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Abuse victims want Woolf to quit as inquiry head

Alleged victims of a Westminster sex ring want the new head of the inquiry into the claims to quit.

Lawyers for them will call for Fiona Woolf's resignation at a government meeting later today.

It comes after lawyer and Lord Mayor of London Woolf allegedly played down her connections with former Cabinet minister Lord Brittan and his wife.

Lord Brittan is accused of failing to act on the abuse allegations despite being handed a dossier of evidence when he was in office in the 1980s.


Second pilot arrested over alcohol concerns

A second pilot over the past three days has been arrested over concerns about alcohol levels in his body. Ian Jennings, 47, from Gale Moor Avenue, Gosport, Hampshire, was arrested at Norwich Airport yesterday afternoon after landing a private plane.

Mr Jennings was arrested at Norwich Airport. Credit: Google Street View

He has been charged with performing an aviation function when the alcohol in his breath was over the prescribed limited, Norfolk Police said.

Jennings was released on bail to appear at Norwich Magistrates' Court on November 13 where he will face the allegation under the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003.


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Stafford firework factory investigation continues

The investigation into the explosion and fire at SP Fireworks in Stafford will continue this morning. Credit: Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police says the investigation into the explosion and fire at SP Fireworks in Stafford will continue this morning.

Officers have been working throughout the night to make the scene safe.

In a statement released last night, the police said that emergency services were planning to reduce the size of the cordon in the early hours of morning allowing Baswich Lane to reopen to traffic.

But officers added that Tilcon Avenue will remain closed and cordoned off whilst the investigation continues.

Tilcon Avenue will remain closed and cordoned off whilst the investigation continues Credit: Staffordshire Police

"This was a challenging and complex operation and we recognise the impact it had on local residents and we want to thank them for the cooperation.

"On Friday, we will continue to investigate this incident and work to ensure everyone is accounted for. Sadly, at this stage, we believe there is a person unaccounted for and our focus remains tracing those at the factory shortly before the explosion.

"A joint investigation into the incident is already underway, which will work to establish the cause and circumstances immediately before the fire."

– Supt. Jane Hewett from Staffordshire Police

Puppy farm double murder pensioner to be sentenced

An elderly dog breeder who was found guilty of murdering his partner and her daughter at his puppy farm in Surrey is to be sentenced later.

John Lowe. Credit: PA

John Lowe, 82, used a shotgun to kill Christine Lee, murdering the 66-year-old and her daughter Lucy, 40, at his home near Farnham, Surrey, in February. In court it emerged the weapon had previously been seized by Surrey Police, but was later returned.

The force apologised to the family after the weapons were confiscated in March last year following an allegation that threats to kill had been made, but were returned to Lowe four months later.

RBS reports £1.27 billion profit for third financial quarter

Royal Bank of Scotland has reported third quarter profits of £1.27 billion, compared with a loss of £634 million in the same period last year.

It is the first time the bank has reported a profit for three quarters in a row since the height of the financial crisis, in which the bank nearly collapsed.

Royal Bank of Scotland is 80% owned by the British taxpayer. Credit: PA Wire

RBS also said it was setting aside £400 million to settle foreign exchange rate-rigging allegations.

RBS, which is 80% owned by the taxpayer after being rescued during the financial crisis, said it was putting aside a further £100 million to cover compensation payouts for customers mis-sold payment protection insurance.

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