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Eurovision: the UK's poisoned chalice

Boyband Blue represented the UK in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, Germany Photo: Reuters

The UK has not fared well in the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years, the last time it won was in 1997 with Katrina and the Waves singing "Love Shine a Light."

Here is a rundown of some of its not so successful entries in the past decade:

2011: Reformed boyband Blue were the UK's entry in Dusseldorf, Germany, with the song "I Can". They finished in eleventh place.

2010: Nineteen-year-old Josh Dubovie was chosen to represent the UK after securing the most public votes on Your Country Needs You!. He scored just 10 points with "That Sounds Good to Me", a song penned by Pete Waterman.

2009: Jade Ewen performed "It's My Time" song by Lord Lloyd Webber and took fifth place – with the highest number of points for the UK since Katrina and the Waves in 1997. She later went on to join girlband The Sugababes.

Jade Ewen performed "It's My Time" penned by Lord Lloyd Webber Credit: BBC

2008: X Factor runner-up Andy Abraham performed "Even If". He finished equal last of the 25 entries, with 14 points alongside Germany and Poland.

2007: Scooch sang "Flying the Flag (for You)", they finished 22nd out of 24 countries, after only two countries gave the group points - Ireland, who awarded seven points, and Malta, who gave the UK the maximum 12 points.

2006: Daz Sampson performed "Teenage Life". He received 25 points, finishing in 19th place.

2005: Popstars: The Rivals reject Javine Hylton was the UK's entry with "Touch My Fire" . She finished with 18 points, in 22nd place.

2004: James Fox represented the UK with the song "Hold Onto Our Love" He finished 16th out of 24 finalists with 29 points.

2003: The United Kingdom experienced the ultimate humiliation of "null points" after Jemini sang "Cry Baby" and finished last place in Latvia.

The duo blamed the result on not being able to hear their vocals through the on-stage monitors.

Pop duo Jemini received "nul points" after performing "Cry Baby" in Latvia Credit: Reuters

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