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Tornadoes cause destruction across Texas

A vehicle rests in the driveway of a home destroyed by a series of tornadoes ripping through the Dallas suburb of Lancaster Photo: Reuters/Tim Sharp

Tornadoes and violent storms smashed their way through Texas on Tuesday, causing widespread destruction in the state.

More than a dozen injuries were reported.

Overturned cars and flattened trucks left streets and main roads clogged.

This footage shows buildings being ripped apart and trailer trucks tossed into the air in Dallas.

Carver Malone, who lives in Dallas, Texas, described the moment a tornado struck his home.

Flights from Dallas-Fort Worth, the eighth busiest airport in the world, were grounded because of fears over the weather, an American Airlines spokesman said.

Police in Arlington, Texas wrote on Twitter storm damage had affected 150 homes but that there were no major injuries reported:

This footage shows widespread damage across Texas after the tornadoes hit.

Meteorologists said the tornadoes were the result of a slow-moving storm system centered over northern New Mexico.

April is the peak of the US tornado season that runs from March until June.

Tornadoes tear through Texas Credit: ITV News

Facts and figures on Texas tornadoes:

  • Texas experiences on average 135 tornadoes each year.
  • In 2011, Texas had 100 confirmed tornadoes and no tornado-related deaths.
  • Texas was the fourth highest US state in terms of tornadoes last year.