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'No' projected onto Edinburgh Castle's walls ahead of vote

Labour leader Ed Miliband posted this picture of Edinburgh Castle on Twitter ahead of tomorrow's vote.


Poll suggests Scottish support for staying in UK at 52%

Scottish support for remaining in the UK is at 52%, according to the latest YouGov poll for The Times and The Sun.

Of the Scots surveyed, 48% said they supported Scotland becoming an independent country.

No supporters at George Square in Glasgow, ahead of the Scottish referendum. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

YouGov said the poll showed men were much more supportive of independence while most women broadly supported staying in the UK.

The polling company questioned 3,237 voters between 15 and 17 September.

UK to step up Ebola aid to west Africa

The UK will provide hundreds of extra beds to treat victims of the Ebola virus as part of a £100m aid package.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said without more humanitarian aid the outbreak could become "a global catastrophe with disastrous consequences".

Speaking after chairing a meeting of the Government's Cobra emergency committee today, Mr Hammond said: "The UK will now deliver a further 500 beds over the coming months, working with partners to provide and train the international staff and support needed to operate those beds."

It comes after the Government pledged last week to set up a 62-bed treatment centre in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

Salmond: This is our opportunity of a lifetime

First Minister Alex Salmond has said tomorrow's referendum is Scotland's "opportunity of a lifetime."

In his final speech ahead of the vote, Salmond said the reason the referendum was going ahead is because the Westminster politicians "thought they had it in the bag."

First Minister Alex Salmond speaks in Perth. Credit: ITV News

"They thought all they had to do was agree to see off Scotland and then it wouldn't matter, and therefore we can have no assurance that we would ever have such a chance again," he said.

"This is our opportunity of a lifetime and we must seize it with both hands".

Police separate Yes and No supporters in Glasgow

A Police cordon around supporters of the No campaign.

A police cordon separated rival supporters of the Yes and No campaigns this evening in the centre of Glasgow.

The Yes campaign was holding a rally in St George's Square.

The Yes campaign were holding a rally in St George's Square this evening, with a group of pro-union supporters arriving to stage a counter-demonstration.

The pro-union supporters sit down in the street surrounded by officers.

The No supporters sang God Save The Queen and waved Union Jacks, but were kept away from the Yes camp by police officers.


Salmond hails 'most exciting day in Scottish democracy'

First Minister Alex Salmond has said today marks "the eve of the most exciting day in Scottish democracy".

Making his final speech ahead of tomorrow's Scottish referendum, Salmond said: "We meet here not to celebrate, not to presume, not to pre-empt.

First Minister Alex Salmond speaks in Perth. Credit: ITV News

"The latest poll has us on 49% - that means that we are the underdogs in this campaign as we always have been."

"We must do our utmost until 10pm tomorrow evening to persuade our fellow citizens that independence is the right road forward for Scotland."

Apple unleashes iOS 8 update amid app gold rush

Apple has released its new iOS 8 software update for iPhones and iPads this evening in preparation for the company's new line of products.

Developers have rushed to release updated apps, while others have moved onto Apple's new platform for the first time, as it was made available.

App gold rush as Apple unleashes iOS 8 update. Credit: Apple

The Guardian reported that Facebook has already updated its app, while popular Android keyboard apps Swype and SwiftKey have made the leap to the Apple ecosystem for the first time.

But a number of people have already complained on Twitter that the 1.1 GB update is taking longer that expected to download.

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