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Two guilty of Lennon bomb plot

The device which contained 248 nails Photo: PA

Trevor Muirhead and Neil McKenzie have been convicted of conspiring to assault Celtic manager Neil Lennon and other high-profile supporters of the club in a parcel bomb plot at the High Court in Glasgow.

Neil McKenzie, convicted of sending a parcel bomb to Celtic manager Neil Lennon Credit: Strathclyde Police/PA Wire
Trevor Muirhead, convicted for sending a parcel bomb to Celtic manager Neil Lennon and other high profile supporters of the club Credit: Strathclyde Police/PA Wire

Muirhead and McKenzie sent devices they believed were capable of exploding to Lennon, former MSP Trish Godman, the late Paul McBride QC, and an republican organisation called Cairde Na hEireann (Friends of Ireland).

44-year-old Muirhead and 42-year-old McKenzie both from Ayrshire, were originally accused of conspiring to murder their targets but the charge was thrown out on Thursday due to insufficient evidence.

The two men denied the charges against them.

The case centred on five suspicious packages, two of them addressed to Celtic manager Neil Lennon.

None of the devices were viable, but prosecutors argued that both men believed four of them were.

The first package was sent to Lennon at Glasgow's Celtic Park on the 4th of March last year.

The "hoax nail bomb" came shortly after a confrontation between the Celtic manager and Rangers FC manager Ally McCoist.

When police searched McKenzie's home they found petrol cans, black wire and a bottle of cream peroxide, as well as an "oath of allegiance" to the Scottish Unionist Association, a Union flag and two flags featuring the Red Hand of Ulster.

McKenzie admitted to police that he had constructed a "hoax bomb" and said he had bought materials for other packages.

He said he was aware of how to make a bomb after seeing it on the 1980s TV show The A-Team.

Celtic Manager Neil Lennon has endured a string of sectarian threats on his life Credit: REUTERS/David Moir

Two days after Celtic manager Neil Lennon was sent a second 'parcel bomb' Labour MSP Trish Godman's constituency office received a suspect device in the post.

Jurors heard that liquid inside a plastic bottle within the package had tested positive for the explosive substance triacetone triperoxide.

MSP Trish Godman wore a Celtic top to the Scottish Parliament as a 'dare for charity.' Credit: ITV News

Ms Godman, who was Labour MSP for West Renfrewshire, had worn a Celtic top to the Scottish Parliament as a "dare for charity" a few days before.

This package was addressed to Celtic manager Neil Lennon. Credit: Strathclyde Police/PA Wire
Neil McKenzie and Trevor Muirhead were convicted of conspiring to assault Celtic manager and high profile fans. Credit: Strathclyde Police/PA Wire

Royal Mail postman Andrew Brown said he became suspicious of a package addressed to Celtic manager Neil Lennon on Friday the 4th of March last year.

He said something about the heavy brown envelope "didn't feel right", so he alerted his supervisors.

The building was then evacuated and police set up a 100-metre cordon whilst specialist police investigated.

The device was found to contain 248 nails.

Later that month Royal Mail intercepted another parcel meant for the Celtic boss at the club's training ground.

Another postman spotted a nail protruding from a brown padded envelope and raised the alarm.

The package tested positive for peroxide; which can be used to make explosives.

The pair will be sentenced on April 27th.