolerance and peace."

– David Cameron


Japan's PM condemns 'inhumane' apparent killing

Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe has condemned the apparent killing of captured journalist Kenji Goto by Islamic State fighters.

Speaking this evening, before the video was verified, he said he would never forgive these terrorists.

Goto has been held by Islamic State militants since October. Martha Fairlie reports.

Japan's PM: I will never forgive these terrorists

Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe has condemned the apparent killing of Kenji Goto and vowed that his country will not give into terrorism.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Credit: APTN Direct

I feel strong indignation at this inhumane and contemptible act of terrorism. I will never forgive these terrorists.

Japan will work with the international community to bring those responsible for this crime to justice.

– Shinzo Abe

Japan government condemns IS 'hostage killing' video

A spokesman for the Japanese government has condemned a video released by Islamic State extremists which appears to show journalist hostage Kenji Goto being beheaded.

Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga Credit: Reuters

Japanese chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said the cabinet would be meeting to discuss its response.

I cannot help feeling strong indignation that an inhuman and despicable act of terrorism like this has been committed again.

We resolutely condemn this.

– Yoshihide Suga, Japanese chief cabinet secretary
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