Freed British hostage will speak to UK police

Judith Tebbutt Photo: ITV News

Judith Tebbutt is likely to be interviewed by Scotland Yard detectives when she returns to the UK, Kenyan police officials have told ITV News.

Anti-terror officers in Nairobi are leading an investigation to find the gang which kidnapped Mrs Tebbutt and killed her husband, David, last September. Detectives from the Metropolitan Police have already travelled to the luxury beach resort where the attack happened, close to the border with Somalia, to gather evidence.

Judith Tebbutt Credit: ITV News

"Naturally, in a criminal investigation, the victim is always key... As a witness she is of much value to us" said Eric Kiraithe, Senior Assistant Commissioner of the Kenyan Police.

But he said that officers will only interview her when they believe that she is ready, probably after she has returned to the UK.

Naturally in any criminal investigation such as this, where a victim has been killed, we don't want to traumatise the lady any further.

The hardest part is yet to come, when she walks into her house back in England where her husband used to be.

She will want justice and it is our resolve to achieve that.

– Eric Kiraithe, Senior Assistant Commissioner of the Kenyan Police

Two men have appeared in a Kenyan court in connection with the raid. One of them, alleged 'fixer' Ali Babitu Kololo, claims to have been seized at gunpoint by a gang and ordered to lead them to the hotel.

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