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Dutch MP Wilders struggles with Trump comparison

Netherlands election candidate Geert Wilders has modelled himself somewhat on Donald Trump, hoping perhaps to emulate the US President's election upset.

But pollsters think the comparison my be hindering rather than helping the far right MP.

Peter Kanne, a Dutch political analyst, told ITV News the comparison could explain the dip in the polls for Mr Wilder's Freedom Party, but noted "the sentiment that made Donald Trump the president is largely the same" as that which Mr Wilders is attempting to harness.

ITV News Europe editor James Mates reports:


Lord Alli: No trust in government's Brexit ministers

Lord Waheed Alli has said he does not trust cabinet members Boris Johnson, David Davis or Liam Fox to successfully negotiate a good deal for Britain.

But the Labour peer and former Planet 24 boss, confessed that he "liked" Prime Minister Theresa May, and acknowledged that the admission might make him unpopular with members of his own party.

"I equally do not trust [foreign secretary] Boris Johnson, [Brexit chief] David Davis or [trade secretary] Liam Fox to successfully negotiate a good deal with the EU, or any other nation," he said.

"I have no confidence that they have the skills, understanding and competence to do such a deal."

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