Eurozone: Informal dinner turns into crisis talks

The chances of any decisions being made tonight are slim because of the situation in Greece. How can a decision be made when you don't know how it is going to play out?

Tonight has been a chance for President Hollande to show his voters thats he's standing up to German Chancellor Angelea Merkel. It's a chance for her to do a passable imitation of Margaret Thatcher and put her handbag firmly on the table and say 'no, not with our money'.

David Cameron at the EU summit in Brussels Credit: Reuters

But it means decisions will probably come later.

The reason for the message today to Greece is to concentrate their minds.

If the polls are to be believed Greeks seem to want to 'have their cake and eat it'. Large numbers want to stay in the euro and large numbers want to reject the financial discipline required.

The message from Europe is that they can't do that. It will be painful for the eurozone if they leave, but they will take that pain and show Greece the exit.

By the time EU leaders meet again at the end of next month Greece may look a very different place and the eurozone may also look a very different place.