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France revises Air Algerie AH5017 death toll to 118

French government officials have revised the death toll of the Air Algerie plane crash to 118, without explaining the reason for the change.

They also raised the number of French killed from 51 to 54.

Aerial footage of the site where Flight AH5017 crashed was also released by regional military authorities this evening.

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PM 'saddened' by British man's death on AH5107

David Cameron said he was Credit: Reuters

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was "deeply saddened" by the death of a British man on the Air Algerie flight AH5107.

"Thoughts very much with friends and family," he added.

Mr Cameron has also written to Mr Hollande "to send sincere condolences for the loss of so many French citizens", Downing Street said.

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Kerry plays down claims of Israeli truce rejection

US Secretary of State John Kerry has played down claims Israel's security cabinet has rejected a truce in Gaza, saying a formal proposal had not been put to the body.

Mr Kerry said the cabinet may instead have rejected some "language" of plans towards a truce agreement.

Speaking from Cairo, he said negotiators were making "serious progress" on a truce but had more work to do as he called for fresh focus on the opening of key crossings into the Gaza Strip.

Guns still busy around Gaza as ceasefire talks continue

The sounds of gunfire and the sight of Hamas rockets were still present in Gaza tonight as talks of a ceasefire continued in Cairo, ITV News correspondent Dan Rivers reported.


Ceasefire or no ceasefire, the guns are busy tonight around Gaza - plenty of low thuds (Israeli Navy?) & I have seen Hamas rockets 8.30 pm


Confident Kerry 'working towards' seven-day truce

US Secretary of State John Kerry has said he is confident there is a framework for a truce in Gaza that will "ultimately succeed" despite Israel rejecting the latest ceasefire proposal.

He was joined at a news conference in Cairo by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, where both men called for a seven-day humanitarian truce in Gaza across the Eid-ul-Fitr religious holiday, beginning with an extendable 12-hour "pause" in fighting.

Mr Kerry accepted there are still disagreements on the terminology for a Gaza truce but said peacemakers were "working towards" brokering an agreement between Israel and Hamas.

He said he was confident Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was "committed" to working towards a peaceful solution.

'Small debris field' suggests weather or technical failure

A strong smell of aircraft fuel and the fact that debris was scattered over a small area suggests the Air Algerie plane crash was linked to weather or a technical problem, French Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier has said.

The debris field after flight AH5017 crashed in Mali. Credit: Reuters

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Aviation officials lost contact of flight AH5017 at around 0155 GMT on Thursday, less than an hour after taking off for Algeria, following a request by the pilot to change course due to bad weather.

The debris field after flight AH5017 crashed in Mali. Credit: Reuters
Part of the engine of flight AH5017 which crashed in Mali. Credit: Reuters

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Mild and muggy tonight with downpours in the south

by - ITV Weather Presenter

Another close, muggy night with downpours in the south, gradually easing.

Misty low cloud will roll back into north-eastern coasts from the North Sea by the early hours.

Rain will arrive in Northern Ireland by dawn and shuffle into Scotland through the morning.

Elsewhere, cloud will increase through the north-west through tomorrow but where the sunshine remains feel very warm - hot and humid across the south-east.

On Sunday, it'll be feeling much fresher as the muggy air gives way, and temperatures will dip a few degrees making it more comfortable. Expect some wet weather in many places before the end of the day.

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