Analysis: Miliband and Cameron clash on NHS

David Cameron produced a better performance in this week's PMQs Photo: PA Wire

Fewer of them today but Ed Miliband still focused his questions on the government's NHS troubles.

Labour party leader Ed Miliband speaks during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons Credit: PA Wire

Helped by the interview with Dr Sam Everington on ITV News last night - the Labour leader claimed even GPs involved in the commissining (the central plank of the legislation) are now against the Bill.

But David Cameron didn’t appear to drown under the criticism as he did last week - and Ed Miliband's assault was lacking the effectiveness of the "poll tax" jibe.

Prime Minister David Cameron speaks during Prime Minister's Questions Credit: PA Wire

And in answer to the charge that more and more health professionals are now against the plan - the Prime Minister came armed with a good defence: that only 7% of the members of the Royal College of GPs and only 2% of members of the Royal College of Physiotherapists responded to the ballot on rejecting the Health and Social Care Bill.

And thanks to UNITE's Len McCluskey, Ed Miliband had his own weak spot today.

The union that provides a third of Labour's funds urging industrial action during the Olympics was a gift for the Tories - and there was a planted question or two from Mr Cameron's backbenchers to help.