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PM 'ruling nothing out' if EU don't understand concerns

David Cameron says he has ruled "nothing out" if British concerns over migration "fall on deaf ears" at the European Union.

In a much-anticipated speech on immigration reform today, the Prime Minister will insist that welfare reforms will be an "absolute requirement" in the renegotiation process ahead of his planned referendum on EU membership.

This issue of free movement will be a key part of that negotiation. If I succeed, I will, as I have said, campaign to keep this country in a reformed EU.

If our concerns fall on deaf ears and we cannot put our relationship with the EU on a better footing, then of course I rule nothing out.

But I am confident that, with goodwill and understanding, we can and will succeed.

– David Cameron

David Cameron's migration welfare plans in full

David Cameron has pledged to remove "the financial incentives that attract migrants to Britain" in a bid to cut net migration and "deliver the control that British people want.

The proposals include:

  • EU migrants will not receive in-work benefits such as tax credits and social housing unless
  • Unemployed migrants will be kicked out of the UK unless they have found a job within six months
  • They will not be supported by British taxpayers
  • No child benefits or tax credits for children living outside of the UK will be paid out no matter how long the migrant has paid taxes for


PM promises to get tough on EU migrant benefits

European migrants will be banned from claiming benefits for the first four years after they arrive in the UK, under radical immigration reforms set out by David Cameron.

David Cameron will outline his plans to tighten immigration laws. Credit: PA Wire

Unemployed Europeans will have six months to find a job or face being removed from the country, Mr Cameron will say in a speech on immigration reform today.

And those with jobs will only receive in-work benefits, such as tax credits, and social housing once they have been in the UK for four years.

Mr Cameron was dealt a blow yesterday after figures showed that net migration to the UK had increased by 78,000 to 260,000 in the year to June, despite his pledge to reduce net migration to below 100,000.

Currys PC World website 'down' ahead of Black Friday

The Currys and PC World website has apparently crashed under the weight of demand from Black Friday shoppers.

Shoppers who attempted to visit the website were told "huge demand has meant we need to place you in a short queue" - with some warned that they would be waiting for up to an hour.

Users were sent this message when they attempted to visit the technology store. Credit: Currys


How would Britain fare on immigration outside the EU?

David Cameron's highly anticipated speech on immigration and Europe tomorrow could impact the in/out referendum the Prime Minister has promised on the EU.

ITV News Europe Editor James Mates considers how Britain could be affected if the country votes to leave Europe by looking at how Switzerland - which has never joined the EU - deals with immigration, trade and Europe.

Team-mates lead cricket's grief for Phillip Hughes

Cricket figures around the world have paid tribute to Australian batsman Phillip Hughes, who was regarded as a key part of his country's future before a freak injury from a bowler's delivery ended his life.

ITV News Sport Editor Steve Scott reports on the prodigy who set new records during a career and life cut cruelly short as he entered his prime.

Vandalised Banksy street art to be flown to US

A prized Banksy street painting removed from the side of an amusement arcade in Folkestone is being flown to Miami tonight, to take centre stage in an exhibition.

The piece, known as Art Buff, is being flown to Miami tonight Credit: PA

Known as Art Buff, the painting by the Bristol guerrilla artist depicts a mature woman wearing headphones, staring at an empty plinth.

It appeared on the wall of of Palace Amusements in Folkestone last month, but was defaced two weeks later with a spray-painted image of a penis.

Nonetheless, it was sold to London art dealership Bankrobber and will star at the Art Miami exhibition in Miami's Keszler Gallery in the first week of December.

The exhibition will feature a number of Banksy street works spanning the artist's career from 2005 and will represent the largest collection of the artist's street works ever displayed.

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