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Miliband plans 'convention' on devolution proposals

Labour has announced plans for a "constitutional convention" which would see the public consulted before the next election over plans for devolution,

Ed Miliband says a Senate of Nations and Regions would be discussed at the convention. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Party leader Ed Miliband says the plan will ensure that discussions on the future of the union's constitutional shape would "be open to every citizen".

Under the plans, regions would produce a report outlining a series of recommendations relating to devolution, which would then be brought together at the convention.

Miliband said the convention would look at new ideas for Westminster reforms and the case for a Senate of the Nations and Regions.

Men are first in line for the new iPhone 6

Apple fans - almost all men - queue outside its Covent Garden store to buy the new iPhone 6, which went on sale today. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

A picture of Apple fans queuing outside the technology giant's Covent Garden store today waiting to buy the new iPhone 6 has sparked an unexpected online row.

The Independent's report is headlined "There is literally not a single woman in this iPhone 6 queue", but Rhiannon Williams, the Telegraph's technology reporter, says that claim is "untrue".

She tweeted:

The story does acknowledge that there were some women in the queue, but it is certainly difficult - if not impossible - to see any in the picture above.

Meanwhile, a survey of 750 women and 1,250 men has claimed that women are more avid smartphone users than men, with 18% of women checking their devices at least once an hour, compared with 13% of men.


The moment the referendum result was announced

The result of Scotland's independence referendum was announced to the world by chief counting officer Mary Pitcaithly shortly after breakfast time.

Watch her read the final figures from the vote before confirming the country's decision to cheers at the Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston in Edinburgh:

Weather: Calmer afternoon follows last night's storms

After a pretty eventful night, things are calming down. We do have some scattered showers across much of England and Wales, but in Northern Ireland and western Scotland they are lighter and we will see some sunny spells pushing through at times.

Another gloomy day in north-eastern England and eastern Scotland, with plenty of cloud cover and lingering mist.

Temperatures this afternoon are still high down in the south this afternoon, with highs of 24C in the south-east.

Tonight it is set to be cloudy with scattered showers - cooler up in the north and remaining muggier further south.

Sierra Leone locked down for three days to battle Ebola

Thousands of health workers were conducting house-to-house visits today across Sierra Leone in search of hidden Ebola cases as the entire country was ordered to stay at home for three days.

In an unprecedented effort to combat the deadly disease, authorities hope to find and isolate Ebola patients who have not gone to health centres, regarded by many only as places to die.

Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma said health workers would hand out soap and that once a house had been checked it would be marked with a sticker. "The survival and dignity of each and every Sierra Leonean is at stake ... this is a fight for this land that we love," he said.

Ebola has so far killed more than 2,600 people have died across West Africa.

Meanwhile, six people have been arrested following the murders in Guinea of eight people including health officials and journalists who had been on an Ebola awareness campaign. Just one member of the group escaped the killers.

A football fan sanitises his hands in Abidjan ahead of Sierra Leone's African Nations Cup game against Ivory Coast earlier this month. Both countries have been hit by the Ebola virus. Credit: Luc Gnago/Reuters


Turkey stops 3,000 Kurds from escaping Islamic State militants

Turkish security forces stop Syrians from crossing the border near Suruc. Credit: Kadir Celikcan/Reuters

Turkish forces have stopped thousands of Kurds fleeing Islamic State fighters in northern Syria from crossing the border.

About 3,000 people have fled their homes after the militants used tanks to seize control of 21 Kurdish villages in the Kobani area near the Turkish border.

For more than a year, Islamic State and Kurdish militias have clashed in the area, but IS appeared to have gained the upper hand since Wednesday.

A spokesman for Syria's powerful Kurdish Democratic Union Party called on Kurds around the world to come to Syria to defend Kobani.

About 3,000 people are waiting to cross into Turkey from from Kobani in northern Syria to escape IS fighters. Credit: Kadir Celikcan/Reuters
  1. Border

Borderers called for 'change of culture, not country'

John Lamont has added his name to the list of Borders politicians celebrating a No vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

The Borders MSP said voters in the South of Scotland had called for a "change of culture, not change of country", and that people from both sides of the divide would now have to join together to make a better Scotland.

“I am absolutely delighted that Borderers, like their fellow Scots have overwhelmingly said ‘No Thanks’ to separation.

“The Borders have called for a change of culture, not a change of country.

"We need to move on from the constitutional debate and come together for the future of Scotland."

– John Lamont MSP
  1. Wales

Carwyn Jones has 'constructive' talk with PM

Our Political Editor, Adrian Masters, understands that the First Minister, Carwyn Jones, has had a 'constructive' conversation with the Prime Minister.

This morning, Carwyn Jones AM, held a press conference in which he said Wales will not 'play second fiddle' in future devolution talks.

You can follow Adrian's tweets here.

Sturgeon: Scotland has changed forever

Scotland has "changed forever" as a result of the independence referendum, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said.

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