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Still scarred and divided, Bosnia mourns the dead 20 years on

In Sarajevo twenty years may have passed but for many the suffering endured by this city remains undiminshed by time.

11,541 people were killed here during the Bosnian war.

A child places a flower on a small chair symbolizing children killed Credit: Reuters

Each empty red seat laid out before this anniversary concert a poignant tribute to each victim - a river of red flowing for more than half a mile through Sarajevo's central street.

11,541 red chairs are pictured along Titova street in Sarajevo Credit: Reuters

Everyone from my family has survived the war, and I'm happy because of that but I am witness to a lot of friends, neighbours who were lost in many ways - some of them were killed and some were moved and we miss them.


I relive everything that happened, since early morning and I don't know what to say. This child keeps asking me what happened here and why are these chairs empty. And I try to explain as much as you can tell to a child.


For three years and eight months, Sarajevo was a city under siege. For the trapped civilians daily life was a fight for survival.

Colonel Bob Stewart was the British Commander of United Nations forces in Bosnia. He believes the international community should have done more.

Back in Sarajevo a new generation is determined to learn from the lessons of the past.