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Alice Gross: Biggest search operation since 7/7

Alice Gross. Credit: Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

Scotland Yard has confirmed that the hunt for missing schoolgirl Alice Gross is the biggest search operation since the 7/7 bombings in 2005.

The Metropolitan Police has been searching for the 14-year-old since she went missing on 24 August. They've deployed 600 officers from eight forces to search nine square miles of open land and 3.4 miles of canals and rivers.

Cunningham rules out SNP leadership bid

A former candidate for the leadership of the SNP has ruled out standing for the position again in the wake of Alex Salmond's sudden resignation.

Scottish Community Safety Minister Roseanna Cunningham Credit: PA

After Scots voted against independence, Mr Salmond announced he will be stepping down from the position of both SNP leader and First Minister.

Roseanna Cunningham stood for the leadership of the party against Mr Salmond in 2004.

A spokesman for Ms Cunningham, the community safety minister in the Scottish Government, said: "Roseanna wants to make it quite clear that she has absolutely no intention or desire to stand for either the leadership or the deputy leadership of the party.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has already emerged as the clear favourite to take over from Mr Salmond, when he formally steps down at the SNP annual conference in November.


Hidden gas chambers discovered in WWII Nazi camp

Archaeologists have uncovered Nazi gas chambers at the Sobibor extermination camp in Poland, which the Germans tried to hide after a prisoner revolt in 1943.

During the war, the camp was dismantled, covered with earth and planted over with pine trees to conceal its location.

Archeologists dig inside the perimeter of a Nazi death camp in Sobibor. Credit: Reuters

More than 250,000 Jews were murdered at the camp during the year and half it operated.

A medallion in the shape of the Star of David was discovered at the site. Credit: Reuters

The Germans closed the camp after a prisoner revolt in October 1943, when several hundred inmates tried to escape, killing several German officers and guards.

Many of the prisoners fled the camp, but nearly all were killed by guards or died in water ditches and mine fields surrounding the camp.

A rusty road sign is seen outside the perimeter of a Nazi death camp in Sobibor. Credit: Reuters

Marilyn Monroe negative sells for over £4,000

An image from Marilyn Monroe's first professional photoshoot. Credit: Henry Aldridge and Sons/ PA

A negative from Marilyn Monroe's first professional photoshoot has sold at auction for £4,250.

The estimate had been between £5,000 and £8,000 but auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said he was "happy with the result".

The image dates back to when the blond bombshell was a 20-year-old factory worker who dreamed of being a model and was still known as Norma Jean Baker.

"It was an exceptionally unusual item and to be able to include the copyright added another dimension as we only usually sell the physical item....There is an enduring interest if you like the cult of celebrity and are interested in that era."

– Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge

Emotional welcome for freed Turkish hostages

Turkish intelligence agents brought 49 hostages seized by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq back to Turkey after more than three months in captivity.

An employee of Turkey's consulate in Mosul is welcomed by her relatives in Ankara. Credit: Reuters

The hostages, including Turkey's consul-general, diplomats' children and special forces soldiers, were brought to the southern Turkish city of Sanliurfa.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu celebrates with the daughter of Turkey's Mosul Consul General Ozturk Yilmaz during a welcoming ceremony in Ankara. Credit: Reuters

Turkish authorities declined to give details on the circumstances of the hostages' release.

Freed hostages at the airport in Ankara Credit: PA

The group was seized from the Turkish consulate in Mosul on June 11 during a lightning advance by Islamic State insurgents.

Anglia weather: clear periods, cloudier near coast

Earlier flooding at Witham railway station- rain now dying out Credit: Pete Wilson

Saturday evening: Showers slowly dying out overnight with clear spells developing. Possibly one or two showers near coasts. Some mist patches will reform. Breezy near coasts, winds lighter inland. Minimum temperature 10 deg C (50F).

Sunday: Mainly dry on Sunday with some good sunny spells. One or two light showers are possible near coasts. Much fresher than of late in the northerly breeze. Maximum temperature 19 deg C (66 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Dry on Monday and Tuesday with some sunshine and light winds. Feeling fresher with chilly nights. A little more cloud on Wednesday perhaps with the odd shower.


£12m pledged to stop Calais illegal immigrants

The Government will provide £12m over the next three years to deal with illegal immigrants trying to get to the UK from Calais.

Home Secretary Theresa May and her French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve reached a deal which will also see increased co-operation between British and French law enforcement agencies.

Migrants queue for food in the French port of Calais. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire/Press Association Images

They also agreed to do more to tackle organised gangs involved in people trafficking and smuggling.

Security and Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said the two countries would also "continue to push for action at European and international level to address the wider problem of illegal migration, of which Calais is just one very visible sign".

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