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Four migrants arrested over Calais 'Jungle' camp fires

Four have been arrested in connection to fires at the Calais 'Jungle' camp. Credit: Reuters

Four migrants have been arrested in connection with starting fires at the Calais "Jungle" camp, local police have said.

Around 10 large fires started tearing through tents, shelters and caravans in the centre of the camp on Wednesday.

Exploding gas canisters could be heard as the fires raged through the camp, with firefighters trying to bring the blazes under control.

Police ushered people out of the camp, with many migrants holding fabrics to their mouths to protect themselves against the black smoke.



Fires raze parts of 'Jungle' Calais camp

A migrant sprints past the makeshift homes which are on fire Credit: Reuters

Fires are blazing in parts of the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais

The camp is being demolished by French authorities and hundreds of refugees and migrants have been transported to other regions of the country.

Smoke billows from the raging fires in the camp Credit: Reuters

Help Refugees charity reported that the overnight fires had destroyed safe spaces for children, meaning 40 unaccompanied minors were forced to sleep in a mosque.

A fire rages close to a gas canister Credit: Reuters

Meanwhile, a Care4Calais aid worker said around 200 children had slept outside the camp overnight due to fearing their safety inside.

There were the fires going on, so the fear of that - but also because there's no-one there to protect them. All of the grown-ups have gone and it's just the people who are playing now. If they aren't registered today and put into the containers tonight, they will be again without anywhere safe to sleep.

– Air worker
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