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New York City gets ready for 'crippling' snow storm

The US is preparing for a storm that could bring as much as three feet (90 cm) of snow to the east coast region.

The 'crippling and potentially historic' snow storm has already forced the cancellation of thousands of flights, curtailed mass transit and closed hundreds of schools.

People rushed out to get supplies before the storm was due to strike. Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar
New York's mayor told people to prepare for the worst as the storm approached. Credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri
The National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for New York City. Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar
The snow is expected to blanket areas from Philadelphia to New York City to Maine. Credit: Reuters/Carlo Allegri
People have been told to stay indoors and roads in New York will be closed after 11pm local time. Credit: Reuters/Mike Segar

Joan Rivers' daughter sues clinic over death

Joan Rivers' daughter is suing the New York clinic where she suffered brain damage and died after a routine procedure.

Melissa Rivers is also suing the doctors who treated her mother before her death. In a statement she said she is filing the lawsuit so that no other family had to go through what she did.

Joan Rivers with her daughter Melissa Credit: Donna Ward/ABACAUSA.COM

Comedian Joan Rivers died last September aged 81 of brain damage due to lack of oxygen after she stopped breathing during an endoscopy days earlier.

The federal Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services cited the clinic for failing to identify deteriorating vital signs and provide timely intervention.

Yorkville Endoscopy did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The clinic could lose its Medicare accreditation.


Spielberg warns of antisemitism rise in Auschwitz speech

Steven Spielberg told a group of Holocaust survivors that Jews are again facing the "perennial demons of intolerance" from anti-Semites who are provoking hate crimes and trying to strip survivors of their identity.

The film directors warning came in a speech to dozens of Auschwitz survivors ahead of official commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of the Soviet army's liberation of the Nazi death camp.

Steven Spielberg warns of rise in antisemitism in Auschwitz speech Credit: Utrecht Robin/Dennis Van Tine/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

The Oscar-winning director of the 1993 Holocaust film "Schindler's List," was introduced by an 81-year-old survivor, Paula Lebovics, who praised him as "a man who has given us a voice in history."

In a short speech, Spielberg warned of "anti-Semites, radical extremists, and religious fanatics" who are again provoking hate crimes.

"These people ... want to all over again strip you of your past, of your story and of your identity," he told them. He stressed the importance of countering that hatred with education and preserving Auschwitz and other historical sites.

In Pictures: Snow storm begins to bite in New York

A storm which could bring over three feet (90 cm) of snow to parts of the US east coast is now being felt in the region.

Some people on Twitter have responded with humour and posted various pictures of the storm's arrival.

Cameron calls Tsipras to discuss Greece's economic challenges

David Cameron has called his Greek counterpart to congratulate him on his victory. While the pair did discuss Alexis Tsipras' intenet to tackle corruption there was no sign of them discussing the austerity measures Tsipras is seeking to overturn.

The Prime Minister called Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to congratulate him on being elected as the new Greek Prime Minister. Prime Minister Tsipras thanked the Prime Minister for the call and set out the immediate issues that his Government would be focusing on, in particular in tackling Greece’s economic challenges.

The Prime Minister welcomed Prime Minister Tsipras’ intention to tackle corruption and increase tax transparency across Greece and said that as a key advocate of these issues, the UK was keen to work closely with the Greek government.

– Number 10 spokesperson


FBI: 'Russian spies gathering US economic information'

The FBI has charged three men with spying for the Russian government in and around New York.

Evgeny Buryakov, who is accused of being a covert intelligence agent on behalf of the Russian Federation, was arrested today in the Bronx.

The other two - Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy - have not been arrested and are no longer in the US. Both were protected by diplomatic immunity from arrest and prosecution while in the country.

The FBI has been watching the defendants with hidden cameras, microphones and phone taps for up to five years.

Investigators say Evgeny Buryakov provided his information the old fashioned way, in brief meetings where a bag, magazine, or slip of paper was passed.

They say the three men were gathering economic information, including on possible US sanctions against Russia as well as US efforts to develop alternative energy sources.

FBI agent Credit: Reuters/Zachary Fagenson

The intelligence-gathering efforts of Sporyshev and Podobnyy included, among other things, attempting to recruit New York City residents as intelligence sources for Russia; tasking Buryakov to gather intelligence; and transmitting intelligence reports prepared by Buryakov back to Moscow.

Specifically, during the course of the charged offenses, Sporyshev was responsible for relaying assignments from the SVR [Russia's version of the CIA] to Buryakov, and Sporyshev and Podobnyy were responsible for analyzing and reporting back to the SVR about the fruits of Buryakov's intelligence-gathering efforts.

– US Justice Department

Former CIA officer guilty of passing classified details to reporter

A former CIA officer was convicted in federal court in Virginia of leaking classified information to a New York Times reporter about a failed US effort to undermine Iran's nuclear weapons program, the Washington Post reported.

Jeffrey Sterling was found guilty of nine counts of unauthorized disclosure of national defense information that prosecutors said put lives at risk and compromised US efforts to deter Iran's nuclear plans, the Post said.

FBI charges three in Russian spy ring case

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara announced the case alongside the FBI Credit: Reuters/Brendan McDermid

Three people have been charged in connection with a Russian spy ring that allegedly tried to recruit residents of New York as intelligence sources.

The FBI says one of the defendants was a trade representative of the Russian Federation in the city. They say another posed as an employee in the Manhattan office of a Russian bank.

The bank employee was arrested Monday in the Bronx. The two other suspects are still at large.

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