Cameron turns to an old favourite with Right to Buy

David Cameron is set to re-launch the latest version of the Right to Buy scheme. Photo: Reuters

So what do you do when you've had a difficult week, when voters think you're responsible for the petrol panic, when some backbench MPs are grumbling and when the political landscape has been dominated by if and when and where you ate your last pasty?

Well the Prime Minister's answer is to relaunch one of the Conservative party's most successful policies: the right to buy a council house.

Margaret Thatcher visiting the home of a couple who bought their home through the Right to Buy scheme in the eighties. Credit: ITV News

Associated with Mrs Thatcher, it was one of her most popular policies.So the plan is that council tenants will be offered discounts of up to £75 000 to buy their council homes. The Government wants a big increase in the only 4,000 homes which were bought last year.

The Government is to offer up to £75,000 discounts to social tenants to buy their homes. Credit: Reuters

The problem is that as many are struggling with high unemployment and rising costs, even with the discounts, buying a council house could still be difficult for some. But helping people to try and become home owners will be welcomed by many.

The right to buy scheme is being re-launched by the Government. Credit: Reuters

This is a policy the Prime Minister likes so much that this is the third time it's been announced. In November Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg launched this as part of the Government's housing strategy. And Mr Cameron first unveiled it at his party conference in October.

So good they launched it thrice.And the Prime Minister will be hoping it brings him some better headlines than the one's he's had in the last week.

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