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Russia conducts military exercise near border

Russia has conducted a military exercise in the Rostov region, near the Ukrainian border, a Russian Ministry of Defence official has said.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has also called on the Ukrainian government to immediately withdraw army units from southeastern Ukraine and start an "inclusive dialogue" with pro-Russian elements.

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Children found dead suffered from spinal muscular atrophy

Three children who were found dead at a house in New Malden suffered from spinal muscular atrophy, Daybreak's Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford reported.


I understand the three children found dead in S.London all suffered from severe degenerative Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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Breast cancer patient: £90,000 drug changed my life

A patient using the breast cancer drug Kadcyla, which could be blocked from routine NHS access because it is too expensive, told ITV News the treatment had improved her quality of life.

"I was in quite a bad state, and within about two cycles my life felt like it had turned a corner. I was able to do things I wasn't able to do prior to being on this treatment," Mani said of the drug, which currently costs around £90,000 per patient.

Andy Murray 'honoured' to receive Freedom of Stirling

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray said he felt honoured to receive the Freedom of Stirling and an honorary degree from the university where he trained as a boy.

Murray was awarded the Freedom of Stirling - the greatest civic honour the local authority can give - during a special council meeting at his old school Dunblane High this morning.

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray smiles widely as he holds the Freedom of Stirling.
Wimbledon champion Andy Murray smiles widely as he holds the Freedom of Stirling. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

The reigning Olympic champion said the honours were "a bit different but mean just as much".

"Every time I come back here the support has been overwhelming," he said. "It's just always nice to come back and see the support and meet friends and family in Dunblane. I miss home."


Bodies 'found with broken fingers' on sunken ferry

Most of the bodies found in the last two days on the sunken Sewol ferry have been discovered to have had broken fingers, presumably from the children frantically trying to climb the vertical floors, the Korean Donga Ilbo newspaper has said.

Most of the victims were high school children, who were told to stay where they were for their own safety and were trapped.

A woman puts a message wishing a safe return for missing passengers of the South Korean ferry Sewol. Credit: REUTERS/Issei Kato

"We are trained for hostile environments, but it's hard to be brave when we meet bodies in dark water," diver Hwang Dae-sik said.

The confirmed death toll on Wednesday was 146, many found at the back of the ship on the fourth deck.

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Hwang said his team had retrieved 14 bodies so far. "We have to touch everything with our hands. This is the most gruelling and heartbreaking job of my career," he said.

Health chief 'disappointed' with cancer drug company

The chief executive of health watchdog Nice told ITV News he is "disappointed" that drug manufacturer Roche has not offered the NHS a discount on a breast cancer drug that costs around £90,000 per patient.

Kadcyla, which extends women's lives by almost six months, could be blocked from routine NHS access because it is too expensive.

"Companies can discount their prices and they frequently do. Given the list price. I would have expected the company to have at least considered (a discount)," Andrew Dillon said.

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