Breivik's cross-examination: 'what is remarkable is the cordiality of the proceedings'

Anders Breivik has been answering questions about his background Photo: APTN

Today's hearing is concentrating on the detail of Breivik's background.

It's unlikely to deliver the "shock factor" of Tuesday but what is remarkable is the cordiality under which the proceedings are being held.

That's how courts operate, clearly, but this is the most reviled individual in Norwegian history, a man who shot scores of teenagers in cold blood.

The cross examination is calm, almost friendly at times.

Norwegian public prosecutor Svein Holden has been questioning Anders Breivik on the third day of his trial Credit: APTN

Breivik is responding calmly and openly to most questions, there's little sign of "frost" or mental barrier between him and the judges, except when he's trying to protect the identities of others.

He's happy to talk about himself (presumably because for him, the game's up), but going out of his way to avoid implicating contacts.

This could all be fantasy, of course.

The authorities certainly dismissed a lot of his claims early in their investigation but the details of his travels, at least, seem to stack up.

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