'Republican nightmare' as presidential race goes on

Rick Santorum (L) and Mitt Romney Photo: Reuters

Just like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. All these states were meant to help narrow the field and provide the Republicans with a Presidential nominee and a united party.

But now we are waking up after the results of Super Tuesday with nothing decided. All four candidates are vowing to stay in the race until the summer's Convention.

Indecision is the Republican establishment's nightmare. A morale-sapping, money-burning disaster that will bring a smile to the face of President Obama and his re-election advisers.

Certainly Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are both claiming to be winners tonight. Romney won Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia. Santorum won Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Dakota.

Ohio was close. Very close. And because it will be so important in November it was the big prize last night. There may be a recount but it seems that Mitt Romney won in the end. But given the money he spent it should have been much more comfortable. It raises major questions about Romney's electability. And remember that is the core argument behind the former Governor's candidacy.

So instead of clarity we have uncertainty this morning. In the end, Super Tuesday was super for only one man. Sadly for the Republicans, that man was Barack Obama.