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Palmieri: 'We thought Trump would be more disciplined'

Credit: ITV News

Hillary Clinton's Communication Director, Jennifer Palmieri, has told ITV News Donald Trump's performance was a surprise.

She said: "Not the debate we expected as we thought Trump would be more disciplined. Not only did he lose ground on attracting African American voters, he basically said he'd been "smart" not to pay taxes.

"He dug a hole deeper on Iraq and on the Birther lie. The debate was a microcosm for why he's not qualified to be President."

Her views were echoed by Clinton supporter Brigadier General John Douglass, who believes Trump was "erratic" and has "no knowledge".

"I think she demonstrated clearly she has the knowledge, experience and temperament to become commander of the US forces. Trump's erratic, his facial expressions...everything he showed tonight show he has no temperament and no knowledge.

"What I saw tonight made me even more concerned than I was before if Trump were to become President. If you're a volatile character that's a pretty scary prospect with our finger on the nuclear button".

Hillary Clinton 'far superior' in election debate

Credit: Reuters

Congressman Gregory Meeks has claimed Hillary Clinton was "far superior to Trump" in the first televised election debate.

"She's been winning, she continues to win and I'm ecstatic that in all issues that were brought up and that he was unprepared", he told ITV News.

"Her grasp on what to do on the economy and focus on the middle class, as well as her vision for America, depth of knowledge...all far superior to Trump. She had substance, he did not".

Don King: Donald Trump didn't get knockout blow

Credit: ITV News

American boxing promoter Don King believes Donald Trump "didn't get a knockout".

Speaking to ITV News, the Trump supporter said: "He didn't get a knockout but fundamentally he got the message across about the bad trade deals. Trump's biggest asset is the fact he's not a politician, that's her biggest flaw. He hit her with that saying she's had 30 years to sort the mess out, she's never death with it."


Donald Trump 'took some of Clinton's support'

Credit: Reuters

Congressman Peter King has told ITV News Donald Trump "took some of Hillary's supporters away from her".

"I think he appealed to undecided voters, I also think he took some of Hillary's supporters away from her. To me he was strong. You fight hard and you fight tough, if you can't take it get out of the debate."

Meanwile, Donald Trump's director of African-American relations, Bruce Levell, credited his performance: "He did very well, the beginning, the middle and the end. He's had great energy and passion from day one and has been speaking to the heart of American people.

"I know we probably had 100m people watching. And Mr Trump has shown he can stay on message and talk about what he believes in.

"American people want a change, there's no economic growth without peace, Donald Trump is the man who can sort the ISIS problem."

Clinton will be 'delighted and relieved' with performance

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore has said Hillary Clinton will be "delighted and relieved" with her performance, and said US presidential candidate Donald Trump "lost the narrative utterly".

"We can discuss many aspects... but surely not who won", he added.

Donald Trump claims Hillary Clinton failed

Donald Trump has claimed "Hillary Clinton failed".

Speaking in the spin room after the election debate, he said: "She can't bring it home. She'll fail with jobs, and she'll fail all the way along the line and I think we proved that tonight."

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Meanwhile his daughter, Ivanka Trump, told ITV News she thought her father's performance on the night was "incredible".

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Trump and Clinton will support election outcome

Credit: Reuters

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have said they would respect the outcome of the US election at the conclusion of their first debate.

Mrs Clinton pleaded with voters to exercise their constitutional right, and said: "I hope the people out there understand this election... isn't so much about us, but you... the kind of future you want."

Mr Trump added: "We are a nation that is seriously troubled. We're losing our jobs - people are pouring in to our country.

"These people that we were going to deport - for good reason - ended up becoming citizens. Ended up becoming citizens. I want to make America great again."

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