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Sad-looking dog finds home despite facial expression

A sad-looking stray dog which was thought to be putting potential adopters off with her hangdog expression has finally found a home.

Former stray dog Bless has a permanently sad expression.
Former stray dog Bless has a permanently sad expression. Credit: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

The dog, called Bless, was the most long-term resident at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London, with staff believing the lack of interest was down to the doleful dog's permanently sad expression.

She's fantastic, I can't fault her. She's got that sort of face that never gives much away - but as soon as you put your coat on and it's time to take her out, then she positively bounces!

– New owner Sylvia Shoesmith

But Geoff and Sylvia Shoesmith, of Chelmsford, Essex, jumped at the chance to take the six-year-old in. Amid a publicity drive, the couple were drawn in by her loving personality and calm, kindly temperament.


Yvette Cooper joins calls for Shaun Wright to resign

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has said that South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright ought to stand down, but stressed that reforms were needed too:

1,400 hundred children have been abused, the authorities let them down, that's why the leader of the council was right to resign, and why the Police and Crime Commissioner should also do so.

But this is not just about Rotherham. It's also about Oxfordshire, Rochdale, Jimmy Savile: too many cases where children aren't being listened to and reforms are needed.

– yvette cooper. shadow home secretary

She also called for the "child abuse inquiry to start urgently".

Homer Simpson takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

The father of perhaps the most famous TV family of all time has taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge craze that is sweeping the planet.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised at least £250,000 for the UK Motor Neurone Disease Association and a huge $62.5million (£37.7million) in the United States where it originated.

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Theresa May: PCC Wright should 'heed' calls to resign

Home Secretary Theresa May has said that South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright should "heed" calls for him to resign.

She said it was not her job to "hire and fire police commissioners," but added that Mr Wright "has real questions to answer".

She said the report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham exposed "appalling failure by the council, by the police and other agencies".


Mother of US hostage urges IS leader to release her son

The mother of a US hostage being held by Islamic State militants has urged their leader Abu Bakral-Baghdadi to use his "authority" and free her 31-year-old son.


Mother of US hostage Steven Sortoff appeals to #ISIS leader al-Baghdadi “to use your authority to spare his life.”


According to the New York Times, Shirley Sotloff addresses Mr. Baghdadi as caliph and calls on him to exercise his right to show clemency, as other previous caliphs have, stretching back to the immediate successors of the Prophet Muhammad.

In an emotional video she says:

As a mother, I ask your justice to be merciful and not punish my son for matters he has no control over. I ask you to use your authority to spare his life and to follow the example set by the Prophet Muhammad, who protected the People of the Book.

– Shirley Sotloff, mother of US journalist held by IS militants

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Moroccan Monarch mistaken for 'smuggler'

King Mohamed VI
King Mohamed VI, right, told officers 'do you not know who I am?' Credit: Reuters

A detachment of Spanish state police officers caused an international incident earlier this month when the mistook the King of Morocco for a potential drug smuggler and attempted to intercept and board his speed boat.

Morroco's King Mohamed VI was enjoying a summer break off the shores of Spain's African enclave of Ceuta when Spanish Guardia Civil noticed his two luxury speed boats and three jet skis.

These vessels which are frequently used by human traffickers and drug-runners to ferry their illegal contraband from Africa to Spain, causing the Spanish coastal force to leap into action. Officers came alongside the boats and ordered the occupants to identify themselves.

According to Spain's English-language news outlet, The Local, the Monarch shouted out "Do you not know who I am?"

No more questions were asked by the men but King Mohammed was quick to call his Spanish counterpart to complain.

The Local reports also that Spain's King Felipe, who according to the country’s Royal House “has a very good relationship with Mohammed VI”, then contacted Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz to come up with a suitable apology.

Fernández ordered his government delegate in Ceuta to send three high-command Civil Guards to head out to the royal speed boat as quickly as possible.

They apologised profusely to the Moroccan monarch, who shook their hands and stated the officers “had done their job perfectly” but that he “hadn't been respected”.

West Country (E)

Banksy's Mobile Lovers sells for £403,000

mobile lovers
Banksy's Mobile Lovers has been sold for £403,000. Credit: ITV News West Country

It's been revealed Banksy's Mobile Lovers artwork has sold for £403,000.

A cash-strapped boys club in Bristol has sold it to a private collector. All the proceeds will benefit Broad Plain Boys' Club and affiliate youth clubs.

There was controversy when the club removed the work from a wall nearby, until the artist himself backed its ownership.

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