MPs decide on motion after controversial report into hacking

ITV News understands the Culture and Media Select Committee has, after its controversial report into hacking, decided on the motion that will go before Parliament.

This is the first step in the process of punishing those who the report found to have misled them.

Despite the divisions on the Committee, the motion has been agreed.

It will ask MPs to note its report and refer it to Parliament's Standards and Privileges Committee, who will decide on a punishment.

Some of the members of the Committee found Rupert Murdoch was not a fit person to run a company Credit: Reuters

Mindful of possible legal issues, the motion doesn't name any individuals.

The Committee found Les Hinton, Colin Myler and Tom Crone had misled them.

Some of the MPs also found Rupert Murdoch wasn't a fit person to run a company.

MPs are still unsure what the punishment will be. It could involve individuals having to give an apology to the Commons.

The plan was to submit the motion to Parliament today, but this will now happen early next week. MPs will then debate it.