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Peaches Geldof hearse arrives before funeral

The hearse carrying Peaches Geldof's body has arrived at a church in the Kent village of Davington ahead of her funeral, which is being attended by a host of well-known figures.

A view of St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence church in Davington, where Peaches Geldof's funeral is taking place Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Among the mourners was Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw, journalist Mariella Frostrup and the former Rolling Stones bassist, Bill Wyman.

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Nigel Farage defends 'racist' UKIP poster campaign

Nigel Farage has defended a controversial new UKIP poster campaign that claims 26 million unemployed Europeans are "after" British jobs.

Labour MP Mike Gapes called the billboards "racist" and called on "decent" people to sign up and vote against UKIP in the European Parliament elections in May.

UKIP's poster was branded 'racist' by one Labour MP Credit: UKIP/PA Wire

Another poster depicts a British construction worker begging on the street with the tagline "British workers are hit hard by unlimited cheap labour".

Nigel Farage said the posters reflected the 'reality' of life for millions of ordinary people. Credit: UKIP/PA Wire

Mr Farage said the posters were a "hard-hitting reflection of reality as it is experienced by millions of British people struggling to earn a living outside the Westminster bubble.



Jewellery found in Essex garden

Jewellery found in Essex garden Credit: Essex Police
Jewellery found in Essex garden Credit: Essex Police

Police are trying to find the owner(s) of jewellery found dumped in the garden of a property in Quebec Road, Tilbury, Essex last month.

The items do not match any reported as stolen in burglaries, so detectives are appealing for the owners to come forward if they recognise their property.

If you think the property is yours you can contact Pc Rory Phillips at the Thurrock Burglary and Tactical Team at Grays Police Station on 101, ext: 360150

Toys and flowers left outside house after toddler death

Tributes left for a two-year-old, whose death is being treated as suspicious.
Tributes left for a two-year-old, whose death is being treated as suspicious. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Toys and flowers have been left outside a house after a two-year-old girl died in Scotland.

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Police outside a property, after the death of a two-year-old.
Police outside a property, after the death of a two-year-old. Credit: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Huge fire covers Chinese city in clouds of smoke

The fire was filmed from a building across the road.
The fire was filmed from a building across the road. Credit: Mr Dong

Smoke billowed over a city in the north of China after a huge blaze broke out in a residential high-rise building.

The 34 floor building in the city of Dalian, reportedly caught fire after a welding accident, according to local media.

Firefighters tackle the blaze.
Firefighters tackle the blaze. Credit: Mr Dong

Footage filmed on a mobile phone showed the building engulfed in smoke before emergency services extinguished the blaze.

Local media reported one resident was trapped near the top of the building but later rescued by firefighters.

No casualties were reported as a result of the fire, local media said.

Firefighters tackle the blaze.
Firefighters tackle the blaze. Credit: Mr Dong

Your views: 'No sympathy' for teacher strikes

As teachers announce plans that could result in strike action there seems to be little support for any walk outs with parents reacting angrily to the plans.

  • Helen Nellie Chadwick: Surprise surprise think parents should unite as one to stop the fines for taking kids out as its prejudice as it doesn't apply to the disruption that strikes cause let alone the poor pupils about to do their exams.
  • Gypsy Bluebell: Outrageous. Parents can't take children out of school because of disruption to the rest of the class... I have no sympathy with them, whatsoever.

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  • Ron Lock: Why don't they have their strikes in August, as a nurse I am getting fed up with this... Maybe we should refuse to treat teachers when they go on strike!
  • Tracy Trotter: Find a different way than walking out. It not only hurts the gov it hurts every parent and costs [them] to find childcare.

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Putin signs decree to 'rehabilitate' Crimean minorities

Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to rehabilitate ethnic minorities in Crimea who suffered under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

Among the groups the decree concerns is Crimea's large Tatar population, which has largely opposed the peninsula's annexation by Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russian television last week Credit: Alexei Druzhinin/Photas/Tass/Press Association Images

"I have signed a decree to rehabilitate the Crimean Tatar population, the Armenian population, Germans, Greeks - all those who suffered during Stalin's repressions," Mr Putin told a State Council meeting.

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Fire crews used water from canal to fight huge blaze

The scene at Albion Way Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Firefighters used water from the Leeds Liverpool canal to tackle a massive blaze at a chemical recycling plant. Around fifteen fire engines were called to the scene at Tradpak on Albion Way in the early hours of this morning (Monday April 21, 2014).

The fire spread to an adjacent packaging company. The fire has now been contained but fire crews are expected to remain on the scene for the rest of the day.

Tyne Tees

How does UV cause skin cancer?

Cancer Research UK says too much UV radiation from the sun or sunbeds can damage the DNA in skin cells. If the DNA builds up enough damage over time, it can cause cells to start growing out of control, leading to skin cancer.

There are two main types of UV rays. Both types can cause skin cancer - UVB and UVA.

Sunburn is a clear sign that the DNA in your skin cells has been damaged by too much UV radiation. Sunburn doesn’t have to be raw, peeling or blistering. If your skin has gone red in the sun, it’s burnt.

The above video, by Cancer Research UK, explains what happens to skin when it becomes sunburnt.

DfE: Strike action 'will damage teachers' reputation'

The Department for Education has hit out at the National Union of Teachers over proposed strike action in June, saying it will "damage the reputation of the profession".

A spokesperson added that it was up to headteachers to ensure their staff have manageable workloads.

Ministers have met frequently with the NUT and other unions and will continue to do so. Further strike action will only disrupt parents’ lives, hold back children’s education and damage the reputation of the profession.

It is important that teachers work closely with school leaders to ensure that their workload is manageable. We trust the professionalism of our headteachers to monitor their staff's workload and address any issues.

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