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Personal stories as the recession bites again

The economic weather in Swansea is no better then the wind and rain falling on it today Photo:

Britain is back in recession and the real coalface of the downturn are job centres like the one in Swansea.

ITV News spoke to 25 year-old Kelly Whittle, a graduate who lost her job at a nursery earlier this year.

She sums up the psychological effect the word 'recession' has on those already struggling to make ends up. When asked about today's GDP figures, she said it is "bleak and I don't know where my next job is going to come from". She says she isn't too proud to take cleaning work but is not getting anywhere.

In his own words, Jason Carmichael has seen recessions come and go at his family run building company, which he has run since 1978. He was surprised at today's GDP figures not just because he has seen orders improve contrary to the slump recorded in construction output this year, but because he doesn't believe the economy has come out of recession since those dark 'credit crunch' days in 2008.

Speaking to him at Swansea's Builders' Merchants, he told ITV News that his company used to build four or five houses a year before 2008. Since then he has only built two in four years. But he says he is one of the lucky ones as his company is still afloat - largely because he has been doing odd jobs here and there.

Those jobs are not always profitable though. He did a loft conversion recently and in order to get the work he offered a price that barely covered the costs of raw materials. He effectively worked for free but he is pleased he is working at all.