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Obama speaks to Greek PM about debt crisis

US President Barack Obama spoke with the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras this morning, the White House has said.

The President received an update from Prime Minister Tsipras on his ideas for a path forward between Greece and its creditors. The President reiterated that it is in everyone's interest that Greece and its creditors reach a mutually acceptable agreement.




Pilot 'ejected to safety' ahead of F-16 air crash

The pilot of an F-16 fighter jet that collided in midair with a Cessna C150 ejected to safety before the crash, authorities have said.

Lt Jenny Hyden at Shaw Air Force Base, close to the crash site, said the pilot had been taken to the base for observation, though she did not disclose his condition, the Associated Press reported.

The status of the pilot or any passengers on board the Cessna was not immediately known.

Shaw Air Force Base said via Twitter that investigators were attempting to determine the cause of the crash.

Greece proposes short-term funding solution to get through July

The Greek government has asked the eurozone for an interim budget solution to cover its finances for July ahead of any long-term deal, according to a senior official.

"The proposal of the Greek side is for a settlement until the end of the month ... in order to prepare the big, viable deal during this brief period," the official said.

Charleston gunman charged with attempted murders

Dylann Roof Credit: Reuters

Dylann Roof, the man accused of killing nine people at a church in Charleston has been charged with three new counts of attempted murder.

Roof was arrested in May and charged with nine counts of murder, one for each person killed.

Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson said that the new charges stemmed from people who survived the June 17 attack at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal church.

Roof told friends he was going to "hurt a bunch of people" before he opened fire at the church, killing nine people. His 'racist manifesto' was later found online.

21 year old Roof also faces a weapons charge, but US authorities have not said whether they will pursue hate crime charges against Roof..

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