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Disruption to flights at East Midlands Airport

Operations are likely to be suspended until 3:00pm at the earliest Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

A spokeswoman for East Midlands Airport has told ITV News Central that a power failure occurred at 08:30am forcing operations to be suspended.

The airport also confirmed that reports of a fire are untrue.

There is currently disruption to flights into and out of the airport.

East Midlands Airport are advising passengers to check with their airline.

Egyptian court lists Hamas as terror group

An Egyptian court listed the Palestinian group Hamas as a terrorist organisation, Egyptian state television said.

Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood which the authorities have also declared a terrorist group and have repressed systematically since the army ousted one of its leaders, Mohamed Mursi, from the presidency in 2013.

An Egyptian court decision to list Hamas as a terrorist organization is "shocking and dangerous," the Islamist group said in a statement.

"The Egyptian court's decision to list the Hamas movement as a terror organization is shocking and is dangerous, and it targets the Palestinian people and its factions of resistance," the statement said.

"It will have no influence on the Hamas movement, which enjoys the respect of all the nation and the leaders of the nation."


Tearful crowds gather at site of Nemtsov's murder

People react at the site, where Boris Nemtsov was recently murdered. Credit: Reuters

Crowds have gathered at the site near the Kremlin where Boris Nemtsov was murdered last night.

Candles have been lit and flowers left as many in the crowd cried after the death of the Russian opposition leader.

Crowds gather at the site of Boris Nemtsov's murder. Credit: Reuters
People visit the site where Boris Nemtsov was shot dead in central Moscow. Credit: Reuters

Lego make their own versions of #TheDress

Lego have waded into the white and gold or blue and black dress debate by making their very own versions.

The Lego versions of the dress. Credit: Instagram/Lego

A post on their Instagram page read: "White and and blue? We found a way around science - you can have both!"

It comes after the dress which sent the internet into a frenzy was finally revealed as being blue and black by its designer.

However, the makers now plan on making a white and gold version after selling out of the dress yesterday morning.

Read more: The dress that demonstrates colour doesn't really exist

Cameron calls for justice over 'callous' Nemtsov murder

David Cameron has said those responsible for the "callous" murder of Boris Nemtsov must be "fully, rapidly and transparently investigated and brought to justice".

I am shocked and sickened by the callous murder of Boris Nemtsov as he walked in the heart Moscow last night. This despicable act must be fully, rapidly and transparently investigated, and those responsible brought to justice.

Boris Nemtsov was a man of courage and conviction. His life was dedicated to speaking up tirelessly for the Russian people, to demanding their right to democracy and liberty under the rule of law, and to an end to corruption. He did so without fear, and never gave in to intimidation. He was greatly admired in Britain, not least by his friend Lady Thatcher, who visited him in Russia and who would have been appalled by today's news. The courage of Nemtsov's life contrasts with the utter cowardice of his murder.

I extend my condolences to Boris Nemtsov's family and friends. The Russian people have been deprived of a champion of their rights. Boris Nemtsov is dead. But the values he stood for will never die

– David Cameron

Cloudy day for most with overcast skies

Cloudy day for most with overcast skies Credit: Met Office

It will be a cloudy day for most with overcast skies, and light and patchy rain where the cloud is thickest. However over towards the west we will see a band of heavy rain start to push in this afternoon with gale force winds that will continue into tonight.

Top temperature 11 degrees Celsius (52 F).


William shows off his juggling skills during Japan visit

Prince William showed off his juggling skills during his visit to Japan - and proved he was rather good.

The Duke of Cambridge was also pelted with plastic balls as he played with children at an adventure playground in Motomiya City, the smallest town in Fukushima.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accompanied the Prince on his visit.

Since the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011 - the largest since Chernobyl - many towns which were evacuated remain empty.

But the Prince visited a charity called Smile Kids, which aims to make the air and water around Fukushima safe.

Russia 'entered new dark phase' with Nemtsov murder

A businessman who has written a book criticising Vladimir Putin has the regime for the death of opposition politician and former deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov who was shot dead on a street in Moscow last night.

Last night Russia entered a new and dark phase in its slide toward totalitarian dictatorship with the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Previously, the Putin regime relied primarily on imprisonment and exile to silence its critics. Now, they have started murdering them. I'm sure this won't be the last.

Boris Nemtsov was one of the few people in Russia who wasn't afraid to stand up to the corruption, illegitimatacy and impunity of the Putin regime and for that he paid with his life. I will always remember how Boris went around the world calling for justice for the murder of Sergei Magnitsky and demanding Western sanctions against his killers. It is now our duty to do the same for Boris.

I have no confidence in any Russian investigation into his death because the Putin regime proved its incapacity to do this with the cover up of the Magnitsky murder.

I can only hope that Boris Nemtsov's legacy will ultimately bring about the democratic change in Russia he worked his whole life to achieve.

May Boris rest in peace.

– Bill Browder

William fever hits Japan during his royal visit

Prince William was greeted by screaming crowds eager to get a glimpse of him as he visited a bookshop on the third day of his Japanese tour.

Credit: PA

Crowds held up pictures of William and Kate, while one woman showed off a painting of the royal couple and Prince George.

A woman drapes herself in a Union Jack flag. Credit: PA

And even their dogs got into the British spirit.

A dog in a Union Jack sweater awaits William's arrival. Credit: PA
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