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Google to test self-driving car on public roads

The Google self-driving car in action Photo: Reuters

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles approved Google's license application to test autonomous vehicles on Nevada public roads.

It is the first license issued in the United States under new laws and regulations that put Nevada at the forefront of autonomous vehicle development.

After drive testing demonstrations along freeways, state highways and neighborhoods both in Carson City and the busy Las Vegas Strip, the license plate application was approved and is now creating the state's first autonomous testing business license and license plates for the international company.

The test driver proves the car's autonomy with his hand off the wheel Credit: Reuters

Google was the first company to file an application with the department to test their autonomous system. Other auto manufacturers have indicated their desire to test and develop autonomous technology in Nevada in the future.

Google's self-driving cars use a laser radar on the roof of the vehicle to detect obstacles, pedestrians and other cars. With the help of GPS and a bit of artificial intelligence, the car can drive itself with very little or no intervention from the human sitting inside.