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Usain Bolt in good shape for Commonwealth Games

Jamaican sprinter and six-time Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt has said he is ready for a good Commonwealth Games showing, after recovering from foot surgery and a hamstring injury.

The Jamaican missed nine weeks of training after surgery on his left foot in March.

Usain Bolt.
Usain Bolt says he is in 'good shape'. Credit: Gouhier-Guibbaud-JMP/ABACA/PA

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Hamas is 'like al-Qaida and must be dealt with'

Hamas is "like al-Qaida" and must be dealt with accordingly, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

Benjamin Netanyahu at a press conference with Ban Ki-Moon. Credit: Reuters

Mr Netanyahu said the international community must hold Hamas to account for rejecting cease-fire offers and continuing its rocket attacks on Israel.

He was speaking alongside UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon as the Palestinian death toll rose beyond 600.

Twenty-seven soldiers are among the 29 Israelis to die in the conflict.

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UK air accident investigators to retrieve black box data

David Cameron has tweeted that air accident investigators in the UK will retrieve date from the black boxes of MH17.


We've agreed Dutch request for air accident investigators at Farnborough to retrieve data from #MH17 black boxes for international analysis.

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Mosque and petrol station in ruins after air strikes

An air strike has left a mosque and petrol station in ruins in Gaza, as the Palestinian death toll in the conflict rose to over 600.

Twenty-nine Israelis - 27 of them soldiers - have died in the fighting.

A mosque is left destroyed after an Israeli air strike. Credit: ITV News/Sean Swan
A child looks on amid the ruins of a petrol station. Credit: ITV News/Sean Swan

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Marina Litvinenko: 'Very pleased' over inquiry decision

The wife of Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko has said she is "very pleased" over the decision to hold a public inquiry into his death.

Speaking to reporters, Marina Litvinenko said it still may take a "long time" to get the truth.

Mystery has surrounded the death of the KGB officer, after he died drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium-210 at a London hotel in 2006.

Earlier today, Home Secretary Theresa May announced the inquiry into his death in a written ministerial statement, saying: "I very much hope that this inquiry will be of some comfort to his widow."

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Kerry urges Hamas to seek peace negotiations

US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Hamas to seek peace negotiations based on an Egyptian truce proposal that the militant group previously rejected.

US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo.
US Secretary of State John Kerry speaks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo. Credit: REUTERS/Charles Dharapak/Pool

Following a meeting with Egypt's president, Kerry said he had constructive talks with top Egyptian officials in a bid to end fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip.

Kerry said he would keep working towards a ceasefire in coming days.

Warm sunshine for most up to 28C but a muggy night

Out towards east Anglia we saw a bit of an old weather front with cloud cover. Towards parts of Northern Ireland expect cloudy skies and some showers from time to time and through the rest of today.

Elsewhere it stays dry with some pretty warm spells of sunshine. Temperatures will be in the twenties, with the warmest in the south up to 28C. Into this evening, we will begin to see the sea fog rolling back in across north sea coastal areas. Another muggy night for sleeping with temperatures around 17C in places.

Litvinenko: Putin 'won't extradite' main suspect

Marina Litvinenko does not believe that Russian president Vladimir Putin will extradite the man named by prosecutors as the main suspect in the death of her husband.

Marina Litvinenko.
Marina Litvinenko. Credit: PA

Andrei Lugovoy, now a politician in Russia, was named by prosecutors as the main suspect in the case, but Marina Litvinenko said she thought it was unlikely that he would change his mind and extradite him.

Speaking to reporters she said: "I believe Putin will not change his decision to extradite or change his decision."

She added: "What I do is not against Russia because I am Russian and I love my country."

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