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Footballers to be educated on concussion

Fifa's medical committee have suggested that players, team doctors, coaches, referees and officials should take undergo an education programme on the dangers of concussion and how to recognise it.

Football's governing body have been looking to improve the protocol on concussion and high-profile incidents at the World Cup have forced a rethink.

A Fifa statement read: "The incidents at the World Cup have shown that the role of team doctors needs to be reinforced in order to ensure the correct management of potential cases of concussion in the heat of the competition."

Air strikes 'will weaken IS but not destroy it'

Air strikes in Syria will weaken Islamic State (IS) but not destroy it, a security claims.

Shashank Joshi, senior research fellow at military think tank the Royal United Services Institute, said in the absence of ground troops the US-led campaign would be limited to "applying pressure" on the group.

He said the first wave of strikes in Syria were an important development in the fight against IS but: "In order to weaken and eventually defeat IS you have to take them on on both sides of what is a very porous border."


  1. London

Two killed after being hit by a train at Slough

Two people have been killed after being hit by a train at Slough in Berkshire. Police are currently treating their deaths as suspicious.

First pictures: Aftermath of US-led Syrian air strikes

These pictures show the aftermath of the US-led air strikes on Syria in which "tens" of IS militants are believed to have been killed.

Many areas were reduced to rubble overnight. Credit: RTV

Eight civilians, including three children, were also killed as America and its allies targeting IS strongholds across the war-torn country.

Civilians climb on top of a house so they can inspect the damage. Credit: RTV

Syria's branch of Al-Qaida, the Nusra Front, were also targeted in the attacks killing 50 militants.

Other countries who have joined forces with the US and participated in air strikes include Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

A man appears to be searching under the rubble. Credit: RTV

White tiger 'kills boy' at Delhi zoo

A white tiger has killed an Indian student at Delhi zoo, AFP reported, citing officials.

Although the boy was inside the tiger's enclosure at the time of the attack, there seems to be some confusion as to how he entered.

File photo of a white tiger at Delhi zoo. Credit: REUTERS/Kamal Kishore

Zoo manager Riaz Khan told AFP the teenager "seems to have leapt over the railings."

However, a witness told the Times Now television channel the boy was leaning over the barricade when he fell into the tiger enclosure.


Regulator confirms £38m Barclays fine

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has slapped Barclays with a £37,745,000 fine after it failed to heed warnings and exposed clients to "unnecessary risk".

The regulator said the bank would have faced a bigger fine of £54m if it had not agreed to pay the penalty at an early stage.

Barclays was criticised for not protecting its clients assets. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Tracey McDermott, FCA director of enforcement and financial crime, said: "Barclays failed to apply the lessons from our previous enforcement actions, numerous industry-wide warnings, and exposed its clients to unnecessary risk."

Among the failings were "flaws in account naming and data" that suggested assets belonged to Barclays when they in fact belonged to the bank's clients.

Matches could be stopped for 3 minutes under new concussion rules

Germany's Christoph Kramer had to leave the pitch with concussion in the World Cup Final. Credit: PA

FIFA's medical committee have put together a proposal that would allow a referee to stop a football match for up to three minutes to deal with a suspected concussion.

The proposal will be made to the FIFA executive committee and would see team doctors treat the player on the pitch.

The referee would then only let the injured player continue with the authorisation of the team doctor, who will have the final decision.

The issue of concussions in football has long been debated and recently came into the spotlight again, during the World Cup Final when German player Christoph Kramer was concussed but initially played on before being substituted.

Shadow minister caught out over state pension

The shadow minister responsible for pensions was caught out this morning when she appeared not to know the value of the basic state pension.

Rachel Reeves speaking at the Labour party conference in Manchester. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves told LBC radio the basic state pension was "just under £100 a week", before being informed that it is actually £113.10.

Ms Reeves then revised her answer to "around £100", before pointing out that the amount a pensioner receives depends on how much they have paid in.

"It depends how many years you've contributed to a pension - if you are a poorer pensioner, you get those top-ups with pension credit. The minimum income guarantee, if you like with a pensioner is around £130 or £140."

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