Mystery still surrounds death of MI6 code-breaker

The body of MI6 code-breaker Gareth Williams was found in a bag in the bath of his flat in Pimlico Photo: Metropolitan Police

Three pathologists all agree - they don't know how MI6 code breaker Gareth Williams died.

Gareth was not injured in any significant way, internally and externally, and there were no signs of sexual assault.

So the most likely causes identified by three post mortems are suffocation and poisoning.

Not that there are any signs of poisoning - the six day delay in finding Gareth meant many drugs would be undetectable.

Instead here was more evidence regarding suffocation - not through lack of oxygen but too much carbon dioxide known as hypercapnia. We heard that within three minutes of getting into the red bag Gareth would be suffering headaches, confusion and drowsiness.

One pathologist said the effects can be so strong he could have been unable to react even if aware he was becoming disorientated.

Dr Richard Shepherd added that he believed it more likely than not Gareth was alive when he went not the bag saying a "newly-dead body" was hard to handle.

None of which of course sheds any light on who may have been with Gareth when he died and what was actually going on.

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