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Missouri officials pledge they will 'do better tonight'

Officials in Missouri have pledged they will "do better tonight" after violent protests left dozens of buildings damaged in Ferguson.

Buildings and cars were set alight in Ferguson, Missouri, after the grand jury's decision was announced. Credit: Reuters

"There will be a significant presence in the community and we hope that we will protect the property and protect the businesses of those people in Ferguson and also through the city of St Louis, Daniel Isom, the head of the Missouri Department of Public Safety, said.


Governor 'deeply saddened' for the people of Ferguson

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has said he is "deeply saddened" for the people of Ferguson who woke up to see their community "in ruins."

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said he is 'deeply saddened' for the people of Ferguson. Credit: RTV

"What they have gone through is unacceptable. No one should have to live like this. No one deserves this," Nixon said.

"We must do better and we will," he added.

Police officer that shot Michael Brown still on 'leave'

The US police officer that shot an unarmed black teenager and was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing by a Grand Jury is still on "administrative leave" pending an internal police investigation.

The Mayor of Ferguson, Missouri, the town where the fatal incident took place, told reporters at a press conference that Officer Wilson remains on paid leave pending a full internal investigation.

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MI5 almost a week late submitting surveillance bid

MI5 was almost a week late in submitting a bid to put Michael Adebowale under heightened surveillance, only submitting it to the Home Office the day before he and Michael Adebolajo murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby, it has emerged.

Despite having a target time of seven days, the government’s Intelligence and Security Committee found the application took almost twice that time. If it had been submitted within the target time frame, the report found Adebowale would almost certainly have been under “intrusive” scrutiny in the days leading up to – and the day of – the attack.

Fusilier Lee Rigby was killed on May 22, 2013 Credit: PA

The report went on to say while it was “improbable” that any coverage would have uncovered Adebowale’s plans, the delay was “significant”.

If the application had not taken nearly twice as long as it should have, MI5 would probably have had these techniques in place in the days before the attack.

While post-event analysis has not provided any evidence that these techniques would have revealed anything that might have helped prevent the attack on 22 May 2013, there can be no certainty of this.

– Intelligence and Security Committee report

Ferguson mayor calls for more National Guard troops

Credit: Reuters

The Mayor of Ferguson has called for more National Guard troops to be sent to the town, after fears of unrest in the wake of a grand jury decision on the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown cleared the white police officer involved.

Mayor James Knowles also said that last night, the National Guard was "not deployed in enough time" to save all business hit by rioting.

Report sex abuse, Pope tells Spanish victim

Pope Francis arrives outside of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. Credit: Press Association Images

Pope Francis says that he personally phoned a Spanish man who had been sexually abused by a priest and urged him to report the offense to the diocese.

Three priests and a layman were arrested on Monday in connection with the case in the southern city of Granada.

Francis, speaking to reporters while returning home from Strasbourg on Tuesday, said he received a letter from the alleged victim and then phoned him, telling him to go to the Granada diocese in person to report the abuse that took place about 10 years ago.

Pope Francis said he then wrote to the bishop and urged him to launch an investigation.

The Holy Father also said that the case was causing him "great pain..But the truth is the truth and we cannot hide it."

Missouri governor orders National Guard reinforcements

Missouri's governor has ordered National Guard reinforcements into the city of Ferguson in a bid to prevent further looting and riots which began after a a white police officer was cleared in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

Governor Jay Nixon wrote on Twitter:

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