Will the new iPad launch usher in more domination for Apple?

Customers look at the iPad 2 during the launch in China in 2011. Photo: REUTERS / Apple / DG/ML

Tonight Apple will unveil the iPad 3, not to hoardes of tech obsessives queuing outside their gadget temples, but at a presentation at Apple HQ in California, and an event in London.

The queues will come later.

Shoppers que to buy the iPad 2 at Apple retail store in San Francisco, California. Credit: REUTERS: RG/CN

Certainly the first and second iPads have been successes. And taken on uses that are perhaps unexpected.

British Airways raves about how using the iPad for passenger lists has transformed the process of getting people on and off planes. People who work with the hearing impaired have found it hugely useful in all sorts of ways that traditional computers never were.

iPad works from one of the biggest British artists even hang on the walls of the Royal Academy.

And anyone who has seen one of their small children or young relatives flick across the screens as if it was a natural as scribbling with a crayon does not have to be persuaded of the Ipad's appeal.

A young girl views the new iPad tablet at the Apple store in London in 2010. Credit: REUTERS: LM/CLH

Exactly what this third version will have that the first two do not, you'll have to wait a few hours to find out.

Some conversations on Twitter this morning show many people will just think this is the latest in the Apple events calendar that is only designed to crank out more cash.

But for others, the launch is the moment that finally, they will succumb to the increasing influence Apple has over all of our lives.

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