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Greece prepares polling stations for referendum vote

Greece has been preparing polling stations ahead of a vote on Sunday to decide whether or not the country should accept or reject the conditions sought by creditors in order to agree an extension of the country's current bailout deal.

Polling stations have been prepared ready for tomorrow's vote Credit: RTV
Greek referendum vote will take place tomorrow Credit: RTV

The Greek government has been urging a 'No' vote ahead of the opening of the polls, saying threats of a Greek exit from the euro zone if it fails to agree a bailout deal are a "bluff".



Tourists advised to take euros if travelling to Greece

British tourists have been advised to take euros with them if they are travelling to Greece amid fears banking services may be restricted at short notice.

Withdrawals from cashpoints have already been limited to €60 for locals and as cash reserves in Greece reach a critical level holidaymakers to the country are being told to take enough cash with them to cover their trip.

"Visitors to Greece should be aware of the possibility that banking services, including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs, throughout Greece could potentially become limited at short notice.

"At this time, you can continue to withdraw cash using your card as normal, up to the daily limit imposed by the Greek banking system, usually 600 euro, or the daily limit imposed by your card issuer, as long as the ATM has been replenished.

"While banks are closed in Greece and some withdrawals are limited, make sure you take sufficient euros in cash to cover the duration of your stay, emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and any unexpected delays."

– UK Foreign Office

Man charged with murder of teenager 30 years ago

Melanie Road was stabbed to death in Bath in 1984. Credit: ITV News

A man has been charged with the murder of a teenager who was stabbed to death more than 30 years ago.

Melanie Road, 17, was sexually assaulted and stabbed multiple times in Bath in June 1984.

Police said 63-year-old Christopher John Hampton from Bristol, who will appear in court on Monday, has now been charged with killing her.

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