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David Cameron to address the Commons on his recent talks with world leaders before an EU summit in Brussels

Cameron and Hague at this week's NATO summit Photo: PA

David Cameron will address the Commons later today during Prime Minister's questions on his recent talks with world leaders. The topic will be the weekend's G8 meeting and the following NATO summit to discuss the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

MPs will also debate the UK's strategy before tonight's EU summit where European leaders will, again, try to thrash out some sort of solution for the crippled eurozone.

French President Francois Hollande will meet the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain, where the economy and banking system are at the frontline of the crisis ahead of the evening summit to discuss policy positions - a marked shift away from the traditional Franco-German axis.

Francois Hollande has chosen to meet with the Spanish Prime Minister ahead of the summit Credit: Reuters

Could this mark a change in polices for both countries? For all previous summits over the past two years, Hollande's predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy met German Chancellor Angela Merkel before hand to fix a strategy, prompting criticism from other leaders about diktats from Paris and Berlin.

In that respect, Hollande's victory could significantly change the terms of the debate, with his call for greater emphasis on growth now a rallying cry for other leaders. That has set up a showdown with Merkel, who supports growth but whose primary objective is budget austerity and structural reform.