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UBS warns of economic slump risk over Scotland vote

Banking giant UBS has warned that anything other than a decisive No vote at the Scottish referendum risks an economic slump in the country.

A narrow victory for the No campaign and a retention of the Union could still lead to an economic downturn, as uncertain investors may be spooked by the possibility of another referendum in the near future, the bank said.

Savers with Scottish banks could 'scramble' to take their money out of the country. Credit: Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

UBS economist Paul Donovan said the so-called "Quebec scenario", named after the economic dip the province suffered after narrowly rejecting independence from Canada in 1995, could threaten jobs and investment.

In the event of a Yes vote, Mr Donovan suggested that the UK monetary union may not last the transitional phase as savers with Scottish banks "scramble" to take their money out of the country.

Police: No indication missing man knew Alice Gross

The detective in charge of the investigation into missing teenager Alice Gross said a missing Latvian man could have "vital information" about her disappearance.

Detective Superintendent Carl Mehta said there was "nothing to suggest" that Arnis Zalkalns knew Alice, but that his regular route to work may have brought him into contact with her.


Two men killed in helicopter crash

Two men were killed in a helicopter crash in East Yorkshire, police have confirmed.

The helicopter, which had two men on board at the time, was a private charter flying from an airfield near Edinburgh to its final destination near Retford.

Emergency services including the Air Ambulance, the Coast Guard and Air Sea Rescue attended the area right away and a search was carried out which resulted in the helicopter being located in the sea off the coast of Flamborough near the light house.

Two men were recovered from the aircraft shortly before 1700hrs. Both sadly deceased.

– Police statement

Helicopter 'disappeared over the edge of cliffs'

Rod Marwood, 67, course chairman at Flamborough Head Golf Club, said he was about 400 yards away when the helicopter crashed:

There were quite a few members out on the course and we see helicopters flying backwards and forwards all the time. This one was just a small, two to four seater one flying along. I didn't really take much notice of it when all of a sudden the engine noise changed. When I looked, it was already starting to bank a little bit. I thought it was trying to land on the edge of the golf course but it disappeared over the side of the cliffs.

I didn't hear anything but I think it hit the cliffs before it went into the sea and then there was a smell of aviation fuel.

Mr Marwood said the site of the crash was at the bottom of 250 foot high sheer cliffs.


Ed Miliband heckled on walkabout in Edinburgh

Ed Miliband had a tough time on a walkabout in Edinburgh today as Yes campaign supporters attempted to shout down the Labour leader.

Mr Miliband struggled to move through a large crowd of reporters and supporters of both sides, although he did manage to stop for a selfie with a local student.

As he attempted to answer questions about the campaign, one Yes supporter repeatedly shouted "bow down to Mr Miliband, your imperial master".

'Total scrum' at Miliband's walkabout in Edinburgh

Emergency services at scene of helicopter crash

Emergency rescue services on scene after the helicopter crash. Credit: SWNS

Coastguard, police and ambulances are all working at the scene of a helicopter crash in East Yorkshire.

The helicopter was seen crashing off the coast near Flamborough at 1.40pm today, Humberside Police said.

Emergency rescue services on scene after the helicopter crash. Credit: SWNS
Emergency rescue services on scene after the helicopter crash. Credit: SWNS
Emergency rescue services on scene after the helicopter crash. Credit: SWNS

Half of Brits 'want more powers for English and Welsh cities'

Half of Brits believe more decision-making powers should be devolved to English and Welsh cities and regions following the debate over Scottish independence, according to the ComRes/ITV News Index poll.

When asked whether they supported or opposed giving more decision-making powers on issues such as tax, education and policing to big cities:

  • 48% supported the measure
  • 25% were opposed
  • 27% said they did not know

However, 47% of those surveyed were opposed to Wales holding a referendum on independence compared to 23% who supported the move.

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