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Obama's fundraiser at George Clooney's house 'to raise $12m'

George Clooney and Barack Obama. Photo: Reuters

President Barack Obama has headed west for a political fundraising spree that will culminate in a multi-million dollar extravaganza at the home of Hollywood star George Clooney.

Obama's campaign has revved up its supporters with teases about Clooney, encouraging fans to donate even $3 (£1.56m) online for the chance to meet the movie star and the president in Los Angeles.

Tickets for the fundraiser at the Oscar-winning actor's house cost $40,000 and 150 people will attend, a campaign official said, putting the haul from those attending alone at $6 million.

George Clooney sits beside Michelle Obama during the State Dinner for David Cameron in Washington in March. Credit: Reuters

Some media outlets reported more than $12 million (£7.4m) would be raised, citing the online raffle.

A campaign official said the campaign would not release the dollar figures from the raffle and any projections above $6 million were speculative.

Before his stop in California, Obama will preside over two fundraisers in Seattle, Washington.

A brunch with 70 supporters with tickets costing $17,900 (£11,000) will net Democrats and the Obama campaign $1.25 million, and a subsequent reception with 1,800 guests paying at least $1,000 (£619) per ticket will bring in 1.8 million or more.

Dale Robinson waves his flag for people driving by a rally of the Dallas LGBT Community to applaud President Obama's stance on Gay marriage. Credit: Reuters

Proceeds from all of the fundraisers go to Obama's campaign and Democratic party funds. Obama has spent months raising money for his re-election campaign in an effort to have a huge war chest to take on the presumed Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, at the polls on November 6.

Coming out in favour of gay marriage could help him boost donations from supporters in his political base who have been pressing the president to announce the culmination of his position, which Obama had long described as "evolving."

Obama's Chicago-based campaign released a video on Thursday about gay rights and an email on Wednesday night in the president's name discussing his decision and encouraging supporters to make a donation.