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Archbishop of York: UK 'right not to pay ransoms'

The Government is "right not to pay ransoms" to extremist groups who kidnap British citizens, according to the Archbishop of York.

John Sentamu spoke to Good Morning Britain after IS released video footage claiming to show the murder of American journalist Steven Sotloff.

The Archbishop called on the United Nations to act to "make sure this barbaric activity does not continue".

Russia to hold 'major exercises' of strategic missile forces

Russia will conduct major exercises of the strategic missile forces responsible for its long-range nuclear arsenal during this month, the country's defence ministry has told the state-run RIA news agency.

The exercises were announced amid heightened tensions with Nato over the Ukraine crisis and ahead of a two-day summit in Wales.

They will involve more than 4,000 Russian service members and around 400 technical units, including aviation, RIA reported.


'Progress made' to get Ashya to Czech hospital

The release of Ashya King's parents means the family's plans to get the five-year-old to the Czech Republic for proton beam therapy is back on track, his brother Naveed told ITV News.

"Progress is being made to get Ashya to the Czech Republic to get everything sorted out as soon as possible," he told ITV News in an internet video conversation.

An internet connection problem means part of this video may be difficult to understand.

Putin and Poroshenko 'largely agree' way out of crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko have spoken by phone and "largely agree" on a possible way out of the Ukraine crisis, Interfax news agency reported, citing Putin's spokesman.

Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko shaking hands during their last meeting.
Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko shaking hands during their last meeting. Credit: Reuters

"The viewpoints of the presidents of the two countries largely coincide on possible ways out of the grave crisis situation," Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying.


Ashya's parents 'should be involved in every decision'

The parents of a five-year-old boy battling a brain tumour "should be involved in every on going decision of his care," the leader of Portsmouth City Council told Good Morning Britain.

Donna Jones said Ashya King's parents, who live in Portsmouth, "need to be with their little boy" and tried to distance the council from the European Arrest Warrant which put the couple in jail.

Settled conditions persisting, bringing variable cloud and sunny spells

Any early mist and fog patches will lift during the morning.

Otherwise, it will be a mainly fine day with variable amounts of cloud and some warm sunny spells, with just the odd light shower possible in the east.

It should be a fine day with the odd light shower.
It should be a fine day with the odd light shower. Credit: ITV Weather

Tonight it will remain mainly dry overnight with light winds and some clear spells.

However, there is a risk once again of mist and fog patches forming in places.

Doctors Without Borders: 'We are crying for help'

Doctors Without Borders are 'crying for help' with the Ebola outbreak in west Africa with facilities overwhelmed by patients, a health chief has warned.

Director of Operations for the charity, Brice de le Vingne told Good Morning Britain: "We cannot cope with the situation anymore, that is why we are crying for help. Today, we have patients dying on our front doors."

Defence Secretary: Nato must show it 'means business'

Nato members must ramp up their defence spending to show the alliance "means business", the Defence Secretary will tell military leaders later.

Michael Fallon will warn that the US cannot go on "picking up the cheque" to deal with "threats that are on our doorstep".

Speaking at the Royal United Services Institute, he will say: "Nato was formed on the basis that Europe would pay her way. Like any insurance policy, defence only pays out when you pay in."

Michael Fallon warned that the US could not continue to 'pick up the cheque' for European nations.
Michael Fallon warned that the US could not continue to 'pick up the cheque' for European nations. Credit: Tim Brakemeier/DPA/Press Association Images

Mr Fallon will urge Nato members to pledge to spend 20% of their defence budgets on new equipment, research and developing their military capabilities.

His call follows a warning from Defence Secretary Philip Hammond that Nato could unravel unless nations show the political will to respond to any future Russian aggression in eastern Europe.

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