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Greek banks 'to remain closed for a few more days'

Greece is expected to issue a new decree to extend national bank closures for at least a few more days, banking sources have told Reuters.

Last week Greece issued a decree imposing capital controls and ordered banks to shut after the European Central Bank froze vital emergency funds following the breakdown of bailout talks.

"The bank holiday will be extended, until Friday or next Monday," one senior banker told Reuters.

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Will Greece have to print its own currency?

Greeks queue outside a bank in Athens today Credit: Reuters

The banks aren't open today and it seems very unlikely they're going to open tomorrow.

The money taps have been turned off by the European Central Bank and until they get switched back on again, the Greek banks cannot open.

But you can't run a major economy when people can't get money out of the banks, when firms can't pay people because they can't do bank transfers, when companies can't pay for goods or imports.

If those money taps aren't turned back on by the ed of the week and the banks aren't re-opened, Greece will have to start producing some form of alternative currency - even if they don't call it the Drachma.

UK travellers unfazed by Greek 'no' vote

UK travellers visiting Greece appear unconcerned by the resounding 'no' vote in the Greek referendum.

Travellers who spoke to ITV News at Glasgow airport said they were glad to be going and had never once considered cancelling their trips.

Travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is that British travellers should take enough cash and be aware that banking services in Greece could become limited "at short notice".

There is, however, no government advice against going to Greece.


Police: 'Too early to say if medical episode caused crash'

Inspector James Biggs, of Sussex Police, said it was too early to say whether a medical episode suffered by one of the drivers was to blame for a crash which left 23 people injured.

As you can appreciate, on a sunny day in Brighton there were lots of people everywhere. It was very chaotic. The main priority was care for the patients.

It was declared a major incident very early on. We got a very good response from the three emergency services, and we worked very well in the initial stages to make sure the patients got the care and treatment that they needed.

– Inspector James Biggs, Sussex Police

Greek PM Tsipras 'to present bailout proposals tomorrow'

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Credit: Reuters

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has agreed to present the country's proposal for an aid deal to an emergency European Union summit tomorrow, a Greek government official said.

EU President Donald Tusk announced the meeting yesterday after the country resoundingly voted "No" to accepting eurozone creditors' austerity measures in return for bailout funds.

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