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Prince Harry scores a win at a charity polo match in Brazil

Prince Harry exchanged a chauffeur driven limousine for a horse drawn carriage for his arrival at his charity polo match at Campinas in Brazil on Sunday.

Harry took the reins of the carriage and drove two grey horses onto the polo ground of an exclusive Brazilian hotel and estate where the event was staged.

Prince Harry steers a coach and horses into the Polo field at the Haras Larissa Hotel complex Credit: PA

The event was held in aid of his charity Sentebale which he co-founded in 2006, which helps orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho, South Africa.

He captained his Sentebale team against the opposing St Regis side.

During the game, the Prince could be seen riding his pony at speed across the field to make a tackle, or ahead to attack.

At one point with an open goal undefended 40 metres in front of him, he missed the target and let out a cry of disappointment.

Prince Harry (centre) in action during a the polo match Credit: PA
Prince Harry in action during a Polo match when he captained Sentebale against St Regis, for charity at Campinas in Brazil Credit: PA

Sentebale won the game 6-3 and Harry was presented with a trophy to mark the win.

As he received the award, model and TV presenter Fernanda Motta, 30, stepped forward to give each of the winning team members two celebratory kisses.

After Harry received his prize pecks on the cheek, he made everyone laugh by clenching his fists in celebration at getting close to the Brazilian, who wore a blue dress with a very high hemline.

Prince Harry being kissed by Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Mutta after the Polo match where he captained Sentebale against St Regis Credit: PA
Prince Harry gives the thumbs up after being kissed by Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Mutta Credit: PA

Ms Motta said afterwards: "I didn't know why everyone was laughing because I was kissing the next player.

"I took his gesture as a compliment - and that makes me very happy."

Prince Harry and his polo team, with Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Mutta receive the Sentabale Cup Credit: PA