A bad news day for the Government

It has been a bad news day for David Cameron's Government. Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The Government tries its best to put a good spin on things when bad figures come out. Unfortunately for them, there are rather a lot of disappointing statistics out today.

First GPD has been revised down from 0.2% to 0.3%. Downing Street blames the Eurozone crisis for that, but it is unwelcome news.

Then we learn that reoffending rates are at an all time high. Figures for 2011 show that 90% of those sentenced in England and Wales had offended before.

Next we discover migration is more than double the Government's target. In the twelve months to last September the number was 252,000. The Government's aim is to cut it to tens of thousands. That target looks some way off.

Next the number of people not in work, education or training (Neets) is also up. The figure's 954,000 - an increase of 29,000 on this time last year.

Time to sack the Office for National Statistics?!