Rupert Murdoch to give evidence after Hunt revelations

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt Photo: PA

Jeremy Hunt has probably had easier days, but his salvation, at least in the short term, is likely to come from more or less the same source as the original problem. Or at least the same family.

I don't know what Rupert Murdoch is going to say to the Leveson Inquiry tomorrow, but the impression we have down here is that he is a bit tired of being on the ropes and in the mood to throw a few punches.

Rupert Murdoch Credit: Reuters

Where exactly these will land is open to question. We know that he thought a great deal of Tony Blair, a good deal less of Gordon Brown and not an awful lot of David Cameron, but it's debatable which of these sentiments is the most damaging in the current climate.

There is a fairly good chance he will say that politicians of all parties were a lot keener on courting him than he was them, so there is the potential for some real political fireworks all round.

At least that is what Mr Hunt must be hoping…