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Michelle Obama jokes about rising popularity

With the US presidential campaign well-underway and media appearances aplenty, Michelle Obama took to Comedy Central's mock-news chat show 'The Colbert Report' to endorse her man.

Quizzing the First Lady on her popularity, chat show host Stephen Colbert asked: "You are popular. You are - Do you ever lord over the President the fact that you're more popular than he is? Do you ever say, 'Hey, watch it, or I might not campaign for you?'"

She joked: "I might try that when I get home."

Comedy show 'The Colbert Report' has played a prominent role, in recent years, in hosting candidates and sometimes shaping political dialogue during campaign seasons.

Michelle stands by her man Credit: Reuters/Jim Young

Michelle went on to endorse her husband - the sitting president of the United States.

"I am endorsing my husband, Barack Obama," she said. "I think he will be a phenomenal president. He has done a phenomenal job. He's my man."

Comedy Central, have both held prominent roles in recent years, hosting candidates, and sometimes shaping political dialogue during campaign seasons.

Singer Beyonce is among Michelle Obama's celebrity fans Credit: MTV

Michelle Obama's popularity is widespread among US celebrities including singer Beyonce who wrote an open letter expressing her admiration and pride in the US First Lady.

The singer, 30, who posted the handwritten letter on her website, declared Mrs Obama 'the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American woman.'