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Relatives remember the Titanic disaster 100 years on

Titanic setting sail for Southampton from Belfast. Photo: Gaumont

On the 100th anniversary of Titanic's doomed maiden voyage, relatives of those on board speak to ITV News.

Valentine Palmer's great uncle Charles Lightholler was the most senior officer on board the Titanic to survive the disaster.

He saved many passengers from death, rowing them to safety on an upturned boat. He was branded a "hero" and went onto serve in both World Wars.

Christopher Ward is the grandson of Jock Hume, one of the famous musicians who continued to play on the deck of the Titanic as she sank.

On Tuesday at noon, at the exact time Titanic left southamton 100 years ago and to the sound of the great ship's whistle, a tug boat will sail out from the docks leading a flotilla of small ships, whilst relatives of those who died look on.

ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar witnessed the preparations.

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