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Would you take Tory top job? Boris' definitive answer

London Mayor Boris Johnson. Photo: Reuters

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said he would "definitively, categorically, emphatically, without any equivocation, hesitation or doubt" turn down the job of Prime Minister if it was offered to him.

In his first in depth interview since being re-elected he told ITV London Tonight he had a mandate and a duty to serve four years as Mayor, adding that it was the "greatest job in British politics".

Boris polled 1,054,811 votes to Ken Livingstone's 992,273 in a contest that was much closer than experts had predicted.

However he said he was "thrilled" with the victory, shrugging off suggestions that he may be disappointed by the narrow win.

He added: "Yes it was 3%, it was only 62,000 votes, but it was only 100,000 votes last time. On a lower turnout I'll take 62,000 votes if you don't mind."