Hodgson's choice: Why Roy should leave out Rio and Terry

Newly appointed England manager Roy Hodgson Photo:

Roy Hodgson has already made his first controversial decision as England manager and later today we will hear him explain it.

It revolves around a potentially disruptive problem he's inherited but the way he deals with it, will tell us a lot about him and the way he's going to go about his new job.

Rio Ferdinand's brother Anton has accused John Terry of racially abusing him Credit: Reuters

Rio Ferdinand and John Terry, two deposed England captains, are apparently incapable of playing in the same squad together.

John Terry denies the allegations that he racially abused Rio's brother on the pitch Credit: Reuters

This arises because of the tension between the two over Terry's upcoming court case, when he'll face a charge of racially abusing Ferdinand's brother Anton.

So what does Hodgson do?

If we assume they genuinely can't work together then either one, the other, or both of them have to stay at home this summer. And if we accept that they are the two outstanding centre backs available to him, then whichever way he leans, he's going to have to make a compromise.

I hope Hodgson opts for the most radical solution to this conundrum and that is to ignore them both.

It's not personal and it's not a view based on merit - although I do believe both of them have left their best football in the past.

Roy Hodgson leaving Wembley after his first meeting with The FA before he was appointed as manager Credit: Reuters

No, it's just hard-hearted and pragmatic, qualities it appears Hodgson possesses.

If you take just one of them, you run the risk of causing a rift with the other's club team mates or friends.

Just look at the terribly destructive divisions in the the squad during the South Africa World Cup two years ago.

If you take Terry, he's likely to dominate the dressing room and no doubt the new captain will feel challenged by his presence.

It's not Terry's fault, it's just the way he is, he sees himself as a leader and in different circumstances this would be of real benefit to England's chances.

Hodgson hasn't put a foot wrong so far and his appointment of Gary Neville was a masterstroke.

It may be that with the former international and shop steward on board as a conduit between him and the players, Hodgson might feel tensions can be negotiated away. With Neville's diplomatic skills, they probably could be but it's just not worth the risk.

No Roy, leave them both at home and begin building a new England.

That it was the FA wants and that is what the national team needs.

What's more I think expectations are so low for the Euros that Hodgson could even pick me and survive without having his head morphed into a turnip on the back pages.

The new England manager may just have an opportunity not afforded to any of his recent predecessors, lets wait till later today to find out if he intends to exploit it.

UPDATE:** **There are reports that Rio has been left out, according to The Guardian and the Daily Mail.

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