1. ITV Report

President Ahmadinejad is mobbed by Iranians protesting of poverty

In a unexpected act of civil dissent, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was confronted by residents protesting about their economic plights, during a trip through the southern Iranian city of Bandar-Abbas last week.

In the footage posted on YouTube, Ahmadinejad's vehicle is first approached by an man who is seen shouting "Ahmadinejad, I'm Hungry, I'm Hungry!"

Mr Ahmadinejad is then seen handing the elderly man something which cannot be clearly identified.

Then, a women dressed in black, jumps on to the car and complains to the President about her poverty.

Mr Ahmadinejad listens to the women and then apparently tells her to move on. She then walks past him and appears to climb down from the car and his vehicle moves on.