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Google's goggles

Someone wearing the 'augmented reality' glasses Photo: Google

Google is taking the idea of work-on-the-go to the next level with a gadget that allows you to browse the internet, chat with friends and take photos without the use of a computer.

The internet giant's research wing, Google X, has uploaded a video introducing what it calls Project Glass. An accompanying message says: "We're sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input".

Several images on the Project Glass web page show people wearing futuristic-looking 'glasses' that appear to have no lenses.

Tech websites are speculating that this is Google's first foray into the world of "augmented reality" - a technology that superimposes the internet over the user's eyesight.

The video, which is shot in the first person, appears to show someone going about their ordinary life - meeting a friend, going shopping, buying lunch and so on. But at certain points, small messages are superimposed over their view.

For example, when he looks out of his window an icon appears giving him the weather forecast. When he finds that his Underground line is closed a map appears plotting the route he needs to walk to reach his destination.

There is no mention of whether Google is launching such a project, or what the cost would be. The New York Times previously reported that the glasses would go on sale some time this year and would be in the same price range as smart phones (£157-£378).