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A cut above the rest: The 2012 Beard Championships

Winner of the beards competition 2012 Photo: SNTV

Beards from around the world have travelled to Bad Schussenried for the 2012 International German Beard and Moustache Championships.

The hirsute competitors took part in 18 categories, including 'Imperial moustaches', 'Dali moustaches' and 'chin beard freestyle".

A total of 163 of the world's most interestingly decorated faces paraded through the town before the competition got under way.

A panel of seven judges marked each individual competitor and decided who would be crowned king in each category.

Beard preparation Credit: SNTV

German-born Arner Bielefeldt proved to be a cut above the rest in the full beard freestyle category.

He said it was his reward for four months of 'training' in his adopted home in California, USA.

The 'full beard' category was the keenest contested, with 23 competitors keeping their chins up.

Although it was a close shave Herbert Dobner of Isny, Germany eventually won by a hairs breadth.