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Identifying MH17 remains will be 'very challenging'

Identifying the remains and body parts found at the MH17 crash site will be "very challenging" because of the nature of the disaster, a British official taking a leading role in the grim process has exclusively told ITV News.

Detective Inspector Howard Way of the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) is among a team of nine British officials sent by the Foreign Office to join the disaster investigation.

He told ITV News Correspondent Rohit Kachroo the international effort in the Netherlands to identify the remains will take "weeks and months".

Watch Rohit's latest report from a sombre Netherlands

Police insist no undercover officers spied on campaigns

A report critical of the Metropolitan Police has found that a secret police unit kept information on families of 17 justice campaigns.

Although the police have apologised to the families involved, they insist there is no evidence that their undercover officers spied on or targeted perfectly legal justice campaigns.

ITV News correspondent Paul Davies reports:

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Israel neither admits or denies responsibility for attack

by - Senior International Correspondent

By John Irvine: Senior International Correspondent

The Israelis are not admitting responsibility but they are not denying it either.

An Israeli military spokesman told ITV News that there was an "extensive battle in the area" around the school today, as Israeli soldiers responded to Hamas' anti-tank missiles and mortars.

He said Israel had had yet to determine whether it was Israeli ordinates or Hamas ordinates that struck the school - but if it was the Israelis it was a mistake.

Relatives of Palestinian victims of the attack mourn outside a hospital in Gaza. Credit: Reuters

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today his staff in Gaza had been trying to arrange an evacuation.

Israel said it had been urging an evacuation over the last three days, but had no idea why the evacuation did not happen.

So something that was agreed in principle didn't happen in practice, and I'm afraid the cost in that has been very high indeed.

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Identifying flight MH17 victims 'could take months'

A British investigator involved in identifying the victims of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has warned that the process could take months to complete.

Detective Inspector Howard Way said he was confident officials would identify the 298 victims, but this could take "weeks or months".

Two more planes carrying the remains of victims arrived in the Netherlands today as a second repatriation service took place.

ITV News Correspondent Rohit Kachroo reports:

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Alistair and Jonny Brownlee tweet after medal wins

Triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have tweeted following their gold and silver medal wins at the Commonwealth Games.


Delighted with today's race, thanks for all the support out there.


Commonwealth silver medal!!! Very tough race today in sunny Scotland. Went hard on the swim and bike, then gave it what I could on the run

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Brownlee brothers celebrate gold and silver wins

Triathlete Alistair Brownlee won gold today while his brother Jonny took silver in the triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park, wrapping up a dream day for the pair.

Englands Alistair Brownlee (right) with his brother Jonathan.
Englands Alistair Brownlee (right) with his gold medal after winning the Men's Triathlon with brother Jonathan who won silver. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA
England's Alistair Brownlee
England's Alistair Brownlee celebrates winning gold on the home straight. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA

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England take silver in the cycling team pursuit

England's cycling team could only manage silver in the cycling team pursuit today, taking on Australia who won gold.

Sir Bradley Wiggins led the team in the 4000m team pursuit, but Team England were well adrift at the 3500m mark in the race.

Tim Ireland/PA
England's Sir Bradley Wiggins leads the England Team pursuit squad Credit: Tim Ireland/PA

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