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Voters 'sick and fed up' with British politics

The outgoing leader of Plymouth City Council has launched a scathing attack on David Cameron - claiming voters have become "sick and fed up" with politics.

Vivien Pengelly said the row over pasty tax, granny tax and 50p rate of tax were the main reasons the party's share of the vote had slumped.

The Conservative said David Cameron could not afford to ignore the "nationwide protest vote" and she would be letting him know exactly how she felt.

Vivien Pengelly also claimed the controversy surrounding Jeremy Hunt and his dealings with Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation had inflicted serious damage on the party.

She said the Prime Minister must:

  • Must listen to the voters
  • Re-examine his policies
  • Look at how ways of reducing the deficit are affecting people's lives

The make-up of the council in Plymouth now looks dramatically different.

Plymouth: Labour 31, Conservatives 26 Credit: ITV News