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Rotherham social workers 'not supported by system'

A solicitor representing 15 of the Rotherham victims has said he believes social workers were let down by a system that did not enable them to come forward with their concerns, or respond to them.

Solicitor David Greenwood told Channel 4 News he was "convinced" there were individuals who could be identified as failing in their jobs.

He added: "There was a culture that has come through the evidence I have seen that some people in the council thought these girls were engaging in consensual activity even though they were under the age of 16 which is a bit shocking to me."

Labour to suspend PCC if he hasn't resigned by morning

Labour will suspend South Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright from the party if he has not resigned by the morning, PA reports citing an unnamed Labour source.

The source is quoted as saying: "We have given Shaun Wright time to reflect. If he has not resigned by morning, we will suspend him from the Labour Party."


Police investigation as pills are found in Jelly Tots

Detectives have launched a police investigation after prescription pills were found among Jelly Tots on a Nestle production line. Officers were called to the plant in Fawdon, Newcastle, last week after the tablets were discovered by staff.

The food giant stressed there was no risk to the public. According to reports the discovery was made in a hopper of sweets and Nestle has confirmed they were found prior to packaging.

The company has not ordered a product recall as it was sure there was no contamination of sweets. More than 400 people work at the Fawdon site which also manufactures popular brands such as Fruit Pastilles, Rolos and Drifters.

Tesco donates profits amid ice bucket challenge craze

Supermarket giant Tesco has donated the profits from its ice cube sales to charity and challenged other supermarkets to do the same in the wake of the ice bucket challenge craze.

Sales of bags of ice have rocketed.
Sales of bags of ice have rocketed. Credit: PA

We've seen a big increase in sales of bags of ice as a direct result of this phenomenon, and we want the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association to be the ones to benefit. That's why today we've pledged to donate the extra profits we make to them, and we nominate Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons to do the same.

– Tesco community director Greg Sage

The retail giant said it has sold more than 36 million individual ice cubes over the last week as the fundraising phenomenon took hold across the UK. So far it has donated £20,000 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and nominated competitors Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons to follow suit.

Who are the figures mentioned in Rotherham report?

The report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham has turned a spotlight on community figures of authority, both past and present.

Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone has already resigned, but who are the other figures in the council, police and other agencies who are mentioned in the damning report?

ITV News Correspondent Damon Green reports:


Rotherham victims want apologies, not compensation

by Juliet Bremner: ITV News Correspondent

We heard yesterday that about a third of the girls who were abused are thought to be in council care.

As I revealed back in May, 15 of those girls are joining together to take legal action against the council. They claim they should have had better care and have been better protected when they were in these local authority homes.

They insist that social workers who cared for them then knew what was going on, knew that they were in relationships with older men, but did nothing to prevent it.

There is of course a possibility they could get compensation if they are successful, but I have to say that all the girls I spoke to said that it wasn't money they were after. What they wanted were some words of regret and apology from the council.

Children and guns: A problem the US will not solve soon

A shooting instructor has been in killed in the United States after he was accidentally shot while showing a nine-year-old girl how to use an Uzi submachine gun.

She lost control of the weapon, during her lesson with the experienced instructor. Her parents were filming her at the time.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports:

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