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What is the Government's 'alcohol strategy'?

New plans for a minimum price for alcohol Photo: ITV News

The Government is planning to introduce a minimum price per unit for alcohol in England and Wales, but the plans are part of an entire 'alcohol strategy.'

The plans aim to:

  • Bring up the price of alcohol by:
  • Introducing minimum pricing for alcohol
  • A ban on bulk-buying price promotions, which the Government will consult on
  • Involve communities in decisions about licensing by:
  • Piloting 'sobriety schemes' to try and tackle alcohol-related offending
  • Charging clubs to cover the cost of extra policing
  • Doubling the fine for shops selling alcohol to children, bringing it to £20,000
  • Encourage the drinks industry to provide a wider choice of lower strength drinks
  • Giving more information on unit and calorie counts on packaging
  • Ensuring product placement and marketing is 'more responsible'
  • Supporting people who want to change their drinking habits by:
  • Providing £448 million to ' turn around the lives of 120,000 troubled families'
  • Providing services for treatment and recovery for people with alcohol problems

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