Posh food: Victoria cooks the best of British

Posh's best of British food
How Victoria Beckham chose to celebrate British cuisine for International Food Day. Photo: Twitter/victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham has celebrated the best of British for a project to mark International Food Day at Romeo and Cruz's school in LA.


School project!! International food day for Romeo and Cruz, started preparing x vb http://t.co/iOLS8I3J

Posh's patriotic decorations
Victoria Beckham gets all patriotic for International Food Day Credit: Twitter/victoriabeckham

The former Spice Girl decided to serve up such British delicacies as pork pie, sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple on plastic swords, all dressed up with mini Union Jacks.

Posh's Best of British
Victoria Beckham shows America how to cook British Credit: @victoriabeckham
A British banger
A British sausage formed part of Posh's display Credit: @victoriabeckham

Victoria showed that she is still a simple British girl, with a taste for the food that made Britain great.

Posh school dinners
Victoria Beckham and friend serve up their idea of British school dinners Credit: @victoriabeckham