'Granny tax' victory for Chancellor

The freeze in age-related allowances will cost some pensioners on relatively modest incomes up to £323 a year, Labour warned Photo: ITN

It's not been a good month for the Chancellor - his budget has gone down like a lead balloon. And this week he's had to face taunts from Labour Leader Ed Miliband that he's just a part-time Chancellor.

But some good news for George Osborne and the Treasury. Attempts by Labour to force the Government to drop the pasty, church and caravan taxes failed yesterday in the Commons as well as calls to reverse the 50p cut. Today, the Government also managed to save the so-called "granny tax".

The Government managed to save Chancellor George Osborne's so called "granny tax" Credit: REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

But what's significant here is just how many Tories and to some extent Liberal Democrats voted against their own side.

The most significant was over the caravan tax which saw the Government's majority cut to just 25 - the second lowest this Parliament, after the vote on tuition fees.

The Government actually did pretty well on the vote on age-related allowances or "granny tax". The majority was 69 with only two rebels - one Tory and one Lib Dem.

That will be disappointing for Labour who have spent the past four weeks enjoying George Osborne's discomfort. But they've made their point - and will continue to do so. And all at the expense of the Chancellor.