PM dragged further into hacking scandal

David Cameron is friends with Charlie Brooks who was arrested today Photo: REUTERS/Phil Noble

There are two interesting things about the arrest of Rebekah Brooks and her husband Charlie early this morning.

She had already been arrested last year by the inquiries into phone hacking and police corruption.

Charlie Brooks and his wife Rebekah have been arrested today Credit: Reuters

But this is an arrest on a different issue. It is conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

And that is a serious allegation. Her former PA Cheryl Carter was arrested on this issue last year.

The other interesting element with these arrests is the political dimension.

David Cameron was dragged into the hacking scandal with his appointment of Andy Coulson.

David Cameron's appointment of Andy Coulson led to him being dragged into the scandal Credit: REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett

The recent horsegate story, although on the face of it initially silly, did point up the close links between the Met, Rebekah Brooks, her husband Charlie Brooks, and the Prime Minister.

Mr Cameron had to admit he had ridden the former police horse Raisa, with his Eton schoolfriend Charlie Brooks.

It is another person close to Mr Cameron now arrested in this inquiry.