George Clooney to host record $15m Obama fundraiser

Would you pay $40,000 to have dinner with the President and George Clooney tonight?

Tempted? Too late. It's already sold out.

So many people have agreed to pay the staggering amount of money that the Hollywood event is packed. It is expected to raise up to $15 million for the Obama re-election campaign, a record for a single evening's political fundraising.

President Barack Obama speaks in Washington Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File

The President can expect a warm welcome in California. His decision last night to support gay marriage in America is a big hit in Hollywood. It means that the movie moguls will now open their wallets.

For years, West Coast liberals have been disappointed in the President. They feel Obama has underperformed and moved too far to the centre. No longer. Their enthusiasm for Obama has returned.

Politics, money and celebrities will all mix at the Clooney residence. It will be quite an evening.